Pluto, as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.

After living with Pluto back and forth on my ascendant for quite a while, I am starting to get used to it, although at times, it feels like getting swallowed by a gigantic monster over which I have no control, especially when it has been lingering in the 12th house. For the moment it is 8,4 days away from going direct again, and finally leave my 12th house for good this time. Throughout my journey I have yet to encounter a power more tangible and present than that of Pluto’s. And how odd; since it is the smallest little ice-lump out there, even been demoted and stuff. However; after surviving the last couple of years long-hard-transits of Pluto first opposing my Moon, then opposing my Saturn, then conjunct the nodal axis and now finally crossing my ascendant; whilst at the same time squaring itself; I must say; I can not be making this shit up. The themes of death and regeneration, confrontation, power-powerlessness; in depth processes (I thought I knew myself before all these Pluto transits; bah!), emotional transformation; a dealing with the shadow of my own sub-conscious. 

Pluto is “da bomb” as the kids would say it. It is beyond compromise and deals only with clearing the path. Jeffrey Wolf Green calls it the Soul, whereas other evolutionary astrologers calls it the evolutionary impulse of the Soul; both of which reflect back on enormous powers for us to tap into , if we could just get out of the way. In order for us to experience the power that we are; it is of utmost importance that our patterns of dependencies are confronted; and what better way to do that than through some good-ol-rejection. When friends are gone, family left and you feel utterly alone ; where do you find the strength and what do you create ? When nothing around you gives you the confirmation that you think you need; where do you go? When death calls on someone near; how do you continue living?  For me, the answer has been to delve into my inner being, through raja meditation; (thought seed meditation), through yoga, through contemplation and creativity. The challenges of Pluto can be so rough, that a healthy life where there is room for expressing emotions is necessary. We can’t fake it with Pluto, we have to go through the motion. There are no short-cuts; first we have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

As I was meditating this morning; I realized what my soul is about, or at least I think I understand. If I simply adhere to my soul, I have to express my utmost passion to the world and no matter how much I at times twist and turn to get away from that; for me it is astrology, or rather; consciousness and its evolution and cosmology.

I have had; and maybe still have a hate-love relationship to astrology. I hate the fact that we are not thought very high of in society; and obviously that sort of credibility I still crave; I hate that it gives me the opportunity to know so much, sometimes too much, it confronts me with my own fear for the future. I often think that living without astrology would be easier; I could live in a state of ignorance; And life would be easy as the life of a skeptic; sticking to what science can prove is what paves the way for most people. In many ways, this seems like an easier option. Living with astrology is living in a greater universe; trying to figure out the macro-aspect of it, not just dealing with what is materialized. Through the years I have seen that both of these two issues of anatagonism relates directly to the state of my emotional life and thus to Pluto, which works on developing the emotional capacity inherent in all; we have to be stronger to carry bigger challenges. Otherwise we will opt for a life in safety based on survival, based on the appraisal of others; the comfort of the consensus.

If I am to call myself an evolutionary astrologer; I have to deal with the soul and what it is, I can’t skip the theme. The consensus attitude is that believing in the Soul is being religious, we say that the Soul has a plan, a purpose; and that is for some, thinking higher of life on earth than it deserve. However; when we look at everything around us, it all has a purpose; the material plane is filled with purpose. An entity of life cannot exist without finding a function; even a parasite has a function. Nature is so filled with this sense of order and intelligence, perfect with it’s anomalies. But that is just the physical plane. What I am exploring is the plane of consciousness.

With the nodal axis trotting through Sag-Gemini; what you believe in (Sagittarius) was bound to come under the critical light of the left-brain oriented Gemini. And many times we see the Sagittarian archetype turn into the Pollyanna sort of alternative, who believes anything just because there is an intuition that there is more “between heaven and earth”. These are the more devotional types who revolt the rational, academic mind, it is too wordy and analytical. Intelligence will always breed doubt and doubt is so necessary to move to the next level; which is again surrender (knowledge has a boundary).

