Uranus into Aries

Well, finally it was here…And it is bound to be one of the most notorious ingresses in history, having been anticipated and reflected on well before it actually occured. A combination of a highly potent square between Uranus and Pluto, plus the whole 2012-hype AND a little reflection on the current worldsituation probably explains the buzz.

And it seems like the world at large is eager to see the next step unfold, it is quite an intense energy engulfing the earth in the year of 2010.The intensity has been following us like a hungry dog ever since Pluto ingressed into Capricorn in 2008 and the square of Uranus to Pluto will not exactly calm down the energy. The foundation is shaking, our societies and systems are put under a test. The european union shows its frailty being only in its infancy and yet meeting pressure fit an adult. The US is in crises, yet also shows signs of positive change, still it seems like Obama will be remembered as the president who got it all in his lap. Several countries and states are feeling the pressure of bankruptcy. The ocean is loosing potency through overfishing and pollution, weather across the globe is going bananas. The very womb we came from is changing. Dysfunctions are exposed and the awareness available for the collective are turning us into humans that have to take a stand, to take responsibility. Only the ignorant can stay undifferentiated. This is thus the time for the genius of humans to prove itself, facing a unique moment in history, improving upon standards that are not sustainable in the long run.

Exposure seems to be a keyword for Uranus-Pluto. The infections are moving up towards the surface..The conflict in the middleeast was just turned up a notch with this mornings interception of an aid convoy going to Gaza, killing so far 19 people. The rage is bubbling everywhere. Maybe Uranus into Aries will truly pierce the denial and lack of engagement and bring forth the activism latent in us all, with the potential of aggression bursting forth everywhere having been withheld too long. The feeling of injustice can fire up a lot of tension and worldhistory seems to be in a constant loop of suppression/revolution. Uranus/Pluto combo is associated with revolution. And with Neptune into Pisces next year, hopefully we will take this transition without anarchy, disruption and chaos.

There is just a feeling that enough is enough. And even though this is a place of frustration coz nothing really changed, it is still a place of great potential IF you are willing to head to the future. Nothing is more oriented towards the future than Uranus, being one step ahead all the time, grasping the potential for improvement. It is impatient. It is therefore quite strong in Aries, a sign that is ready to embrace the new, being in itself the first impulse, the new cycle. It is ready to individualize.

I am certain beyond doubt that this is a transit that I will come back to again and again, it is pregnant with potential and disruption, and especially interesting will it be when we face the turn of the year and both Saturn and Uranus are settled in cardinal signs. It will enhance the dualism ; humans vs nature, poor vs rich, West vs East, Christians vs Muslims, the future vs the past , me vs you, individual vs society, corruption vs law.

So when the time of the weighing comes, hopefully both you and I have understood the law of Balance.