Inspiring times indeed! And that despite all the crazy stuff that is going on in the world. I dunno if it is the seven billion people that we have become that creates such massive news or if it is the world spinning around its axis in a faster pace. Maybe it is both. I think so, since we are being nudged from time to time by life itself. Solar activity boosting, supermoons, earthquakes, speed, speed , speed. All is hyped. Aries in on the run.

What has reached a new level of understanding, is that we are living on a pulsating, living, growing, changing earth. Once the continents were one, and then they “drifted” apart. At least that was what they said when we went to school. I think “drifted” sounds pretty gentle and calm , as if it was a boat that just floated on a stream. The fact is probably that it was earthquaked and vulcanoed (yes, that should be a word) to split, just like what is happening in the Afar region in Ethiopia, the world’s hottest place, constantly brewing with active vulcanos and splitting the continent. Soon (ahem, relatively speaking) Africa will look slightly different. But this is not a place that is habitable, evidently. The Afar people call it hell.

This touches so deep in the human psyche, as our consciousness is one with the earth we live within. The apocalyptic thought pattern, being a constant reminder of the finite universe, is an inheritance of the instinctual mind. The reptilian brain is our connection, not just to our ancestors, but also to our origin. Creating an earth is an act of pure violence (not evil). Life is forging us, sometimes through massive impacts, due to the density of matter. The more dense, the harder the hit.

Creation as a metaphor is apt when it comes to understanding our own evolutionary path on an inner level. The sensitive, attuned , non-material mind is much more likely to sense the signs of creation, than a mind identified with the senses and the material matrix. D0 we need the whole bombardment or is it enough with a little nudge? 

We are living in a time where this is not just knowledge available for the spiritual seeker, but for those who listens. A part of humanity is free, due to knowledge that has been freed. Reflected through the mayan mirror, this is a time where unity consciousness has started. Unity , first and foremost, is non-dualism. Non-dualism is not really non-dualism, unless dualism is included. In practical living this means that you will continue to be who you are, change what doesn’t work, work on your emotions and still be unaware from time to time. But the attachment to the outcome will be gone. The attachment to the perfected human life-form in order impress the Gods, to liberate one from the human flesh. Those times are fading out. And the time of the group-mind is making itself heard more and more. And in the meantime, we purify and mature, which means choosing between the instinct and the mind, seeing that there is a choice. If we indulge in fear, we have in one sense, gone backwards in time. Choosing love is a privilege. Doing it when the shit hits the fan is true power.