Yeah! Finally forward motion, Mars is direct!

Retrogrades are interesting enough, but the last couple of days or maybe a week before direct motion, it always feels like walking with glue underneath your shoes. The energy has been so slow.This is especially true with Mars, headcharger of anything. I remember looking at the ephemeris last fall and thinking about this retrograde period, wondering what my life would look like after it had passed. The previous one of fall 2007 going through Cancer-Gemini turned out to be nothing less than lifechanging, crossing my descendant. This time around, it would cross my eight house and with a Saturn-Pluto square in the background. And itself making (with still one more to come) a few quincunxes to Pluto. Frustrated and angry anyone? I know I have been. And what a relief! When you put a name on the Devil, it evaporates. And so many Devils have been examined. And expelled. Angerissues have been met and dealt with, with variable results. Collectively, many have chosen the wrong path, ending up killing their own spouses and children and eventually themselves. It is so sad.

It is safe to say that Mars retro challenges the will and vitality, and going down mid-winter (at least here in the northern hemisphere).There should be a law against that. People have been hibernating bigtime. Reconnecting. Questioning their drives, ambitions and instincts. Today we can start to act again. Nice. Play. Be even more free in our minds and emotions. That is the good side of the retrograde motion. It can be a very healing time, where we move the buildingblocks of our personality around. Take away that which has no place anymore. Toss out the garbage. As I mentioned, name the devils. Place it all.

It felt very good to have made through the birthcanal of frustrated martian energies though. Spring is in the air. And the weather changed too. From cold and crisp to rain. Although it looks rather gloomy outside, I can smell spring. A new chapter is about to begin.

Hopefully the shift hasn’t been to dramatic. Often when Mars turns direction, there is an outbreak of violence. Surely the last couple of days have been full of sad news, Nigeria for one. Iraq another. Mars in Leo affects children more than anything, and we still have this influence for a little over two months. Hopefully it will run smoothly, but I don’t think the statistic for violence, rape and killings of children will diminish in this period. And custodyfights.People still make the wrong choices for themselves.

Mars often produce  the most tragic news and maybe with frustration brewing, it will erupt in politics here and there too. The climate in Israel is not getting better for sure. Hopefully Saturn in Libra will calm things down continually during the next couple of years.

Obama is another one being strongly influenced by this Mars transit. His Sun in Leo @ 12 degrees and Jupiter in Aquarius @00 degrees are both in the trail of Mars. Besides it will cross his angles. This is his time to really break through. And get it done. Despite the fact that Neptune transits his first house and Mars will square for the last time his natal Neptune in the ninth, which can, and have, diminish his actual power . I am, of course, thinking of the healthreform. Who better than a President with Pluto in Virgo to change the health system ? To be honest, I can’t wait till the whole pack of worldleaders with Pluto in Leo are done, and the more practical (and hopefully humble) Pluto in Virgo generation will take over. No pun intended you Pluto-Leo ppl who are reading this. You know where you are..

I just think that in politics the best solutions should win and not the best gamers.

Well, hopefully, with today’s Venus in Aries square Pluto in Cap-energy on top of it, you have found new faith in yourself and are ready to bash in the sunlight. I welcome you into my house, stripped of pretentious people , powergames and mistrust.  I will not indulge in criticism, but simply live by the open heart. Much more fun. And a helluva lot more giving.

Enough is enough..coughcough..