Astrology and fatalism

2012; a year of fatalism?

Astrologers sometimes meet clients who are so afraid of impending doom, that they kindly ask the astrologer to be gentle and to promise not to tell if there are bad signs up ahead. We can sit with a person for an entire reading and be full of promise, focus on the good sides of the chart and there is no response. However, if one mentions one negative aspect of the chart that could benefit of being worked with; this is like a magnet and it steals the entire chart reading. Why is it that we are so afraid of the future and think so badly of ourselves that this can occur? With predictions; it is feared and wanted at the same time.

Astrological research it is done with a clinical eye; no room for emotion, nor prejudice; the chart of a mass murderer is of equal importance as the chart of a saint. The astrologer knows, due to the multivalent nature of the archetypes, that a mass murderer and a saint can have the same chart. The astrologer also knows that predicting specific events with astrologer is not what we are after; (well, some are) . We can, as Rickard Tarnas says, understand that “that astrology is not concretely predictive, but archetypally predictive. That is, the birth chart and transits indicate which universal principles are emphasized, in what combination, and when. They do not give information such as “You will get an offer of a job as editor-in-chief for a large publishing firm on April 26, 2004,” or “You will meet your soul mate on the beach at Waikiki at sunset on New Year’s Day in 2005.” It may not be impossible for a gifted clairvoyant to do something like this, but astrology has a different character.”  

A student of astrology studies death, accidents, insanity, pedophilia, divorce, incest, eating disorders, cancer and other forms of tragedy. We study weather and natural disasters. Nuclear disasters. You’d might think that the astrologer has some weird kind of fetish for wanting to understand all the workings of nature. It should be said that we also study births, love forming between two people, marriage, new opportunity, work change, upgrades and fortunes of any kind, let’s say winning Idol. So it suffice to say, we study life, in all it’s magnitude.

Life can be surreal and absurd, and deeply unjust. And we feel that we are put here on the planet with a looming faith hanging over our heads. History is filled with gloomy stuff. Humanity is, in many ways, scarred, by aeons of wars, illness, deaths and loss. It is as the history of humanity lives in our veins, and indeed in our DNA. We live with life and the news everyday. And now more than ever.

The astrologer is often confronted with the issue of free will. It is absurd to think that we have a total free will. We would be God to have that (now I do think that we can realize this part of our nature, but that is an entirely different story)  If I had free will, I would simply create world peace right now. Justice for all. But I have a relative will. By this I mean that I have a willpower that could possibly move my life into a new direction. Astrologers talk about clearing karma; said in less new-agey way, this simply means taking responsibility where that is needed, learn from your mistakes and move on, not stay in the pattern. This is life-altering. The past changes under these circumstances.

In evolutionary astrology we speak about evolution in terms of either being something you volunteer to do, or a catharsis that you create subconsciously in order to evolve. Evolve we must anyway, evolution is the basic function of all life; it is life itself as nothing is still. Fatalism occurs when we are afraid of our own power. When we are weak and have little faith in ourselves; when we feel guilty cos we feel deep in our subconscious that we do or live something that is out of harmony with truth, when we are scarred by earlier mistakes and our own ignorance. Never blame yourself for what you couldn’t see. Life is too short. Simply learn. And move on. Heal, forgive and breath out again. This can take you out of fatalism. Of the fear that there is an evil God there somewhere who is ready to take away your happiness any day now.

What we evolve to do in life, is live it by the moment. No guarantees for the future. No comfort for the pain the we create for ourselves, simply methods to let those emotions go. And what happens afterwards is that you are freed up to use your own energy in a more constructive way. The emotional side of you do not steer the ship. The clarity of your mind does. So when the astrologer studies Saturn in the sixth house and starts to shed light of the multitude of expressions this aspect can take, and you sit there with your sixth house Saturn; you wont feel gloomy. You wont hear only the bad stuff, you will hear the positive side as well. And you wont feel that misfortune will come to get you; you know that you are moving in the right direction. That is the power that we have, to be willing to move in the right direction. What you cannot do anything about, you have to release and surrender to. That is out of your hands.

