Aries new moon with an extra Saturnian glare…

If it was up to me, I’d vouch for Saturn in Virgo permanently. Thank god it regressed back into Virgo a few days ago and will stay there until end of July. It will be the final bid farewell before permanently occupying Libra for the coming years. What shall I do? There is so little procrastination in Virgo and so much in Libra, weighing back and forth, always leaving an option. And I hate procrastination, especially my own. So maybe tomorrow’s new moon could be a real reminder of who you are and an installment of some intense individualistic software so that we can consolidate what needs to be consolidated before going into negotiation again.

The new moon in Aries implies as most of you already knows, a Sun in Aries. And it has been in Aries for a little more than three weeks already. During this sunphase a friend of mine with the Moon so interestingly placed in Aries in the seventh house, lent me a book called “the Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. In danger of sounding a wee bit fluffy, I was filled with awe over life’s synchronicites as the book unfolded its content, page by page. It is a treasure for anyone walking any path, but perhaps more so for the souls born with any planet in Libra or even worse, Pluto in Libra. She cuts through the crap and reveals to the reader the true meaning of individualism. And of authenticity. She is a stern opponent of any collective, religious thought and can prove to be quite liberating when it comes to releasing the mind from its tendency to always doubt. She is marketing the true Aries impulse.

Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.”

Yeah, that’s it. Libra counterpoint is Aries. You know what you are, what you want and thus, the capacity to manifest is enhanced by hundreds, because you know how to choose. Indecision is always painful. And leads to the need for counsellors, as yours truly. Still a counsellor can only reflect on what is already there. So you are still the one with the answer. Always. Maybe it is not conscious. But it is there.

In the Fountainhead we meet Howard Roark, our hero of the day. I think Ayn Rand is secretly in love with him, she admires her own hero in his ability to not let other people run his life. Howard Roark never asks permission. Of anyone. He never collaborates in the sense that he compromises his artistic expression- or in a broader sense- truth. He would rather die than loose himself. Critics calls him a narcissist. Ayn Rand shows us that he is the true humanist. Just as she wants to show us that thinking of others is not always the right thing to do. We are breastfed with the notion that being an egoist is the same as being selfish. Not necessarily if you look at the possibility that egoism is fairly misunderstood. Our whole concept of love and respect are fairly misunderstood. We think that pitying someone is helping them. And then we annihilate ourselves in the process. We sacrifice ourselves for what? Domestic peacefulness? Security ? Fear of pain ?

Or is the true motivation hidden within us ?  Maybe our Self-suppressing mechanisms are founded in lack of self-esteem and fear.  And they feed on eachother, it is an evil cycle, doomed to repeat itself forever. Denying them is the same as accepting them. When you feel that you have something to deny, it is because you already believe in what needs to be denied. Obviously.

The Great Impulse to Creative Living is thus denied. Or at least trampled on to a lesser or greater degree. The Aries flame of creative impulse is extinguished. Originality and authenticity are replaced by wanna-be’s and puppets. We loose self-respect and diminish our true power. Illuminated egoism considers the whole, but focuses on itself in the creative process. It is the impulse to strengthen the ego in order to create what can prove beneficial to all. The heart is open and the ego is strong. As Ayn Rand puts it; you can’t say “I love you” without knowing the “I”. This is a person that can truly change the world.

That is why it is so frikkin’ frustrating when this impulse is denied, there is no freedom. But then again, thank God we have the Sun and the Moon and the Planets working for us, creating windows of opportunities for us to evolve through. Right now we will have the New Moon in Aries sowing the seed of a direct line between you and ….yeah — you…..It is time to sow a new seed, get those projects you’ve dreamt of up and running. It is spring and springcleaning! Use the time well with Saturn in Virgo. Saturn is currently quincunx to Neptune-Chiron, which also promises healing of worn-out mental ideas about who you are and what you can do. Indeed a healing-feeling, balanced out with the right proportion of when to act and when to take it easy. Nothing is better for creativity than the true ability to know when to let go and simply enjoy nature, life and perhaps a good book. So if you haven’t read it yet, I recommend “the Fountainhead” , brought to life by a seventh house Aquarian Sun placed in the middle of both Chiron and Saturn. A good read and a great reminder of man’s potential.

So I leave you with a thorough kick in the butt-quotation page on procrastination:

Have a good one!