The intensity of the moment

I am no expert on foreign affairs, but there are forces shaking their heads in Europe that gives me a good ol’ flashback from a genetic part of my memory, to the memory of my grandmother and the wars that we promised we wouldn’t forget. We never forgot them, we still have the facade of parades for those millions of young men who died in the first and the second world war. And for all those families ruined. But we never actually got the real message behind any war or any revolution. Poverty, suppression and abuse create anger, anger creates war. Just ask Hitler. And then when people are frustrated and angry and the enemy has been pointed to or created, people accept the most dictatorial ruler, as long as he is theirs.

Somehow warlords understand the most basic of instincts. If you have an outer enemy, the inner alliance will be superstrong. Then the inner xenophobia will take over and anger run wild. Europe is today at a critical point. Putin’s eagerness to recreate a new super state is reflecting an increasing split in the European consciousness that is going in the opposite direction of unification and global awareness.

The small kingdoms and local enclaves of the past are still operative on a mental level. We are still defined by our local tribe. The root chakra is racism. My family needs to be protected; my values, my territory, my tribe. Family values and the bigger family, our country, are feeling the threat of years of immigration and the clashes that occurs when one root chakra meets another root chakra. Strange smells and different routines. Some people are enchanted by it, while others are appalled. And then there is the fight of the resources underneath it all. The suspicion of “they are probably here to feed from MY mother”. We won’t share. Not as along as our family can go under in the process. All this is reflected in the Grand Cross that we are taking a part in for the time being. The root chakra is Cancer-Capricorn, currently hosting a Pluto-Jupiter opposition with the hotspot at 13˚. The powerbattles over land, identity and ancestry is shown here. The resources and the fight for them is Saturn in Scorpio. Grand Cross visual


This conflict of land, ethnicity and resources is seen allover the place, from Israel to Russia. We are under the spell of the Grand Cross of 2014, which means that the curtains are drawn and we are getting a peek into the big collective subconscious. It is starting to seep up to the surface and the ugly head of nationalism-fascism-racism-isolationanism in all its variations sticks forth. It is the Hydra to the heroes, and we will all face this darkness as the shadow of the past is seeking in a strange way healing and release. We had a chance to heal all this in WWWII, but it wasn’t solved. And now, there is no healer to meet them, only antagonism and denial of the real issue. However, we do now have the advantage of the past experience and a higher consciousness.

Putin took Crimea with the excuse that 60% are native Russians and they don’t want to be ruled by Ukraine, which now is potentially in danger of being taken over by fascists according to some sources. Although the picture is really a lot more complicated and there are many more layers to this conflict, old patterns are clearly being brought out. Many of the rebels in Ukraine are seemingly anti-russian, anti-jew and anti-immigrant fascists. The fascists have taken this fight for Ukraine to be a fight for the land that they love, a classic nationalistic rhetoric. The real danger in the situation is that now the EU-NATO-US in an attempt to support freedom in Ukraine, are actually in danger of supporting the fascists, as well as the opposition. Strange? Very. Ukraine is on the brink of being severely split and the chaos is imminent. Although it seems like a small deal in a world full of conflict, this one has roots way back when and really affects the future of all of Europe and the cooperation of the East and the West. The cold war could very well be lurking around the corner.

The astrology brings in the energetic dimension to it all. Things aren’t as random as it first appears. If we check out Putin’s chart, we see that this coming month is interesting as the Grand Cross hits his Sun and Saturn is making a square to his Pluto in Leo . He’s got his eyes on east Ukraine and maybe even Belarus is on his radar. Putin vs GRAND CROSS  The chart for the dissolution of USSR is set for December 25th 1991, when Gorbachev left office as President of the USSR and Jeltsin took over as the first leader of the new Russia, placing Uranus at 13˚ Capricorn, conjunt Neptune and on the nodal axis.  Gorbachev’s Glasnost was indeed mirrored in the Uranus’ passage through Capricorn in the 80’s and 90’s, where the old (Capricorn) faced the new (Uranus). Right now Pluto is transiting exactly that Uranus and has already been in conjunction with that particular nodal axis last year. It is a chart that symbolizes a transformation for the whole region, although each individual state in former USSR has their own chart. They are all formed in the years 1990-1991 when the nodal axis was in Cancer-Capricorn and with Uranus around 13˚ where Pluto is for the time being and Pluto was around 20-21˚ Scorpio, where Saturn currently resides. Here is the signature for the old rulers and the old energies that resides in the subconscious of the area. The fascism and the dictatorial tendencies. The darkness and the futility, poverty and powerlessness. The frustration of the people with the rulers of the land. The corruption and the mistrust. All these things pertains to the two signs Capricorn and Scorpio. Russian Flag plus Grand Cross 2

The hotspot of the upcoming Grand Cross is 13˚ and the purification of old energies has begun. The region that is most affected, seems to be old Russia and the region that surrounds it, but the USA chart is at 13˚, Nato has got their Sun at 14˚ Aries, UN has got their Jupiter at 12´54˚ Libra and a lot of countries in Europe are touched by these mid-cardinal degrees. Even China, with it’s Libra stellium is being brought into the energy. Sooo much going on at once! A bit hard to fathom actually.