The hype of 2012 is here, now. I baptize this year, the year of Fatalism coming to the Fore. So many of our projections, fears and pains will surface; I needn’t be a psychic to see this. It is human nature. Where the expectation has started filling up, an emotional process is imminent and unavoidable.

Thus, this is a year of great spiritual potential….Yay!


Mercury rx..heard it before???

Gosh, I am afraid I’ll have to bore you with another retrograde mercury feeding..Seems like this little burnt rock is of vital importance for us earthlings and thus we have to go through this annoying motion several times each year. Hell yes! Seems like we have an evolutionary need to question our own mental superiority/inferiority complexes at least thrice a year…

There’s  a lot of mental distortion going on and nothing is more arrogant than the mind.When we think we have the ultimate answer, the best answer, the brightest and smartest answer, we flaunt it. We argue with others, we look down on them, we gloat with self-righteousness.

Suddenly we say stuff that takes the lid off the veil and we reveal to ourselves just exactly how annoyed, righteous, defensive or abusive we are,- or can be. The shadow squirts through the mouth. My friend says; what the heart is full of, the mouth runneth over with” . Painful, but, oh, how cleansing and possibly maturing it can be.

Taurus, the sign of the current retrogradiation, is THE sign for fixity. All the earthsigns deals with manifested patterns. That which is solid. And sometimes solid and unyielding as a rock. As our mental conceptions more than often are. We hold on to our selected truths longer than they serve us. Thats’s when it suddenly becomes a necessity to have Mercury go retro from time to time. So that we can doubt ourselves. And maybe challenge and change the mental substance that doesn’t serve our growth. Change choices, everyday choices that in itself can create big, lifechanging events. Sometimes just changing the way one looks at the world helps.

Yesterday, while switching through a massive amount of channels on telly, I ended up with a talkshow where one of the guys had written a book on annoyance. All the stuff you can get annoyed with. There are, you don’t even have to focus hard, a zillion annoying things within a small radius of where you are. Disturbing your vision, causing inflammation in the mind, leading to restlessness, anger and discomfort. But that is only if you focus on it. If not, it is not there. And thus, you are happy.

I mean, one thing is to get annoyed with oneself. I do that. I can be very sloppy. One sock here, one there. A piece of paper that has no home. A set of keys that often gets lost. I get annoyed. Another thing is to get annoyed with other people. Yes, I know, sometimes you meet people who have no sense about boundaries and cross them uninvited. That is annoying. People that talk and talk while you are bizzi working with something. They are annoying.Televisioncommercials. Annoying. The weather..Very annoying if you live in Norway, as I do. No summers up here. Taxes, politicians, capitalists, stupid people, smart people, people who say they will do stuff and never do it, people who never listens or worse, who cut you off in the middle of a sentence, all this is annoying, no doubt about it. This guy yesterday wrote a whole book about it. How liberating wouldn’t that be. Maybe that’s an exercise for a Mercury retrograde! Very enlightening. Just notice how you feel when you write down what your likes and dislikes. And how many silly things in there that easily could have been different. If you were happy with your own life.

I think people who are not happy with themselves, find more annoying things in their life than people who feel at least to a certain degree, at peace with their own life, no matter what it looks like. I know at least that when I have a shitty day, things are much more annoying then when I have a great day.

And what constitutes a bad day? Are we just hormones and neurotransmitters? Yes, that too. But what stimulates the production of these? Is life manifested from the subtle levels down to the more solid matter of the earth? Does my focus on an emotional and mental level matter on a biological level?  This is a hot potato debate in the public space for the time being, thanks to a comedian who once was a sociologist, but seems at least on the surface to have emerged as an evolutionary biologist. I would take it a little bit further though then to reduce it to sociology and biology. Public debates are so boring, they totally lack spiritual dimensions. Annoying right? They should include the spiritual dimension. Where it is all about will-to-be, will-to-love, will-to-see. Are you willing? To all this. There is no compromise with truth, even though truth is sometimes an abstract confusion, a vague feeling, a hunch. At least you have the confusion to hold on to, when time allows no clear conception. Sometimes just experiencing the nakedness, the vulnerability of the undefined can be an exercise in both patience, faith and an ability to live merged with the pulse of the only moment there is and that you can ever be. No attachments for a little moment. See how that feels. And if it soothes your allergies.

