Grand Cross

Here is a video I made for Tom Lescher and Paradigm astrology where I delve into the Grand Cross that we are currently undergoing.

There are plenty of takes on this Grand Cross, but one thing is for sure, it takes us straight to the abyss of collective and personal unconscious and it sheds light on some of our deeply seated issues.

It is evident that the past needs to be cleared in order for us to move forward and this has been particularly evident in the situation that has occurred in Ukraine. Old stuff that hasn’t been dealt with in a conscious manner, will erupt again with full force and even though it is shaky, it is also enlightening.

This is the Grand Cross of creative willpower and uncertain flow. Hang in and stay sane.


The intensity of the moment

I am no expert on foreign affairs, but there are forces shaking their heads in Europe that gives me a good ol’ flashback from a genetic part of my memory, to the memory of my grandmother and the wars that we promised we wouldn’t forget. We never forgot them, we still have the facade of parades for those millions of young men who died in the first and the second world war. And for all those families ruined. But we never actually got the real message behind any war or any revolution. Poverty, suppression and abuse create anger, anger creates war. Just ask Hitler. And then when people are frustrated and angry and the enemy has been pointed to or created, people accept the most dictatorial ruler, as long as he is theirs.

Somehow warlords understand the most basic of instincts. If you have an outer enemy, the inner alliance will be superstrong. Then the inner xenophobia will take over and anger run wild. Europe is today at a critical point. Putin’s eagerness to recreate a new super state is reflecting an increasing split in the European consciousness that is going in the opposite direction of unification and global awareness.

The small kingdoms and local enclaves of the past are still operative on a mental level. We are still defined by our local tribe. The root chakra is racism. My family needs to be protected; my values, my territory, my tribe. Family values and the bigger family, our country, are feeling the threat of years of immigration and the clashes that occurs when one root chakra meets another root chakra. Strange smells and different routines. Some people are enchanted by it, while others are appalled. And then there is the fight of the resources underneath it all. The suspicion of “they are probably here to feed from MY mother”. We won’t share. Not as along as our family can go under in the process. All this is reflected in the Grand Cross that we are taking a part in for the time being. The root chakra is Cancer-Capricorn, currently hosting a Pluto-Jupiter opposition with the hotspot at 13˚. The powerbattles over land, identity and ancestry is shown here. The resources and the fight for them is Saturn in Scorpio. Grand Cross visual


This conflict of land, ethnicity and resources is seen allover the place, from Israel to Russia. We are under the spell of the Grand Cross of 2014, which means that the curtains are drawn and we are getting a peek into the big collective subconscious. It is starting to seep up to the surface and the ugly head of nationalism-fascism-racism-isolationanism in all its variations sticks forth. It is the Hydra to the heroes, and we will all face this darkness as the shadow of the past is seeking in a strange way healing and release. We had a chance to heal all this in WWWII, but it wasn’t solved. And now, there is no healer to meet them, only antagonism and denial of the real issue. However, we do now have the advantage of the past experience and a higher consciousness.

Putin took Crimea with the excuse that 60% are native Russians and they don’t want to be ruled by Ukraine, which now is potentially in danger of being taken over by fascists according to some sources. Although the picture is really a lot more complicated and there are many more layers to this conflict, old patterns are clearly being brought out. Many of the rebels in Ukraine are seemingly anti-russian, anti-jew and anti-immigrant fascists. The fascists have taken this fight for Ukraine to be a fight for the land that they love, a classic nationalistic rhetoric. The real danger in the situation is that now the EU-NATO-US in an attempt to support freedom in Ukraine, are actually in danger of supporting the fascists, as well as the opposition. Strange? Very. Ukraine is on the brink of being severely split and the chaos is imminent. Although it seems like a small deal in a world full of conflict, this one has roots way back when and really affects the future of all of Europe and the cooperation of the East and the West. The cold war could very well be lurking around the corner.

