Sun heading for Aquarius, free your mind and your ass will follow

The Sun has finally made it to Aquarius, and I might be saying this simply because I am Aquarian. I seem to have a certain love for this month, this despite the fact that I have to make my own birthdaycake, too old to have my parents make one and too young to have my kiddies throw me a party.

What I am actually celebrating, and no pun intended to the numerous Capricorns out there, walking their walk, is the sweet taste of liberation from Capricorn restriction and relentless nagging about karma and stuff. One thing is facing your karma, another is to be able to set yourself free. The freedompart is the latter part of the process, and a long awaited one as well. There is a time for everything, and now it is time for us to creatively find a solution and hopefully, stick with it. The perspective and clarity that Aquarius brings, may sometimes cause a small shock, however it is all in the name of upgrading it does so. We will shake off the shock after a while, even though it seems to be moving quickly before our eyes. 

And now, the infamous two, Saturn and Pluto, has made it even sweeter to enter into Aquarius. Those two have brought up problems and issues that we might have hidden for ourselves a long time, and stuck it right into our faces. No place to run, little less to hide, especially more so when Mercury found it simply necessary to go retrograde in the before-mentioned Capricorn. That retrograde period is history by now, though it still resides in Cap. However the month that we leave behind, could most likely have been intense and many have met ancient history repeating itself, leaving room for little debate as to what to do, a debate many entertain for years. An inner struggle to live safely and without too much movement or friction battling the inner voice of authenticity. 

A friend of mine finally took the courage to set things straight with her mother, who over the years did nothing to support her in her fight to stand up for her abusive father. In the last degrees of Capricorn, her time of compromise had come to an end, and however terrible it felt, she finally took a step away from what oppressed her. Today was the first day in a new cycle for her. A clean slate.

With the Moon so elegantly conjunct Uranus for the ingress, this month surely has a revolutionary flavor to it.

Fill it wisely. Hopefully I will.