These times that we live in, are not the easiest times. The change is in the air. And change can be stressful. Maybe you are close to that point where you break through and decide on what to do next, but you are still not sure. No doubt a challenging situation. You have no idea when and how change will come, but change is in the air. Currently Saturn is retrograde and will soon oppose Uranus and then Jupiter thereafter, decisions seems to be inevitable, no matter what confusion might be messing up your current definition for the time being. The Uranus-Saturn opposition has followed us for quite a while, and it seems to be very much about changes in consciousness, awareness and breaking old mental conceptions. It can indeed be revolutionary.

The fun (or not) date to look out for is april 25. Mercury will be squaring Mars. Yay! I am almost guaranteed to get annoyed by something that day. Most likely… It doesn’t matter, I come prepared, astrology in my pocket and courage in my heart, fingers crossed. Courage to let go of the desire to judge anything, even though it might be another rumble from mother Nature, never letting us ever feel completely welcome, making us anticipate Armageddon constantly. We’ve seen this lately with the Iceland volcano, paralyzing travelers. Who were forced to improvise, forced to navigate despite chaos and emotional stress. One bus of tourists returning from Egypt, had to go by bus from Athens to Oslo, where many of the passengers had diarrhea. That is Mercury rx for ya! 37 hours on a bus with frequent brakes to puke. Intense.

Life is a constant movement. It has no guarantee. Nature destroys just as easily as it nurtures. All human evolution can be lost in one gammaray. We all know this. Death is life, life is death. Take it…Or not.

I can’t decide for you. I have to do my share of the work, making this attitude my yogamat, stretching towards the heaven instead of begging it to come to me. Maybe when the Sun catches up with Mercury, one more layer of my concrete mind has lived out its purpose. Slowly, slowly, peeling the layers. We are getting there. And if not, be sure Mercury will go retro again before you are prepared, and you will have another chance.


Yeah! Finally forward motion, Mars is direct!

Retrogrades are interesting enough, but the last couple of days or maybe a week before direct motion, it always feels like walking with glue underneath your shoes. The energy has been so slow.This is especially true with Mars, headcharger of anything. I remember looking at the ephemeris last fall and thinking about this retrograde period, wondering what my life would look like after it had passed. The previous one of fall 2007 going through Cancer-Gemini turned out to be nothing less than lifechanging, crossing my descendant. This time around, it would cross my eight house and with a Saturn-Pluto square in the background. And itself making (with still one more to come) a few quincunxes to Pluto. Frustrated and angry anyone? I know I have been. And what a relief! When you put a name on the Devil, it evaporates. And so many Devils have been examined. And expelled. Angerissues have been met and dealt with, with variable results. Collectively, many have chosen the wrong path, ending up killing their own spouses and children and eventually themselves. It is so sad.

It is safe to say that Mars retro challenges the will and vitality, and going down mid-winter (at least here in the northern hemisphere).There should be a law against that. People have been hibernating bigtime. Reconnecting. Questioning their drives, ambitions and instincts. Today we can start to act again. Nice. Play. Be even more free in our minds and emotions. That is the good side of the retrograde motion. It can be a very healing time, where we move the buildingblocks of our personality around. Take away that which has no place anymore. Toss out the garbage. As I mentioned, name the devils. Place it all.

It felt very good to have made through the birthcanal of frustrated martian energies though. Spring is in the air. And the weather changed too. From cold and crisp to rain. Although it looks rather gloomy outside, I can smell spring. A new chapter is about to begin.

Hopefully the shift hasn’t been to dramatic. Often when Mars turns direction, there is an outbreak of violence. Surely the last couple of days have been full of sad news, Nigeria for one. Iraq another. Mars in Leo affects children more than anything, and we still have this influence for a little over two months. Hopefully it will run smoothly, but I don’t think the statistic for violence, rape and killings of children will diminish in this period. And custodyfights.People still make the wrong choices for themselves.

Mars often produce  the most tragic news and maybe with frustration brewing, it will erupt in politics here and there too. The climate in Israel is not getting better for sure. Hopefully Saturn in Libra will calm things down continually during the next couple of years.