The astrology brings in the energetic dimension to it all. Things aren’t as random as it first appears. If we check out Putin’s chart, we see that this coming month is interesting as the Grand Cross hits his Sun and Saturn is making a square to his Pluto in Leo . He’s got his eyes on east Ukraine and maybe even Belarus is on his radar. Putin vs GRAND CROSS  The chart for the dissolution of USSR is set for December 25th 1991, when Gorbachev left office as President of the USSR and Jeltsin took over as the first leader of the new Russia, placing Uranus at 13˚ Capricorn, conjunt Neptune and on the nodal axis.  Gorbachev’s Glasnost was indeed mirrored in the Uranus’ passage through Capricorn in the 80’s and 90’s, where the old (Capricorn) faced the new (Uranus). Right now Pluto is transiting exactly that Uranus and has already been in conjunction with that particular nodal axis last year. It is a chart that symbolizes a transformation for the whole region, although each individual state in former USSR has their own chart. They are all formed in the years 1990-1991 when the nodal axis was in Cancer-Capricorn and with Uranus around 13˚ where Pluto is for the time being and Pluto was around 20-21˚ Scorpio, where Saturn currently resides. Here is the signature for the old rulers and the old energies that resides in the subconscious of the area. The fascism and the dictatorial tendencies. The darkness and the futility, poverty and powerlessness. The frustration of the people with the rulers of the land. The corruption and the mistrust. All these things pertains to the two signs Capricorn and Scorpio. Russian Flag plus Grand Cross 2

The hotspot of the upcoming Grand Cross is 13˚ and the purification of old energies has begun. The region that is most affected, seems to be old Russia and the region that surrounds it, but the USA chart is at 13˚, Nato has got their Sun at 14˚ Aries, UN has got their Jupiter at 12´54˚ Libra and a lot of countries in Europe are touched by these mid-cardinal degrees. Even China, with it’s Libra stellium is being brought into the energy. Sooo much going on at once! A bit hard to fathom actually.

Today it is the 9th of April. Norway was invaded on this day 74 years ago with Sun-Jupiter and the south node of the moon on 19-20˚ Aries. The nodal axis was then still only a few months into Aries-Libra and still had 2/3rds of the journey to go. What happened while they were there, we all know. Today, the nodal axis has reached 28˚ Aries-Libra and Mars is retrograde in Libra, making us reflect before we act, or at least reflect after we’ve acted. Hopefully, that is what will happen on a world scale as well and that the energy of WWWII won’t be repeated without any hope of repair.

There is no need to be afraid. But, we need to be aware of what is going on in the world. Today, we can only hope that we manage the conflicts before they escalate into war and yes, I have hope that they do. We all have an inner xenophobic that we need to confront. That will be part of the solution as the world is facing a lot of challenges trying to overcome old problems and suppressed energies. All these will erupt as we move through the grand cross of 2014. On the good side of it all, this configuration also shows a revolution in thought and understanding. Maybe now is the time to pierce the veil of illusion. We are all part of it.




The amazing chart of Ken Wilber and death and life, Aquarians and much more. And love, of course.

Just read a mind blowing article about life, death and reincarnation by the master of mind, Ken Wilber. It is a syntesis of spiritual sources on the theme of death and what actually happens when dying. Spirituality and science fused. I couldn’t help thinking that this article was made for a day like this, with Ceres, the goddess of cycles and Saturn, keeper of time, both in the sign of reincarnation, Scorpio and the Sun is now in scientific Aquarius, squaring Saturn. What better time than this to reflect on life, death, spirit and the chart of Ken Wilber?

According to Wilber and several others you are at one level of awareness spirit and, spirit is beyond the Soul and thus, it is not separate, it is one with all. The water triad explains this journey quite well. This triad begins with Cancer, the physical abode and the home of the mother. It is the root of the chart and the identity of your family. It is connected to the genetic lineage. The next water sign, Scorpio, is the land of death and the connection to the Soul and its power. Pisces, where the ruler, Neptune, now is, is the home of the Spirit, what is beyond and within and that which never moves. It is one in all, the same for everyone. “The monad never leaves the fathers house” (Bruce Lyon)

So at one point in our evolution, if we are trained well enough to endure the what the Tibetans call the final stage, the Dharmakaya or the True Self of the Buddha, we will not return into the cycle of life and death, but reincarnate voluntarily as Bodhisattvas if we wish.

Most of us bounce back and forth though and death is so terrifying for so many people that we tend to live life half in terror of dying. Although most of us die slowly and get used to the idea gradually, the most terrifying aspect of life is that there is no guarantee. Human history has faced genocide, wars, nuclear bombs, plagues and other epidemics, hunger and catastrophic natural disasters. Life and death are right next to each other, and we live here more or less on grace. This is Scorpio knowledge. Death is part of life. We all know this on an intuitive level and thus it is almost a heresy that science today is trying to render us soulless. Makes me irritated that evolution is in need of an atheist phase, but there you have it, humanity have this need.

