Russell Brand and Capricorn

I’ve been working Venus in Capricorn for a while now, for more than 39 years. Yes, that’s a lot of time, but that is the time that I’ve spent so far on this planet. I am even born with Venus retrograde, which only happens for 7-8% of people (yay, I am different!) and this year it is going retrograde only one degree from my natal placement. That is for me, quite something. Next time it stations and goes retrograde in Capricorn about 8 years from now, it will be on my Venus exactly. I will then pop my champagne and recon my work on Venus to have reached some sort of fulfilling maturity.

Capricorn is not for those who like to keep lies about themselves. It is a socially sensitive and in many ways, vain, sign. Vain in the sense that how people respect and see you matters a lot. If there is no credibility, then there is no peace in this sign. That does not mean that they cannot take themselves lightly, it just means that it takes training to do that. I Capricorn we are judged according to higher laws. This is a very important point, as people with a lot of Capricorn doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of “serious and super traditional people”. They can be extremely rebellious and anarchistic when they are opposing a system that doesn’t work.

Capricorn is about doing the right thing spiritually speaking. The judgement comes from within, from a voice saying “hey, you are not doing what you are supposed to do with you life” or “practice makes master, do not take shortcuts”. It is conscience. Astrologer Maurice Fernandez calls Capricorn for a spiritual chiropractor, which I think is an awesome image. It is realigning the spine and the base of the energy system to the crown. The horizontal energies align with the vertical. The chakras on the front and back of the body are relating to the world around us, as we see it, feel it and think about it. The chakras on top and bottom are connecting us to earth and to the sky. To the Mother earth and the Father sky. It is the IC and MC of a chart.

Capricorn opens the connection to a higher aspiration and responsibility on the earth. It is not enough to simply be a consuming human being, you have to be of some use and give back to earth what you take from it. You cannot be a parasite or wallow in immaturity. Excuses to not take responsibility will not work unless the individual develops the cunning ability for cognitive dissonance (which is a very well developed ability btw). But the sense of guilt, fear or lack of true self confidence that is its symptoms, aren’t easily dismissed. Sooner or later there is a powerful transit of Saturn that is bound to reawaken truth and an honest look on yourself and poof! the illusions that you acted in a way that was the only way to act, might be challenged by “but what if I chose the right thing instead”. This is where we have to ask ourselves why we weren’t able to reach for maturity and do the right thing and not be too hard on ourselves though. Waking up is not for the faint hearted!

Capricorn can thus be extremely honest with themselves, knowing exactly where they are immature. As this is written, Venus is in Capricorn and brings out the challenge of acting in the right way towards your fellow human being. How did you talk to you friend or how did you try to make your children obey? Did you project on life complaining that life is the cause of your pain, or did you bring it to a higher level of understanding and really saw that this is a pattern and it belongs to you? Taking responsibility for ones karma is a Capricorn thing to do. But it requires a high level of maturity and it is not mastered in a day. Step-by-step we are able to align our daily desires with the higher good. It takes discipline, humility and courage.



Why bring in Russell Brand into this? He is a Gemini and seemingly more buzy with working his Sun-Neptun opposition, out there in the media, being quite the motormouth, good ol’ Gemini style. But he is a man on a mission, a Capricorn mission.

Born with Capricorn ascendant the ruler of the chart ruler is thus Saturn. He has a very strong Saturn placement, being in a Gauqelin zone and making a square to his triple conjunction in Aries, which in turn opposes Pluto in Libra, making this in effect a t-square of Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Moon. On top of that, the planetary nodes (yes, the planets have nodes as well) of Saturn conjuncts his Saturn and his ascendant, and ascending Pluto-node conjuncts his Saturn. Phew, that is a lot of Saturn-Pluto in one chart! No wonder he is going against the establishment, also being represented by Capricorn and Saturn. Both Jupiter-Pluto and Saturn’s own nodal axis is in Capricorn and it tells us a little bit about the journey of Capricorn seen from a cultural perspective. Kronos/Saturn, ruled humanity in the Golden Age, before his brother, Zeus/Jupiter had him dethroned and captured in Tartaros.

The story is complicated, but bottom line is that under Kronos/Saturn’s rule, people were happy, but he feared his offspring, due to what he had himself done to his father, Ouranus. Image

Ouranus had forced Gaia to keep the Titans, their offspring, in her womb and when Kronos/Saturn used his sickle to fight his way free, he dethroned his father by cutting off his testicles. So, Kronos/Saturn himself devoured his children in fear of them doing the same to him. Which of course, didn’t work.

What goes around, comes around, especially for Kronos/Saturn, so eventually he himself was dethroned. Moral is, when rulers aren’t trusting their children, they become castrating and suppressing, and this is the case with a lot of the corporate world today. We have those who make it to the top and then enslave those who work for them by paying them just enough to survive and bind them up in mortgages that will take a life-time to pay off. And then they run off with the profit. But, sooner or later the the children will wake up and take back their power. This is what is going on today with the Uranus-Pluto square, famous for its love for revolution and Russell Brand has become the messenger for just that.

As a Hollywood-actor-guy, he simply just couldn’t sit and watch the world and be happy with himself making a lot of money and having personal success. He has both the activist (Aries planets) and the conscience (Capricorn) plus the extra talent of intelligence. Curiously, his Sun is exactly conjunct Uranus’ nodal axis. Speed talker indeed. Besides, with a Mercury retrograde, he is an independent and smart thinking man. And it doesn’t really hurt that he is born with Sun-Neptune opposition, born to be famous. Neptune rules the masses and this is a guy who really is a messenger for the little man. This is also his former drug-addiction, as it is a challenge for Sun-Neptune people to not be overwhelmed and go into Peter Pan-Land to survive in a harsh world. But he made it through and used his challenge to learn about mediation and yoga. He did the right thing, instead of doing the short-cut thing. Neptune people want to go to heaven on earth, where life is not overwhelming. Mediation and yoga is the way that will take you there and stay there, but drugs do the same for you in the short run.

