Fullmoon in Virgo; Glamour and service.

This fullmoon is quite interesting, as it forms a grand square with the nodal axis and floods into the biosphere and the body with a much stronger impact. Fullmoons are always interesting as the moon is not in front of the earth towards the Sun (as it is for the new moon), but behind the Earth within it’s magnetic field. Which means that we are fully exposed to the powerful rays of the Sun, the Soul of our solar system. That is why everything is energized during fullmoons, the system is flooded with the power of the Soul, life force; and it will fire up every corner of one’s being, attempting to makes conscious what is left to linger in the dark on itself, often unprocessed. Thus emotions are felt more concretely, wounds, pain, joys, ecstasy; all is felt more vividly. What is even more interesting with this fullmoon, is the fact that the activity on the sun is reaching its maximum point within its 11th year cycle (in 2012), increasing sunspot activity, and currently there is a solar storm going on. Sounds hefty? 

The moon functions as a shield towards the cosmos; and if you look at the mundane understanding of the lunar properties; you see that it is related to personal interests, home-life, your body, nurturance; all things near and of personal worth. A lunar person is someone who might not care too much about the needs of others, because there is no personal connection to it. Once the personal connection has been established, nurturance will start to flow. Cancer; the sign of the Moon, cyclically needs to withdraw in order to process what has been received; the need for processing is of utmost importance for a Cancer. We all have Cancer in us, as we all have a Moon, but its pure expression might be disrupted and the ability to process is being challenged by either deeming it unimportant, rationalizing or simply not being aware of the need. Processing takes time, and we spend time according to what we value, our values sets our priorities. For instance; I have seen a lot of serious health issues in cases with Moon-Neptune contacts; especially cancer (a plutonic disease). With Moon-Neptune or Moon in Pisces, which is the sign of the Moon in this Virgo-fullmoon phase; the ability to neglect personal needs is pronounced. Skipping meals, not going to the doctors, escaping emotional confrontations, avoiding pain. And on top of that; Moon-Neptune is overly open due to Neptune’s tendency to break down boundaries; the emotions of the collective can totally flood the system of a Moon-Neptune person, feeling a personal connection to all of the world (Neptune sees the one-ness) . So combined with the ability to skip out on processing, this can lead to a congestion of unprocessed emotions and pain in the body. The energy of the cosmos floods the person and destroys functionality.

So for this fullmoon, maybe it is a good thing to reflect on how you nurture yourself and if you give due service to your own body.The glamour of Pisces; loving the world, being emphatic and spiritually open, can take you out of your own center and render your efforts to change the world futile. We all have to connect to the powerful rays of the Sun in order for us to create a change, but first we must makes sure that our routines and our basic needs are being met, otherwise we will exhaust our resources very quickly. Besides, the Solar energy is a powerhouse of strength and light and we have to be able to authentically beam out in every direction if we are to channel these energies right. If we block it due to lack of inner security , it creates imbalance in the system. If we block A LOT OF ENERGY; the strain on the body will be even stronger. A fullmoon can shed light as to where you block your own life force and creativity.  A consequence of blocking it can be that life is not going the direction that you want, that insecurity and distractions always blurs the sight so the path of ones life is unclear. The Moon placement itself can be overly protective, not wanting to spend energy and saving it for a rainy day. The Sun shares. It radiates in any direction, not thinking of how it is being perceived, it simply is. It is always willing to share, to sacrifice. But in order for us to get to that point, we need to have cleared the lower vehicles of the Soul, the personality; the astral, mental and physical realms of ourselves.

Virgo is related to the concept of seva, selfless service; this service is also needed to heal ourselves. It takes effort, discipline and ability to prioritize to get there. When this seva is achieved, the path is ready to be mounted, cos there is protection and understanding of how to stay grounded and safe while reaching for out for our own personal fate, our adventure.


Pluto, as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.

After living with Pluto back and forth on my ascendant for quite a while, I am starting to get used to it, although at times, it feels like getting swallowed by a gigantic monster over which I have no control, especially when it has been lingering in the 12th house. For the moment it is 8,4 days away from going direct again, and finally leave my 12th house for good this time. Throughout my journey I have yet to encounter a power more tangible and present than that of Pluto’s. And how odd; since it is the smallest little ice-lump out there, even been demoted and stuff. However; after surviving the last couple of years long-hard-transits of Pluto first opposing my Moon, then opposing my Saturn, then conjunct the nodal axis and now finally crossing my ascendant; whilst at the same time squaring itself; I must say; I can not be making this shit up. The themes of death and regeneration, confrontation, power-powerlessness; in depth processes (I thought I knew myself before all these Pluto transits; bah!), emotional transformation; a dealing with the shadow of my own sub-conscious. 