But in the mean time, for those of us who are seeking to move beyond religion and science and to fuse the two, people like Wilber  could be just what the doctor ordered to elevate awareness. With his razor sharp Sun-Mercury in Aquarius opposing Uranus square Neptune-Moon in Scorpio, you get a man who is able to fuse Uranus-Neptun-Pluto through the use of his mind. His Mercury in Aquarius is square Neptune in Scorpio, which again is ruled by Pluto in Virgo leading us straight back to Mercury in Aquarius, as Mercury rules Virgo. ImageThere is a chain of energy that moves through this chart that allows him to access deeper dimensions of thought than what I would say would be normal. His life is a testimony to that. Mercury is a psychonaut, one who can travel in different dimensions. And come back with the needed information. A man once wrote about him “you literally feel yourself getting smarter as you read him”. A real intellectual guru with truly lucid mind. He once slowed down his brainwaves through meditation while being plugged into a monitor. How Aquarian is that?

However, he has been subject to a lot of criticism. His ego has been under scrutiny. As with all humans who are subjected to a lot of power, the challenge to remain in power in a humble way always applies. Caroline Myss writes in one of her books that she thinks humanity biggest challenge is to learn how to deal with power.

He has been criticized for being excessively categorizing and objectifying, masculinist and denigrating of emotion. Sounds like something an Aquarian would be criticized for. Yes, we can be brainiacs (ops, I am Aquarian) and mental freaks. BTW, Ayn Rand is also Aquarian. She has received some of the same criticism. Which is kind of interesting. (Understatement)

But, back to Wilber. As Jupiter entered Scorpio in 2005 and 2006, much of his creative power was put on a test. There is something going on with his Jupiter and the idea that Jupiter is a benevolent dream catcher, is again proved as a totally invalid astrological thought. In Wilber’s case, his empire was shook and he fell from grace. After this, he  was known as a New-Age guru and not an intellectual wizard and brilliant scientist who had a wide influence. The critics accusing him of elitism is a part of the Aquarian imbalance, having the intellectual snobbism readily available, and Wilberites (the Clan of Wilber) elevated themselves out of society instead of creating what the integral model wanted to inspire to. The talk wasn’t walked. Wilber has Saturn in Capricorn, so no way he gets a free pass!

The Integral society with Wilber as a headmaster, became a bubble. He fell from grace. Was it the inflation of Jupiter that came bubbling up? He is born with a Jupiter-Pluto square from powerful Scorpio to more humble Virgo and this suggest that lesson of humility is up his alley. Either that, or loose power. After 2006, he developed illness that kept him weaker and that obviously was a sign that he hadn’t been able to respond properly to the criticism. Rnlase-L is a genetic mutation (again something strangely Aquarian) that challenges the body’s ability to respond to viral attacks. His Sun in Aquarius opposing Uranus in Leo and squared by Neptune in Scorpio shows that his immunity is challenged. Neptune in Scorpio related to negativity and being subject to attacks. Neptune is the immune system and even though he is mr. Mind Control (Sun in Aquarius opposing Uranus) he still needs to accept that he is not always right. Not easy for Aquarians, believe me. I know.

This signature shows that his heart and his mind needs to be harmonized.

ImageBut for a man who has said that the meaning of spirituality is the transcendence of the Ego, he surely has some high ideals to achieve. No wonder he is up for failure, being like the rest of us, human,- despite his larger-than-life Aquarian superman-ism. He has shown us that no matter how evolved we are on a mental level, we can still have a lot of flaws and discrepancies in our personal make-up. And we often have.

That is why what’s even more interesting than his strong and sophisticated Mercury energy is his fundamental nature, Sun in Aquarius square Moon in Scorpio. One of his life changing moments was the marriage, illness and death of his wife, Treya Killiam. No wonder he spent a lot of time trying to figure death out. In 83-84 Pluto entered Scorpio and he met her. They married and shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wilber is born with Venus in romantic Pisces and gives up his writing to take care of Treya. In the book  “Grace and Grit” their story is told and one of the things that he needs to learn to surrender as Pluto pass through the area of his Neptune, is his isolationism, common for thinkers and leaders. In his chart this is his south-node in Aries, ruler Mars in autonomous Taurus. In this book he sees Treya as God to him and sees the relationship as a way to learn how to serve God. Clearly, Venus in Pisces has no boundaries when it comes to love. It is a great contrast to his tendency to isolate. Venus in Pisces wants to merge! In January 1989, Treya dies. Pluto has reached Wilber’s Moon in Scorpio and he is left with his loss of his true love. What a Moon in Scorpio-Venus in Pisces story. It is taken straight out of the astrology cook book.

