Came and went, moments to cherish

Well, after a hectic winter things are settling down a bit and I start to look ahead to the next season, next week, next moment. And what better moment to delve into the yet unmanifested than a waxing Moon coming into opposition with Sun-Neptune? Besides, the Sun is still in Aquarius and I got the urge for change! Upgrade! Which is what Aquarius is about anyways. AND I got Uranus squaring my natal nodal axis, so the message is clear; new is on the menu, whatever new is.

These days when the Sun is approaching Neptune and the Moon is growing full are extremely potent for meditation and manifestation. Yes, I know, normally we tend to look to Mars or Saturn for hard-core manifestation, but sometimes it is good to go to work with the master of the unforeseen as well, make grace and fate work its magic. In other words what meditation can bring is the evident, what is already there, in tune with truth and ready to come forth. It is easy to work with the elements under this type of configuration. The intuition is clear and concise, however the emotional body might not always agree. Don’t give it too much energy, let the intuition guide you instead. It is important to stay steady and not stray from the path, even though a storm is teasing.

I came home from a rather over-the-top inspirational trip to Hawaii, after having presented a lecture and attended the fantastic River of Stars conference hosted by Maurice Fernandez & Co  (Natasha Alter and Tom Lescher) . It was incredible. So much have been digested and integrated and it dawns on me how important it is to create good astrology and to spread it accordingly. In the background the debate of the 13th sign has been roaming like a wildfire on internet, trying to undermine the validity of astrology. What happened was that a lot of astrologers came to life in this period. I like what I am seeing. It is important for our collective and individual self-esteem as astrologers. We are growing stronger through joint effort. Marvelous and totally Aquarian! 

We all have a dream, if it is not being an astrologer or a student of astrology, it might be something else. I judge no ones dream. If it is your dream, it can turn into a goal and from a goal, a life. The difference between a goal and a dream is that you put effort into achieving the goal, whereas the dream stays a dream. Goals are future oriented and demands work, faith and grace. Goal demands that we prioritize.

The coming fullmoon this friday sits on 29 degrees Aquarius-Leo with the Sun conjunct both Neptune and Chiron. This is a powerful symbol related both to healing, vision and self-expression. So whatever illusion that blocks your vision, it might be time to take the struggle out of it and let it flow again. Manifestation happens where there is an open heart and an open mind.



That big, fat fullmoon….

….was staring at me all night long. My little cancer daughter with a cancermoon couldn’t sleep..She came out into my bed and sat in it, staring at the moon. And then we dosed off , in and out of dimensions, waking up to see that the moon had wandered even further towards the western horizon. It was beautiful. And maybe because it was in Leo, I felt guarded by this light, this cold, silverlight that has lit our nightskies for ages. In my halfsleepstate I felt connected to the moon and thus to the sun…And it went even deeper..To some place beyond.Don’t know where, don’t know how, all I know was that I felt connected to a lifeforce while I was asleep. The moon held me in its magnetic field and carried me through the night, being a portal into a deeper space it seems.

Or maybe it was just a hint that I should stay off shows like “Earth investigated”, aired on National Geographic last night. It was about the cycles of the sun and where it is now in its development. We are currently on 10:36 am in the lifespan of the sun, stretching from 6 am to 6 pm. And as the sun evolves, it will grow hotter and hotter, before it eventually collapses and becomes a white dwarf. By then, all the planets surrounding it will have wandered out of orbit or melted into the sun. Just amazing. Our life will be gone. Humanity as we know it will be gone. The earth will be no more. The planets will be no more. Our star, the sun is Life. It is true, we do come from the stars.

And what I found even more amazing (and very graphic) is that this happened with the Moon in Leo opposing the Sun, its ruler, in Aquarius. And just think of the dispositor of the Sun, Uranus, in Pisces, and Neptune, Uranus’ dispositor, in Aquarius. Uranus and Neptune is in mutual reception, and it is being highlighted by the Sun in transit through Aquarius.This fullmoon falls on the nodal axis of Neptune as well, so here we have plenty of visionary, spiritual stuff pertaining to life on earth as we see it.

There is no doubt that this fullmoon with its Leo themes is all about understanding ones mortality and thus, being able to celebrate life, here, now! A few days ago a helicopter with four people crashed, killing all in the icy waters outside of Horten, Norway. They all worked for an eventagency, and their boss who was traveling with another helicopter witnessed the tragedy from where he was. He later said :” this is a reminder how dear life is to us and how important it is to live it  as if it was the last day you had here on earth.”  And he was not the only one making this statement, I heard it from two others the same day! I blame that Moon in Leo, fired up by a retrograde Mars peaking in his cycle.

Potentially this is a very fertile combination of energies and use it well. This day is one of a kind, it is special and it is all that is, a moment always carries a special potential. Seems like this is finally dawning for us earthlings.

Breathe, and do it with dignity and respect. The Sun wont stay the same forever and nothing in life should be taken for granted. And if you come from a life where days have gone without you being in them, maybe this is your chance to get on again.

With fullmoons there is often a peak in emotional energies and if this fiery combination of juicy stuff creates a monster in your area, well, slide through as if it had nothing to do with you. With Mars in the combo, the looneyfactor is off the scales..Fingers crossed that it will go down smoothly, with no malls bombed or houses torched.

Wishing you all your best potential…