Being born with the nodal axis in Gemini-Sag myself, I have had an interesting time during this transitt. Natal Pluto is in my ninth house and Saturn has been conjunct Pluto this year. And on top of that I have had Pluto on my ascendant; the nodal axis on my Moon, nodal axis and Saturn; LOL is all I can say. In the depth of my doubts I have the astrology of poetry going on in my chart. For those acquainted with the language; these are the transits of doubt and with the awesome potential of total rebirth with Pluto on the ascendant. I was slow to get out of the womb when I first came, this new birth has been equally slow, but with Uranus squaring the whole process; light is ahead; I have a Promethean High in the process; cos it makes sense and is simply poetry in motion.

In case you are going through a though Plutonian process and meet up with the ultimate Bad, find courage in Uranus and the insights that you can gain. And always, when you walk through the valley of the shadow of death; use your lamp. Only shadows are frightening, even if going through the motions can be painful.


Aries and Sagittarius; a tad too much maybe?

I am increasingly amazed over the power of the transiting nodal axis and its rulers. It seems they take up a lot of space, being so important in a birth chart, they are equally strong in transit.

And those of you who have been around for a while, might have noticed the correlation of Gemini and Sagittarius to the left and the right part of the brain. One for rational, organized and detailed activity, the other for non-linear, abstract and intuitive mode. These two signs, along with the rest of the mutable cross, deals with knowledge. What we think we know, what we believe, what we are made to think, and that which is proven to be right. And then, what we can’t understand, nor mentally grasp, yet is a part of our creative mind, our perception and intuition. Today the maze of knowledge is even crazier than before. I read the other day about a spiritual teacher who listed “headucation” on his CV. I read that (my perception again) as being a negative phrase addressed to regular education, consensus science and traditional dogma. 

No doubt this is a interesting situation. Education is so important. But is is also a great responsibility to express yourself as an educator. Especially if what is expressed locks the door to reflecting freely on conflicting theories. I am very interested in rhetorics. How we say something is often more important that what we say. Astrology might be filled with sinners in that sense, as it states something without adding the “maybe”. A lot of spiritual knowledge is like that. It defines the truth. This is it! This is what you have searching for! etcetc. Same goes for a lot of pseudo-skeptics out there.

In Sagittarius we think we see the truth. We see something bigger than the scientific mind. We philosophize, we search for a bigger meaning, we get in touch with our intuition and then we think we know for sure. The Sagittarian is thus a good salesman. In order to sell something, you have to believe in it. Maybe this is why religious, alternative, political, scientific, any field of isolated knowledge is filled with bombastic statements. Incoherent often, as it lacks holistic approach, but bombastic non-the-less. People read inspiring literature, feel the love that it describes, but have no ability to turn the other cheek, hasn’t gone through the emotional maturity process a spiritual integrated person has to go through in order to walk the talk. That is the next sign, Capricorn. Prove it or as is said; “if you don’t live it, it wont come out of your horn!”.

I am not saying that people are not trying to live it. Maybe more than what is healthy. It can lead to massive suppression of emotions. And then, when the going gets though, the lid flies off  and the monster takes over, quickly followed by a guilt trip or self righteousness.

The things that we believe in are dear to us. They supply an emotional support system for us. Understanding reality is important, we are made with brains and eyes and live on this rock in a vast universe under constant threat; comets, epidemics, famine, pollution, death. So we need a system of thought that creates pillars. Makes it easier to live.  Those systems of thoughts we build together with our allies, those who agree, who seem to be able to say that what you experience as truth is similar to what they experience as truth. We hold on to these people as they empower who we are. It is the axis of Aries-Libra that has been so highlighted in the last couple of weeks. You are either with me or against me. Diplomacy has lost in favor of the fervent preacher or politician, poor Saturn retrograde alone there opposed by those warmonger buddies over in Aries, yeah, Eris just met up with her favorite pals, Mars and Jupiter. Provocation is an understatement. Debates turns into a reality show where offended emotions triggers the next sentence that comes out of the mouth.

