Mercury rx..heard it before???

Gosh, I am afraid I’ll have to bore you with another retrograde mercury feeding..Seems like this little burnt rock is of vital importance for us earthlings and thus we have to go through this annoying motion several times each year. Hell yes! Seems like we have an evolutionary need to question our own mental superiority/inferiority complexes at least thrice a year…

There’s  a lot of mental distortion going on and nothing is more arrogant than the mind.When we think we have the ultimate answer, the best answer, the brightest and smartest answer, we flaunt it. We argue with others, we look down on them, we gloat with self-righteousness.

Suddenly we say stuff that takes the lid off the veil and we reveal to ourselves just exactly how annoyed, righteous, defensive or abusive we are,- or can be. The shadow squirts through the mouth. My friend says; what the heart is full of, the mouth runneth over with” . Painful, but, oh, how cleansing and possibly maturing it can be.

Taurus, the sign of the current retrogradiation, is THE sign for fixity. All the earthsigns deals with manifested patterns. That which is solid. And sometimes solid and unyielding as a rock. As our mental conceptions more than often are. We hold on to our selected truths longer than they serve us. Thats’s when it suddenly becomes a necessity to have Mercury go retro from time to time. So that we can doubt ourselves. And maybe challenge and change the mental substance that doesn’t serve our growth. Change choices, everyday choices that in itself can create big, lifechanging events. Sometimes just changing the way one looks at the world helps.

Yesterday, while switching through a massive amount of channels on telly, I ended up with a talkshow where one of the guys had written a book on annoyance. All the stuff you can get annoyed with. There are, you don’t even have to focus hard, a zillion annoying things within a small radius of where you are. Disturbing your vision, causing inflammation in the mind, leading to restlessness, anger and discomfort. But that is only if you focus on it. If not, it is not there. And thus, you are happy.

I mean, one thing is to get annoyed with oneself. I do that. I can be very sloppy. One sock here, one there. A piece of paper that has no home. A set of keys that often gets lost. I get annoyed. Another thing is to get annoyed with other people. Yes, I know, sometimes you meet people who have no sense about boundaries and cross them uninvited. That is annoying. People that talk and talk while you are bizzi working with something. They are annoying.Televisioncommercials. Annoying. The weather..Very annoying if you live in Norway, as I do. No summers up here. Taxes, politicians, capitalists, stupid people, smart people, people who say they will do stuff and never do it, people who never listens or worse, who cut you off in the middle of a sentence, all this is annoying, no doubt about it. This guy yesterday wrote a whole book about it. How liberating wouldn’t that be. Maybe that’s an exercise for a Mercury retrograde! Very enlightening. Just notice how you feel when you write down what your likes and dislikes. And how many silly things in there that easily could have been different. If you were happy with your own life.

I think people who are not happy with themselves, find more annoying things in their life than people who feel at least to a certain degree, at peace with their own life, no matter what it looks like. I know at least that when I have a shitty day, things are much more annoying then when I have a great day.

And what constitutes a bad day? Are we just hormones and neurotransmitters? Yes, that too. But what stimulates the production of these? Is life manifested from the subtle levels down to the more solid matter of the earth? Does my focus on an emotional and mental level matter on a biological level?  This is a hot potato debate in the public space for the time being, thanks to a comedian who once was a sociologist, but seems at least on the surface to have emerged as an evolutionary biologist. I would take it a little bit further though then to reduce it to sociology and biology. Public debates are so boring, they totally lack spiritual dimensions. Annoying right? They should include the spiritual dimension. Where it is all about will-to-be, will-to-love, will-to-see. Are you willing? To all this. There is no compromise with truth, even though truth is sometimes an abstract confusion, a vague feeling, a hunch. At least you have the confusion to hold on to, when time allows no clear conception. Sometimes just experiencing the nakedness, the vulnerability of the undefined can be an exercise in both patience, faith and an ability to live merged with the pulse of the only moment there is and that you can ever be. No attachments for a little moment. See how that feels. And if it soothes your allergies.

These times that we live in, are not the easiest times. The change is in the air. And change can be stressful. Maybe you are close to that point where you break through and decide on what to do next, but you are still not sure. No doubt a challenging situation. You have no idea when and how change will come, but change is in the air. Currently Saturn is retrograde and will soon oppose Uranus and then Jupiter thereafter, decisions seems to be inevitable, no matter what confusion might be messing up your current definition for the time being. The Uranus-Saturn opposition has followed us for quite a while, and it seems to be very much about changes in consciousness, awareness and breaking old mental conceptions. It can indeed be revolutionary.

The fun (or not) date to look out for is april 25. Mercury will be squaring Mars. Yay! I am almost guaranteed to get annoyed by something that day. Most likely… It doesn’t matter, I come prepared, astrology in my pocket and courage in my heart, fingers crossed. Courage to let go of the desire to judge anything, even though it might be another rumble from mother Nature, never letting us ever feel completely welcome, making us anticipate Armageddon constantly. We’ve seen this lately with the Iceland volcano, paralyzing travelers. Who were forced to improvise, forced to navigate despite chaos and emotional stress. One bus of tourists returning from Egypt, had to go by bus from Athens to Oslo, where many of the passengers had diarrhea. That is Mercury rx for ya! 37 hours on a bus with frequent brakes to puke. Intense.

Life is a constant movement. It has no guarantee. Nature destroys just as easily as it nurtures. All human evolution can be lost in one gammaray. We all know this. Death is life, life is death. Take it…Or not.

I can’t decide for you. I have to do my share of the work, making this attitude my yogamat, stretching towards the heaven instead of begging it to come to me. Maybe when the Sun catches up with Mercury, one more layer of my concrete mind has lived out its purpose. Slowly, slowly, peeling the layers. We are getting there. And if not, be sure Mercury will go retro again before you are prepared, and you will have another chance.