Astrology and fatalism

2012; a year of fatalism?

Astrologers sometimes meet clients who are so afraid of impending doom, that they kindly ask the astrologer to be gentle and to promise not to tell if there are bad signs up ahead. We can sit with a person for an entire reading and be full of promise, focus on the good sides of the chart and there is no response. However, if one mentions one negative aspect of the chart that could benefit of being worked with; this is like a magnet and it steals the entire chart reading. Why is it that we are so afraid of the future and think so badly of ourselves that this can occur? With predictions; it is feared and wanted at the same time.

Astrological research it is done with a clinical eye; no room for emotion, nor prejudice; the chart of a mass murderer is of equal importance as the chart of a saint. The astrologer knows, due to the multivalent nature of the archetypes, that a mass murderer and a saint can have the same chart. The astrologer also knows that predicting specific events with astrologer is not what we are after; (well, some are) . We can, as Rickard Tarnas says, understand that “that astrology is not concretely predictive, but archetypally predictive. That is, the birth chart and transits indicate which universal principles are emphasized, in what combination, and when. They do not give information such as “You will get an offer of a job as editor-in-chief for a large publishing firm on April 26, 2004,” or “You will meet your soul mate on the beach at Waikiki at sunset on New Year’s Day in 2005.” It may not be impossible for a gifted clairvoyant to do something like this, but astrology has a different character.”  

A student of astrology studies death, accidents, insanity, pedophilia, divorce, incest, eating disorders, cancer and other forms of tragedy. We study weather and natural disasters. Nuclear disasters. You’d might think that the astrologer has some weird kind of fetish for wanting to understand all the workings of nature. It should be said that we also study births, love forming between two people, marriage, new opportunity, work change, upgrades and fortunes of any kind, let’s say winning Idol. So it suffice to say, we study life, in all it’s magnitude.

Life can be surreal and absurd, and deeply unjust. And we feel that we are put here on the planet with a looming faith hanging over our heads. History is filled with gloomy stuff. Humanity is, in many ways, scarred, by aeons of wars, illness, deaths and loss. It is as the history of humanity lives in our veins, and indeed in our DNA. We live with life and the news everyday. And now more than ever.

The astrologer is often confronted with the issue of free will. It is absurd to think that we have a total free will. We would be God to have that (now I do think that we can realize this part of our nature, but that is an entirely different story)  If I had free will, I would simply create world peace right now. Justice for all. But I have a relative will. By this I mean that I have a willpower that could possibly move my life into a new direction. Astrologers talk about clearing karma; said in less new-agey way, this simply means taking responsibility where that is needed, learn from your mistakes and move on, not stay in the pattern. This is life-altering. The past changes under these circumstances.

In evolutionary astrology we speak about evolution in terms of either being something you volunteer to do, or a catharsis that you create subconsciously in order to evolve. Evolve we must anyway, evolution is the basic function of all life; it is life itself as nothing is still. Fatalism occurs when we are afraid of our own power. When we are weak and have little faith in ourselves; when we feel guilty cos we feel deep in our subconscious that we do or live something that is out of harmony with truth, when we are scarred by earlier mistakes and our own ignorance. Never blame yourself for what you couldn’t see. Life is too short. Simply learn. And move on. Heal, forgive and breath out again. This can take you out of fatalism. Of the fear that there is an evil God there somewhere who is ready to take away your happiness any day now.

What we evolve to do in life, is live it by the moment. No guarantees for the future. No comfort for the pain the we create for ourselves, simply methods to let those emotions go. And what happens afterwards is that you are freed up to use your own energy in a more constructive way. The emotional side of you do not steer the ship. The clarity of your mind does. So when the astrologer studies Saturn in the sixth house and starts to shed light of the multitude of expressions this aspect can take, and you sit there with your sixth house Saturn; you wont feel gloomy. You wont hear only the bad stuff, you will hear the positive side as well. And you wont feel that misfortune will come to get you; you know that you are moving in the right direction. That is the power that we have, to be willing to move in the right direction. What you cannot do anything about, you have to release and surrender to. That is out of your hands.

The hype of 2012 is here, now. I baptize this year, the year of Fatalism coming to the Fore. So many of our projections, fears and pains will surface; I needn’t be a psychic to see this. It is human nature. Where the expectation has started filling up, an emotional process is imminent and unavoidable.

Thus, this is a year of great spiritual potential….Yay!


Uranus into Aries

Well, finally it was here…And it is bound to be one of the most notorious ingresses in history, having been anticipated and reflected on well before it actually occured. A combination of a highly potent square between Uranus and Pluto, plus the whole 2012-hype AND a little reflection on the current worldsituation probably explains the buzz.

And it seems like the world at large is eager to see the next step unfold, it is quite an intense energy engulfing the earth in the year of 2010.The intensity has been following us like a hungry dog ever since Pluto ingressed into Capricorn in 2008 and the square of Uranus to Pluto will not exactly calm down the energy. The foundation is shaking, our societies and systems are put under a test. The european union shows its frailty being only in its infancy and yet meeting pressure fit an adult. The US is in crises, yet also shows signs of positive change, still it seems like Obama will be remembered as the president who got it all in his lap. Several countries and states are feeling the pressure of bankruptcy. The ocean is loosing potency through overfishing and pollution, weather across the globe is going bananas. The very womb we came from is changing. Dysfunctions are exposed and the awareness available for the collective are turning us into humans that have to take a stand, to take responsibility. Only the ignorant can stay undifferentiated. This is thus the time for the genius of humans to prove itself, facing a unique moment in history, improving upon standards that are not sustainable in the long run.

Exposure seems to be a keyword for Uranus-Pluto. The infections are moving up towards the surface..The conflict in the middleeast was just turned up a notch with this mornings interception of an aid convoy going to Gaza, killing so far 19 people. The rage is bubbling everywhere. Maybe Uranus into Aries will truly pierce the denial and lack of engagement and bring forth the activism latent in us all, with the potential of aggression bursting forth everywhere having been withheld too long. The feeling of injustice can fire up a lot of tension and worldhistory seems to be in a constant loop of suppression/revolution. Uranus/Pluto combo is associated with revolution. And with Neptune into Pisces next year, hopefully we will take this transition without anarchy, disruption and chaos.

There is just a feeling that enough is enough. And even though this is a place of frustration coz nothing really changed, it is still a place of great potential IF you are willing to head to the future. Nothing is more oriented towards the future than Uranus, being one step ahead all the time, grasping the potential for improvement. It is impatient. It is therefore quite strong in Aries, a sign that is ready to embrace the new, being in itself the first impulse, the new cycle. It is ready to individualize.

I am certain beyond doubt that this is a transit that I will come back to again and again, it is pregnant with potential and disruption, and especially interesting will it be when we face the turn of the year and both Saturn and Uranus are settled in cardinal signs. It will enhance the dualism ; humans vs nature, poor vs rich, West vs East, Christians vs Muslims, the future vs the past , me vs you, individual vs society, corruption vs law.

So when the time of the weighing comes, hopefully both you and I have understood the law of Balance.