The Capricorns know that the short cuts can’t last and wont bring results, so sooner or later they brush off their tendency to stay a child and become a true adult and walk the talk. My Capricorn friend used to quote me a Charlie Parker quote “if you don’t live it, it wont come out of you horn!” . Charlie Parker was a Virgo with the Sun conjunct Saturn, so he should know about the integrity that is needed to really live mastery.

Russell Brand had his first Pluto-Pluto square in December 2011 and broke off with Katy Perry at that time. But this was also the beginning of him becoming attuned to his Soul and his true mission on this earth. Since then we know him more and more as the political critic and less as the goof ball that he portrays in movies. Pluto takes away whatever stands in the way and prevents us to realize our true Soul self. It took Russell Brand to a surprising new level of maturity and purpose. He was tossed into his true mission on earth and thus he can find the bliss of being aligned with higher truth. It isn’t easy and demands a lot from a person, but it beats the wandering child who goes from sugar high to sugar high and never develops character. My best friend and partner wrote today on my Facebook page when I posted something on happiness : “long-term happiness (as opposed to short-term desires being met) is when you are aligned with your unselfish life purpose”

Needless to say he has a strong Saturn 🙂


Christmas around the corner

I am in a reflective mood; it is probably a consequence of us getting closer and closer to 2012. Not that I am too concerned about that year, thinking of the huge amount of projection it has been a victim of; but this is, as all years, the culminating phase of a year; and for me that is a natural time to reflect. Besides, Norway is darker than dark. December without snow is like walking in a cave. I kind of like the introversion, it really is a time for deep thinking and meditation.

This past year; still not over tho, has been quite a ride. The nodal axis in Sagittarius and Gemini has been wild; probably a little extra wild for me,  since this is my natal nodal axis and spun an intense learning phase in my life. I’ve learnt so much and encountered so many people, all inspiring in their own way. However; dark side of this aspect is the fundamentalism, both relating to the über-rational Gemini, being intelligent just for the sake of , well, being intelligent; and the no-debate-at-all fundamentalism of Sagittarius. I’ve met those as well, charging at me for being who I am.

The web has been spammed with people voicing their opinions before ever taking a pause to listen. We post so quickly that we don’t stop check, reflect and try to listen. It is a war of opinions and fundamentalism is being exposed everywhere.

I think we all have a fundamentalist within us that we tend to hide, as it is not politically correct to be a fundamentalist or said in other words, to see things as either-or. Maybe you would disagree that seeing things in black and white is fundamentalist; as we tend to associate the word with people who go very far in promoting their vision or opinion. But I think the war of the minds is one we all need to look a little closer on if we actually want unity, of which we speak so warm of in more alternative circles.

If unity is really to exist, then no duality could be entertained, and as long as we really don’t know what the real truth about life is; duality will be entertained. And it is necessary as life is flowing through many people and they all have their own opinion about life. Their opinion is important even if you or I might disagree. In a democracy the end result is consensus; a sort of unity; where we all have to compromise some of our personal needs or beliefs. The multitude becomes unison through actually a weakening of the personal will and a strengthening of the collective power. The will to do and create something of benefit for all; makes it important for us to sacrifice some of our most precious beliefs. This we can only do if there is mutual trust, not exactly a commodity in our society, which is not so hard to understand, thinking of human history. 

However, what this year exposed was not exactly a genuine interest in meeting at the middle. Racisms, fundamentalism, new-age-ism, scientism, humanism, atheism, absurdism (the extreme side of conspiracy theory) and other -isms. The trouble is that one -ism cannot control another -ism. In this world, even holism, is an -ism. It is not holism or atheism or any other -ism in itself that is the problem, it is the way that believers believe that their truth is the best truth that is the problem. When they meet people who are not holists or atheists, they can actually turn into fundamentalists.

What perhaps describes a fundamentalist is the obvious lack of ability to listen to another point of view combined with a lack of willingness to try to understand where the opposing party comes from. The protective self-righteousness is like the shell of a crab, protecting itself from the annihilating threat of truth. Without it, we might loose definition and be without the security our beliefs hold. Are you willing to risk that you might be wrong, that your truth is not actually true and that you have deceived yourself?

As an astrologer, representing something that most rational people (if they exist) consider to be “an enemy of reason”; I ask myself the same questions. Is there validity in astrology or do I believe in it without understanding both its critics and its deeper mechanism. If I was afraid; I wouldn’t ask myself these questions. I would hold on to my resistance with all my mental powers, being defensive when challenged. Sounds like a struggle.Or I could surrender. And let truth appear for me. That is Pisces; squaring the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Just let go of my precious astrology and see what bounces back.

And who’s in Pisces in 2012? Yay, Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces. Pisces, surrendering to seek a deeper truth, seeking unity. I can only wonder what that will do to the battle of -isms that the nodal axis through Gemini-Sagittarius brought to the fore. Maybe the “me” becomes more “we”? With the current Pluto-Uranus square, this will be an interesting contrast, almost like a living paradox. I am eager to see what this does to the current debates going on related to spirit vs science.

I simply direct you to Maurice Fernandez’s excellent article on Neptune in Pisces if you want to read more about this.

Also; Michael Lutin wrote this excellent article on Saturn in Libra, which we have to live with until beginning of october 2012, and he puts the spotlight on some of problems with constant projections and sheds light on the need for cooperation. It is worth the read 🙂

An early marry x-mas to you all! Next year will be a year with a lot of new stuff, new website, new blog etc etc..So stay tuned.