Obama is another one being strongly influenced by this Mars transit. His Sun in Leo @ 12 degrees and Jupiter in Aquarius @00 degrees are both in the trail of Mars. Besides it will cross his angles. This is his time to really break through. And get it done. Despite the fact that Neptune transits his first house and Mars will square for the last time his natal Neptune in the ninth, which can, and have, diminish his actual power . I am, of course, thinking of the healthreform. Who better than a President with Pluto in Virgo to change the health system ? To be honest, I can’t wait till the whole pack of worldleaders with Pluto in Leo are done, and the more practical (and hopefully humble) Pluto in Virgo generation will take over. No pun intended you Pluto-Leo ppl who are reading this. You know where you are..

I just think that in politics the best solutions should win and not the best gamers.

Well, hopefully, with today’s Venus in Aries square Pluto in Cap-energy on top of it, you have found new faith in yourself and are ready to bash in the sunlight. I welcome you into my house, stripped of pretentious people , powergames and mistrust.  I will not indulge in criticism, but simply live by the open heart. Much more fun. And a helluva lot more giving.

Enough is enough..coughcough..

The infamous quincunx.

Mars is currently in a double quincunx with the transiting Sun, settling in Pisces by a few days already, sextile Pluto in Capricorn. And the news facing me this morning is just as bloody red as anticipated, unfortunately. People killed in the most tragic manner, and saturdaynights in a big city meeting frustrated people with knives turns out to be a fatal night, dating Fate.

The double quincunx between the Sun in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Leo, which is retrograde on top of it, can easily blow a fuse in pure frustration. Petter Northug, the norvegian skiier should perhaps consulted an astrologer before he went to Vancouver this year. Yesterday the double quincunx landed on his natal Neptune-Mercury in early Capricorn.

And Mars squared his nodal axis. I think it was beyond doubt that he was set on winning the 30 km-cross country race, he is probably the strongest skiier in the world for the moment, but he has had his share of flops this Olympic. And what is more tragic for a Capricorn man with a Scorpio moon than to loose where he is supposed to win. That is bound to feel unfair.Especially yesterday. When the Swedish skiier who won the race with a strong team in his back who tactically cooperated to stall the opponents, damaged Northug’s pole minutes before the finishing line, I think he felt like the world was againts him. Northug left the arena without uttering a word to the press. If he had, rage would flow, mark my words. Better he kept his Scorpionic feeling inside, the whole sportsindustry is like everything else forced to behave diplomatic, also in a case like this, where it seems like someone has played a little bit dirty, but still within the boundaries. Slick you might call it.

The solution isn’t to say what you really feel in a situation like yesterday. It would only lead to more hurt feelings and the war between Norway and Sweden would be on, at least between athletes..But for a man with Mars-Pluto-the Moon and the southnode in Scorpio keeping the mouth shut must have been painful..This is the same pain as we meet in our own lives too, when we are forced to adapt to forces around us that is not the same as we are.

Thus one can say that the quincunx relationship is the hardest for a person in an individuating stage of his evolution. Compromising in a situation where the identity is not yet fully developed can in the long run do a lot of harm and cause a lot of frustration. And then you find yourself in a relationship with a person who is your quincunx. You are forced to adapt and at the same time, you discover who you really are, mostly because your true desires aren’t lived out or met. I find it incredibly interesting on several levels that the quincunx correlates to both the sixth and the eight house, thus the houses before and after the house of “relating”.

In the sixth house we are willing to do the service to another, surrender to someone or something…How we do this, and in what proportion this happens, dictates how well and honest you are able to relate to another. How well you know yourself. In the eight house, you assess whether or not it is actually worth it. Does it makes you stronger or weaker. Or in the worst case scenario, ill.

The Scorpio archetype does not yield. It wants what it want without surrendering. Unless there is a certain profit on the other end. It is relentlessly truthful, at least to itself. It is confronting the dysfunctions, and maybe this is why Northug was so frustrated yesterday. He knows, and still he can’t do anything about the system and how it works. Sports isn’t always a fair game. Not at all. Maybe Northug feels that it should have been. So he has to surrender, let go of emotions and find back to focus and control again, as is the theme of the Virgo energy, something he lacks in his own chart. He hasn’t the most flexible chart, and the quincunx marks a point where we need to work on our own flexibility without loosing our individual spark. Sounds like an advanced yogapractice, where you pull in two opposing directions at the same time.