Death is a part of this chart. Death of illusion, death of lovers and death of former attachments. The symbolic death of an ego. The loss of a woman (Ceres-Moon in Scorpio). He surely has a very mental chart, but with the most intense emotional life underneath. Scorpio is the sign of purification and it is not strange that his intellectual ego has been tested in this life. Some, including me, see the moon as residue from earlier incarnations, and in this case, one where death, loss, intensity and powerlessness vs. power have been active ingredients. Uranus squares his Moon showing a lot of emotional detachment and ability to suppress and the ascendant and his north-node is both in Libra, reflects the need to find balance between these extremes. Between the mind and emotions. Lucky for him, Pluto-Uranus will soon land on his nodal axis, bringing out another chapter of the evolution of Ken Wilber. And Pluto, the planet of regeneration, might simply restore some of his power. Maybe his time has come to create a revolution? A revolution is certainly due in his chart.

Personally I think his work will live long after he is gone and just like Darwin, another progressive Aquarian, his ideas might not reach consensus in yet another 100 years. Ah well. Evolution of humanity takes time. Taking time is not the Aquarian favorite past time. Quite the contrary. As a famous Aquarian folksinger said once “I don’t have time for the things I have done!”
I think Wilber would nod in recognition.

Here is the article

Pisces and the zeitgeit

We are in a massive surge of Pisces these days, with both Mars-Chiron-Sun-Mercury and Uranus in the sign of the fish moving in opposite directions, being a perfect master in creating chaos. The Fish is related to natural resources, as oil. The situation in Libya and the bombing of a oil installation in Iraq the last couple of days is throwing the world marked , already quite flaky, into a new situation of insecurity.

Clearly this is just a little teaser for the upcoming transit of Neptune into Pisces starting april of this year, marking a transition that will last until 2025, when both Pluto and Neptune will cross into Aquarius and Aries. The collective issues we will face in these years between now and then will be about the natural resources of the world , while we are starting to really feel the pressure of the 7 billion people walking the surface. Pisces is Nature. Nature needs to be a part of our consciousness. We need to take better care of it, this we have known for years, however, with Neptune ingress into Pisces, nature will shout it’s message loud and clear. Solidarity will no longer be optinal. Many people will go into futility and feel that it is all hopeless , feeling disempowered and disillusioned.

Now, the good news is that Uranus will at the same time be in Aries, at least for the first seven years of this transit, stirring the independent minds around the globe. Difficult times creates heros. Necessity dictates creation. Maybe we will find a new solution to the energy problem of the world, something that would be unthinkable even today. The best thing would be that the economical system would go through a real revolution and with the upcoming squares of Pluto in Capricorn to Uranus in Aries in the period 2011-2015 stirring changes in corporate structure and innovation, necessity might just dictate those changes. More corruption will be exposed.

Today, the world is more connected than ever before, with internet and media. We are globalizing, and even more so with Neptune into Pisces, connecting all to all. Or as Neale Donald Walsh has put it (Sun Neptune dude btw); “As the new spirituality begins to become the pervasive spirituality of the planet, we’ll find that we have abandoned our philosophy of contradictions in which we say we’re all one but continue to try to win.”

Yes, I guess it will be more pressing to share than to hoard while pretending to be spiritual. Living according to spiritual principles, connecting with earth and sky, opens up the mind and heals the instinct, making us realize that abundant living is not a mental concept but a real possibility, if we only understand what real abundance is.

Photograph by Sara Bernhard

Sun heading for Aquarius, free your mind and your ass will follow

The Sun has finally made it to Aquarius, and I might be saying this simply because I am Aquarian. I seem to have a certain love for this month, this despite the fact that I have to make my own birthdaycake, too old to have my parents make one and too young to have my kiddies throw me a party.

What I am actually celebrating, and no pun intended to the numerous Capricorns out there, walking their walk, is the sweet taste of liberation from Capricorn restriction and relentless nagging about karma and stuff. One thing is facing your karma, another is to be able to set yourself free. The freedompart is the latter part of the process, and a long awaited one as well. There is a time for everything, and now it is time for us to creatively find a solution and hopefully, stick with it. The perspective and clarity that Aquarius brings, may sometimes cause a small shock, however it is all in the name of upgrading it does so. We will shake off the shock after a while, even though it seems to be moving quickly before our eyes. 

And now, the infamous two, Saturn and Pluto, has made it even sweeter to enter into Aquarius. Those two have brought up problems and issues that we might have hidden for ourselves a long time, and stuck it right into our faces. No place to run, little less to hide, especially more so when Mercury found it simply necessary to go retrograde in the before-mentioned Capricorn. That retrograde period is history by now, though it still resides in Cap. However the month that we leave behind, could most likely have been intense and many have met ancient history repeating itself, leaving room for little debate as to what to do, a debate many entertain for years. An inner struggle to live safely and without too much movement or friction battling the inner voice of authenticity. 

