Retro astro update

My vacation came and went while Mars was in Virgo. It was hard work being away from work. It is really clockwork how these Virgo transits put a fire on all things related to work, they just speed up the tempo and make us eager to get started. So combined with a summer vacation, it was hard to sit still. Let’s just say it was a productive vacation. So in this sense, despite the numerous items lost, I am very glad that the current retrograde phase of Mercury goes through its own sign. I can indulge myself in all kinds of work tasks. Work is a great way to utilize the vital forces. Not working can be extremely draining and gently, slowly eats away your self-respect. Work is not at all about doing as we tend to think when a whole pile of work lies ahead of us. Once one starts to think about “doing”, many people, yours truly included, finds themselves in a tempting situation to but work. Facebook, googling stuff you never actually had any real meaning in googling, watching television, talking on the phone, whatever, but work. If someone employs you, then I guess the initiative to actually work is easier to come to, however if one is self employed or have some sort of ambition to be, one of the most vital capacities one will depend on is the art of self motivation. It takes maturity and structure and ability to go beyond procrastination. And maybe more important, the ability to move beyond one’s bad habits, which very well could be a result of your brain and its neurotransmitters being lazy, dulled or overstimulated. A certain loss of concentration and loss of all previous good ideas might be what challenges you when you finally sit down and become the artist ready to fill the canvas.

We are exposed to so much distractions, now more so than ever, with internet and cellular phone or piles of stuff that has been postponed or even worse, emotional dramas that seem to have no beginning nor end. ¬†We are actually, on an energy level, bombarded 24/7 from all over the place. The planets race over the skies, making conjunctions and squares to your Moon and your Mars, Mercury retrogrades on top of your Uranus and Neptune transits your ascendant. There is always an excuse and to move beyond these vacillations we can be glad that Saturn is in Libra, a cardinal sign. Erin Sullivan calls the cardinal signs “the Willing Heros” (from Saturn in Transit) and goes on to say that Libra was “once the sign of the generals” ¬†because the generals dealt with strategy, organization and fast decisions. Indeed, Saturn in Libra will challenge our ability to be the leader in our own lives and maneuver relationships of all kinds with decision and choice. That would in my world, also apply to the inner dynamic of making choices regarding ones own pattern and habits.

The cycle of Saturn and the Moon are closely related, as the full cycle of Saturn to its own natal position takes 28 years and the progressed Moon cycle takes 28 years. They follow each other , leading to a maturation of ones habits (the Moon) and matures the inner child to , both in form and content, enter the world. Saturn is in this sense an initiator, and with its presence in a cardinal sign, we all feel the need to take ourselves to the next level and leave behind some patterns that seem to be blocking our creative impulse. This could take the form of consolidating a relationship, getting married, breaking up, moving, changing jobs, embarking on a new journey altogether. The famous cardinal cross has been covered so closely by astrologers the last few months, that I wont spend your time going through it once again, although it will continue to influence us for quite a while yet. The good new though, if you found it a tad bit intense, is that it will never go back to it’s former august intensity..yay!

What is more interesting, yet also beyond its peak, is the Mars-Venus cycle that will repeat itself with three conjunctions, one, as mentioned, already passed with a few days. The next will be in october in, with Venus going retrograde just after the conjunction and the last one in Taurus in May. With Saturn in Libra, ruled by Venus, lying underneath these three transits, we are going to feel these influences more strongly than ever. It will thoroughly develop our ability to be in relationships and work on our values related to them. For those eager to learn more about Mars-Venus cycles I leave you the link to Robert Blaschke’s excellent research on them. After reading this article I couldn’t help thinking about the Pluto in Libra generation and their efforts to make relationships meaningful and transformative. They will indeed feel this powerfully, as Saturn crosses their Pluto once or thrice during its stay in Libra. It is bound to redefine a lot of them, making it more clear now than ever what relationships are meant to be and how to live in them.

Pluto in Libra or not, we are all living in crazy, transformative and challenging times. Yet with such incredible potential. Hopefully we will all make the best of this time and be the best we can be. With the retrograde Mercury period that we are in the midst of right now, and has led to the loss of your phone or the total crash of computer or worse, you taking a wrong turn and ending up crashing with a moose, will make you think, rethink and talk it over with some old friends in the meantime. Do not break a leg..Enjoy the ride.