It is a war of paradigms. Science meets what can’t be proven. Some people think it is ridiculous that all should be proven, but is that just a defensive attitude because one doesn’t really know whether it is actually true or not?  A scientist would say: if it is there, it should be possible to prove it. Or? What it all boils down to ; is there something beyond the brain, is there a Soul? Or is is all just the brain? If there is disagreement upon these vitals, there cannot be a discussion, there can only be statement vs statement and wounded emotions.

When I talk about reincarnation, I cannot know. I can theorize. There are those who claim that they know, but personally I am skeptic of people no matter what they say, because we all say so much to gain importance or to sell something. The commercial alternative business is filled with that. I am aquarian, and for those of you who knows an aquarian or two, knows that we can be annoyingly rational and skeptic and even arrogant when we meet more emotional people. I know how easy it is to delude oneself. But I also think that it is easy to delude oneself to think that there is only the brain. Brainiacs. They seem to have lost touch with something precious and mysterious and deeply empowering. And this is not the type of empowering that knowledge brings. Knowledge will always be replaced by something else sooner or later, so that is not true power, it is a power you have to defend when the knowledge is challenged or is about to change. Maybe certain principles will stand the test of time , most likely, but a lot of other stuff will appear as equally true. This is why knowledge is so confusing and words are so misused. The more you read, the less you often know. Gemini south-node is a testimony to that. Mental overload, system confused, insight lost, freedom lost.

Our belief system will come under a threat cyclically if we are not grounded in a more holistic (meaning both sides of the brain) approach. The thing is not to reject anything, but find the middle road. A scientific mind can be dry, lacking heart and soul and come off as arrogant and sarcastic.  A mind that hasn’t been trained to think can come off as naive, unaware and simplified, where there is a quote for everything, but not an explanation to anything.

None of those are willing to admit their own limitation. This is a great weakness and the trouble with the Sagittarian archetype, found equally in the charts of hard-core skeptics and over-the-top alternative pollyanna people (ah, the beauty of astrology)

We all have a responsibility to the rest of the world and when you truly serve the world, you take this responsibility seriously. You try to stay away from sensationalism, from glamour and from bombastic statements. You stop dabbling in conspiracy theories and you start to understand the power of a word. It has ripple-effects. What you say has importance and really, none of the thoughts that we have in our minds are truly ours. All the time it is a constant communication with the environment, nature and people that creates the inner mental environment.

Thus, words can create harm and pain. If you take time to listen, maybe a lot of invasion of mental concepts would stop to affect you. Find out for yourself. The thing that really could be releasing is that eventually you realize that you know nothing. Maybe that is a liberated mind..We come from innocence and go back to it, after having developed our minds in between. Richard Tarnas calls the modern man the individuated man. In evolutionary astrology we have a theory about life, from consensus to individualized to spiritual. In the spiritual we go back to surrendering. We understand the limitation of knowledge. But we are still aware.

These nodes will be so much about the mind-games, intelligence, dogma, ideologies, rationality, science (as in the paradigms in science, not actual scientific method) and communication. Due to the hard-core ideologies that Jupiter-Mars, now in conjunction in Aries represents, I am not at all surprised that Osama, a symbol of fundamentalism, the dark side of Sagittarius, was killed.This is the signature of the crusader and we will just see what comes out of this..I am listening, ear to ground, well aware of the hubris of my own perception.

Enjoy and have a learning experience..If you are stuck on a head trip, get a cold shower and release the emotional grip argumentative people are so good to throw out. You don’t owe anything to anyone, be free enough to see for yourself. The alliances often demand loyalty. That is cowardice. That is not being free. That is a subtle emotional grip on your mind that is often called brainwashing.

My yogateacher said today; “if you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at will change” (proverb from some yoga tradition probably)…That is a good way of checking for yourself if you harbor attachments to your belief system, no matter which direction it goes..

Note: About the gif-image I found it on Rickard Wisemans blog. Click on the image. And see for yourself..:)