The infamous quincunx.

Mars is currently in a double quincunx with the transiting Sun, settling in Pisces by a few days already, sextile Pluto in Capricorn. And the news facing me this morning is just as bloody red as anticipated, unfortunately. People killed in the most tragic manner, and saturdaynights in a big city meeting frustrated people with knives turns out to be a fatal night, dating Fate.

The double quincunx between the Sun in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Leo, which is retrograde on top of it, can easily blow a fuse in pure frustration. Petter Northug, the norvegian skiier should perhaps consulted an astrologer before he went to Vancouver this year. Yesterday the double quincunx landed on his natal Neptune-Mercury in early Capricorn.

And Mars squared his nodal axis. I think it was beyond doubt that he was set on winning the 30 km-cross country race, he is probably the strongest skiier in the world for the moment, but he has had his share of flops this Olympic. And what is more tragic for a Capricorn man with a Scorpio moon than to loose where he is supposed to win. That is bound to feel unfair.Especially yesterday. When the Swedish skiier who won the race with a strong team in his back who tactically cooperated to stall the opponents, damaged Northug’s pole minutes before the finishing line, I think he felt like the world was againts him. Northug left the arena without uttering a word to the press. If he had, rage would flow, mark my words. Better he kept his Scorpionic feeling inside, the whole sportsindustry is like everything else forced to behave diplomatic, also in a case like this, where it seems like someone has played a little bit dirty, but still within the boundaries. Slick you might call it.

The solution isn’t to say what you really feel in a situation like yesterday. It would only lead to more hurt feelings and the war between Norway and Sweden would be on, at least between athletes..But for a man with Mars-Pluto-the Moon and the southnode in Scorpio keeping the mouth shut must have been painful..This is the same pain as we meet in our own lives too, when we are forced to adapt to forces around us that is not the same as we are.

Thus one can say that the quincunx relationship is the hardest for a person in an individuating stage of his evolution. Compromising in a situation where the identity is not yet fully developed can in the long run do a lot of harm and cause a lot of frustration. And then you find yourself in a relationship with a person who is your quincunx. You are forced to adapt and at the same time, you discover who you really are, mostly because your true desires aren’t lived out or met. I find it incredibly interesting on several levels that the quincunx correlates to both the sixth and the eight house, thus the houses before and after the house of “relating”.

In the sixth house we are willing to do the service to another, surrender to someone or something…How we do this, and in what proportion this happens, dictates how well and honest you are able to relate to another. How well you know yourself. In the eight house, you assess whether or not it is actually worth it. Does it makes you stronger or weaker. Or in the worst case scenario, ill.

The Scorpio archetype does not yield. It wants what it want without surrendering. Unless there is a certain profit on the other end. It is relentlessly truthful, at least to itself. It is confronting the dysfunctions, and maybe this is why Northug was so frustrated yesterday. He knows, and still he can’t do anything about the system and how it works. Sports isn’t always a fair game. Not at all. Maybe Northug feels that it should have been. So he has to surrender, let go of emotions and find back to focus and control again, as is the theme of the Virgo energy, something he lacks in his own chart. He hasn’t the most flexible chart, and the quincunx marks a point where we need to work on our own flexibility without loosing our individual spark. Sounds like an advanced yogapractice, where you pull in two opposing directions at the same time.

Often sporstpeople marry eachother. And they should, they then naturally go the Scorpio way of getting stronger through joint effort.  It is so easy to see how clear this is on a level where people’s lives are their work. It is a lifestyle. They have individuated and found their core. Their partner reflects this choice of life. It can’t be different. The quincunx with its relation to frustration and need for flexibility challenge a polarized lifestyle. For good and bad. But polarization is sometimes needed in order to achieve big things. Just look at Northug. His chart is pretty settled in Capricorn and Scorpio. Only Chiron in Gemini on the opposite hemisphere.

Guess it ain’t a big surprise that communication or lack of is what has made this man notorious. He is known to be bluntly honest if he speaks, his chart is not that of  a peoplepleaser, maybe the quincunx between Venus in Capricorn and Chiron in Gemini adds to this. Will be interesting to see it unfold. I wish him his revenge though, how rewarding that would be. Save his honors it would. 🙂

Amazing what you can learn from sports if you know astrology.

I didn’t even see the race . To bizzi astrologizing I guess.