Often sporstpeople marry eachother. And they should, they then naturally go the Scorpio way of getting stronger through joint effort.  It is so easy to see how clear this is on a level where people’s lives are their work. It is a lifestyle. They have individuated and found their core. Their partner reflects this choice of life. It can’t be different. The quincunx with its relation to frustration and need for flexibility challenge a polarized lifestyle. For good and bad. But polarization is sometimes needed in order to achieve big things. Just look at Northug. His chart is pretty settled in Capricorn and Scorpio. Only Chiron in Gemini on the opposite hemisphere.

Guess it ain’t a big surprise that communication or lack of is what has made this man notorious. He is known to be bluntly honest if he speaks, his chart is not that of  a peoplepleaser, maybe the quincunx between Venus in Capricorn and Chiron in Gemini adds to this. Will be interesting to see it unfold. I wish him his revenge though, how rewarding that would be. Save his honors it would. 🙂

Amazing what you can learn from sports if you know astrology.

I didn’t even see the race . To bizzi astrologizing I guess.

That big, fat fullmoon….

….was staring at me all night long. My little cancer daughter with a cancermoon couldn’t sleep..She came out into my bed and sat in it, staring at the moon. And then we dosed off , in and out of dimensions, waking up to see that the moon had wandered even further towards the western horizon. It was beautiful. And maybe because it was in Leo, I felt guarded by this light, this cold, silverlight that has lit our nightskies for ages. In my halfsleepstate I felt connected to the moon and thus to the sun…And it went even deeper..To some place beyond.Don’t know where, don’t know how, all I know was that I felt connected to a lifeforce while I was asleep. The moon held me in its magnetic field and carried me through the night, being a portal into a deeper space it seems.

Or maybe it was just a hint that I should stay off shows like “Earth investigated”, aired on National Geographic last night. It was about the cycles of the sun and where it is now in its development. We are currently on 10:36 am in the lifespan of the sun, stretching from 6 am to 6 pm. And as the sun evolves, it will grow hotter and hotter, before it eventually collapses and becomes a white dwarf. By then, all the planets surrounding it will have wandered out of orbit or melted into the sun. Just amazing. Our life will be gone. Humanity as we know it will be gone. The earth will be no more. The planets will be no more. Our star, the sun is Life. It is true, we do come from the stars.

And what I found even more amazing (and very graphic) is that this happened with the Moon in Leo opposing the Sun, its ruler, in Aquarius. And just think of the dispositor of the Sun, Uranus, in Pisces, and Neptune, Uranus’ dispositor, in Aquarius. Uranus and Neptune is in mutual reception, and it is being highlighted by the Sun in transit through Aquarius.This fullmoon falls on the nodal axis of Neptune as well, so here we have plenty of visionary, spiritual stuff pertaining to life on earth as we see it.

There is no doubt that this fullmoon with its Leo themes is all about understanding ones mortality and thus, being able to celebrate life, here, now! A few days ago a helicopter with four people crashed, killing all in the icy waters outside of Horten, Norway. They all worked for an eventagency, and their boss who was traveling with another helicopter witnessed the tragedy from where he was. He later said :” this is a reminder how dear life is to us and how important it is to live it  as if it was the last day you had here on earth.”  And he was not the only one making this statement, I heard it from two others the same day! I blame that Moon in Leo, fired up by a retrograde Mars peaking in his cycle.

Potentially this is a very fertile combination of energies and use it well. This day is one of a kind, it is special and it is all that is, a moment always carries a special potential. Seems like this is finally dawning for us earthlings.

Breathe, and do it with dignity and respect. The Sun wont stay the same forever and nothing in life should be taken for granted. And if you come from a life where days have gone without you being in them, maybe this is your chance to get on again.

With fullmoons there is often a peak in emotional energies and if this fiery combination of juicy stuff creates a monster in your area, well, slide through as if it had nothing to do with you. With Mars in the combo, the looneyfactor is off the scales..Fingers crossed that it will go down smoothly, with no malls bombed or houses torched.

Wishing you all your best potential…