Today it is the 9th of April. Norway was invaded on this day 74 years ago with Sun-Jupiter and the south node of the moon on 19-20˚ Aries. The nodal axis was then still only a few months into Aries-Libra and still had 2/3rds of the journey to go. What happened while they were there, we all know. Today, the nodal axis has reached 28˚ Aries-Libra and Mars is retrograde in Libra, making us reflect before we act, or at least reflect after we’ve acted. Hopefully, that is what will happen on a world scale as well and that the energy of WWWII won’t be repeated without any hope of repair.

There is no need to be afraid. But, we need to be aware of what is going on in the world. Today, we can only hope that we manage the conflicts before they escalate into war and yes, I have hope that they do. We all have an inner xenophobic that we need to confront. That will be part of the solution as the world is facing a lot of challenges trying to overcome old problems and suppressed energies. All these will erupt as we move through the grand cross of 2014. On the good side of it all, this configuration also shows a revolution in thought and understanding. Maybe now is the time to pierce the veil of illusion. We are all part of it.





Yeah! Finally forward motion, Mars is direct!

Retrogrades are interesting enough, but the last couple of days or maybe a week before direct motion, it always feels like walking with glue underneath your shoes. The energy has been so slow.This is especially true with Mars, headcharger of anything. I remember looking at the ephemeris last fall and thinking about this retrograde period, wondering what my life would look like after it had passed. The previous one of fall 2007 going through Cancer-Gemini turned out to be nothing less than lifechanging, crossing my descendant. This time around, it would cross my eight house and with a Saturn-Pluto square in the background. And itself making (with still one more to come) a few quincunxes to Pluto. Frustrated and angry anyone? I know I have been. And what a relief! When you put a name on the Devil, it evaporates. And so many Devils have been examined. And expelled. Angerissues have been met and dealt with, with variable results. Collectively, many have chosen the wrong path, ending up killing their own spouses and children and eventually themselves. It is so sad.

It is safe to say that Mars retro challenges the will and vitality, and going down mid-winter (at least here in the northern hemisphere).There should be a law against that. People have been hibernating bigtime. Reconnecting. Questioning their drives, ambitions and instincts. Today we can start to act again. Nice. Play. Be even more free in our minds and emotions. That is the good side of the retrograde motion. It can be a very healing time, where we move the buildingblocks of our personality around. Take away that which has no place anymore. Toss out the garbage. As I mentioned, name the devils. Place it all.

It felt very good to have made through the birthcanal of frustrated martian energies though. Spring is in the air. And the weather changed too. From cold and crisp to rain. Although it looks rather gloomy outside, I can smell spring. A new chapter is about to begin.

Hopefully the shift hasn’t been to dramatic. Often when Mars turns direction, there is an outbreak of violence. Surely the last couple of days have been full of sad news, Nigeria for one. Iraq another. Mars in Leo affects children more than anything, and we still have this influence for a little over two months. Hopefully it will run smoothly, but I don’t think the statistic for violence, rape and killings of children will diminish in this period. And custodyfights.People still make the wrong choices for themselves.

Mars often produce  the most tragic news and maybe with frustration brewing, it will erupt in politics here and there too. The climate in Israel is not getting better for sure. Hopefully Saturn in Libra will calm things down continually during the next couple of years.

Obama is another one being strongly influenced by this Mars transit. His Sun in Leo @ 12 degrees and Jupiter in Aquarius @00 degrees are both in the trail of Mars. Besides it will cross his angles. This is his time to really break through. And get it done. Despite the fact that Neptune transits his first house and Mars will square for the last time his natal Neptune in the ninth, which can, and have, diminish his actual power . I am, of course, thinking of the healthreform. Who better than a President with Pluto in Virgo to change the health system ? To be honest, I can’t wait till the whole pack of worldleaders with Pluto in Leo are done, and the more practical (and hopefully humble) Pluto in Virgo generation will take over. No pun intended you Pluto-Leo ppl who are reading this. You know where you are..

I just think that in politics the best solutions should win and not the best gamers.

Well, hopefully, with today’s Venus in Aries square Pluto in Cap-energy on top of it, you have found new faith in yourself and are ready to bash in the sunlight. I welcome you into my house, stripped of pretentious people , powergames and mistrust.  I will not indulge in criticism, but simply live by the open heart. Much more fun. And a helluva lot more giving.

Enough is enough..coughcough..