A friend of mine finally took the courage to set things straight with her mother, who over the years did nothing to support her in her fight to stand up for her abusive father. In the last degrees of Capricorn, her time of compromise had come to an end, and however terrible it felt, she finally took a step away from what oppressed her. Today was the first day in a new cycle for her. A clean slate.

With the Moon so elegantly conjunct Uranus for the ingress, this month surely has a revolutionary flavor to it.

Fill it wisely. Hopefully I will.

Don’t shoot the messenger, even though he comes from Saturn and Pluto.

So, here I go again, doing the english version. With an exact Jupiter-return and a Mars soon going retro in Leo squaring my own natal Mars in Taurus in the third house, I think the timing was right. I have been blogging for ages about astrology, and lately I have felt that the time has come to shed some skin and start anew. As a little factoid, I could mention that Saturn-Pluto square lands on my ascendant, but I try not to think about it. 

How this new blog will manifest, is still not clear,  but I know for sure,  it will be fun. It has to be with Mars in Leo in the event chart. And Uranus in Pisces on the Ascendant. This wasn’t planned, I just looked it up, and this again states the incredible beauty of astrology. So reflective of the state of life. Which wave we are on. Which cycle we are in. What creative impulse drives us. 

So the question always remains the same, are we the puppets of this Universe, just pretending to be in control. Or do we have a say. ? And the boring answer is as usual: Both. 

So what control do I have over the natural unfolding ? Well, I can refuse it. Deny it. Choose differently. It seems that with Saturn in Libra affecting all our Venus-es, choice is way up there on the list of things to learn. Making good choices. Changing bad choices. Choosing another path. Choosing another response. And of course, lend a voice to your choice. Not always easy, but very necessary with Saturn. Always he leaves us with the feeling that , yes, it is necessary. Ha! Too bad for the flaky, unreliable ones. Those who seem to change every other day. Those who adapts, gaining security this way. Saturn tolerates some flakes from time to time, but if they reappear again and again, he turns sour. And now with his buddy, Pluto, well, aren’t they a happy couple? They surely know how to pull the crap out of the shit and expose it! Poor Tiger eh? He made a few bad choices it seems. Maybe he fell in the “confirm my something something” Venus trap.

And what about the climate change conference?  The need to make some choices and actually stick with them could be an idea. Saturn calls for this kind of integrity and with Pluto so set on digging out all the corruption, well maybe there is a chance for a change here. The astrology certainly thinks so! We don’t want to wait till Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 and the fullblown revolution/anarchy is inevitable. It has happened before, Pluto in Aquarius is fond of a revolution or two, attempting to break the genealogy of the past, the superiority of a few over many. 

It is now we make these choices. What happens in Copenhagen, will have an impact, even though if it is just a symbolic gesture. People are listening, more and more are growing increasingly worried about the climate, yet still buying all kinds of useless crap. Choices are more than we think. It is choosing to recycle or choosing not to buy make-up that is harmful for us and the planet. And knowing when indulging is just bad, when it is just a short-term release from the pain, anxiety and boredom of being alive. That is simply bulemic, searching for release. Release-disease. 

Venus is all about how you feel about yourself. Do you feel better when you wear a piece of clothing that has a fancy brand on it? Most people actually do. We like to feel exclusive. And rich. When you are poor (and single), how do you feel?  Worthless? Invisible? Ugly? Unwanted?  These are the instincts that the over-the-top cynical banking-industry feeds on. No wonder we feel like idiots. Cos we are. Suckers. Me too. If you just get a real sense of what making love is, you would be ok with a less material lifestyle. I go for “tantra-orgasmic-revolution-paradigm!” Nothing makes you feel more beautiful. It beats phony titties anytime. 

People would rather spend money getting really high or drunk, than to go to yoga and do it the natural way. Seems like Saturn is forcing us to change our priorities is someway or another. 

Yes, I know, boring , eh? We need to shop less or shop differently. And make real love, not just lie there or mastrubating, pretending to have sex (which isn’t boring, but we are still attached to this release-thingy.) Don’t blame me, I am just a humble messenger bringing the news from the Master of Universal Law himself. I am having a bit of trouble digesting what the Master says anyway, I am not sure I can live according to his strict command. But I will try. Tomorrow.