Pluto is “da bomb” as the kids would say it. It is beyond compromise and deals only with clearing the path. Jeffrey Wolf Green calls it the Soul, whereas other evolutionary astrologers calls it the evolutionary impulse of the Soul; both of which reflect back on enormous powers for us to tap into , if we could just get out of the way. In order for us to experience the power that we are; it is of utmost importance that our patterns of dependencies are confronted; and what better way to do that than through some good-ol-rejection. When friends are gone, family left and you feel utterly alone ; where do you find the strength and what do you create ? When nothing around you gives you the confirmation that you think you need; where do you go? When death calls on someone near; how do you continue living?  For me, the answer has been to delve into my inner being, through raja meditation; (thought seed meditation), through yoga, through contemplation and creativity. The challenges of Pluto can be so rough, that a healthy life where there is room for expressing emotions is necessary. We can’t fake it with Pluto, we have to go through the motion. There are no short-cuts; first we have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

As I was meditating this morning; I realized what my soul is about, or at least I think I understand. If I simply adhere to my soul, I have to express my utmost passion to the world and no matter how much I at times twist and turn to get away from that; for me it is astrology, or rather; consciousness and its evolution and cosmology.

I have had; and maybe still have a hate-love relationship to astrology. I hate the fact that we are not thought very high of in society; and obviously that sort of credibility I still crave; I hate that it gives me the opportunity to know so much, sometimes too much, it confronts me with my own fear for the future. I often think that living without astrology would be easier; I could live in a state of ignorance; And life would be easy as the life of a skeptic; sticking to what science can prove is what paves the way for most people. In many ways, this seems like an easier option. Living with astrology is living in a greater universe; trying to figure out the macro-aspect of it, not just dealing with what is materialized. Through the years I have seen that both of these two issues of anatagonism relates directly to the state of my emotional life and thus to Pluto, which works on developing the emotional capacity inherent in all; we have to be stronger to carry bigger challenges. Otherwise we will opt for a life in safety based on survival, based on the appraisal of others; the comfort of the consensus.

If I am to call myself an evolutionary astrologer; I have to deal with the soul and what it is, I can’t skip the theme. The consensus attitude is that believing in the Soul is being religious, we say that the Soul has a plan, a purpose; and that is for some, thinking higher of life on earth than it deserve. However; when we look at everything around us, it all has a purpose; the material plane is filled with purpose. An entity of life cannot exist without finding a function; even a parasite has a function. Nature is so filled with this sense of order and intelligence, perfect with it’s anomalies. But that is just the physical plane. What I am exploring is the plane of consciousness.

With the nodal axis trotting through Sag-Gemini; what you believe in (Sagittarius) was bound to come under the critical light of the left-brain oriented Gemini. And many times we see the Sagittarian archetype turn into the Pollyanna sort of alternative, who believes anything just because there is an intuition that there is more “between heaven and earth”. These are the more devotional types who revolt the rational, academic mind, it is too wordy and analytical. Intelligence will always breed doubt and doubt is so necessary to move to the next level; which is again surrender (knowledge has a boundary).

Being born with the nodal axis in Gemini-Sag myself, I have had an interesting time during this transitt. Natal Pluto is in my ninth house and Saturn has been conjunct Pluto this year. And on top of that I have had Pluto on my ascendant; the nodal axis on my Moon, nodal axis and Saturn; LOL is all I can say. In the depth of my doubts I have the astrology of poetry going on in my chart. For those acquainted with the language; these are the transits of doubt and with the awesome potential of total rebirth with Pluto on the ascendant. I was slow to get out of the womb when I first came, this new birth has been equally slow, but with Uranus squaring the whole process; light is ahead; I have a Promethean High in the process; cos it makes sense and is simply poetry in motion.

In case you are going through a though Plutonian process and meet up with the ultimate Bad, find courage in Uranus and the insights that you can gain. And always, when you walk through the valley of the shadow of death; use your lamp. Only shadows are frightening, even if going through the motions can be painful.

Norwac, astrology community and the future

Norwac is currently happening in Seattle and it is very hard to be on the other side of the planet AND sit still. Must be the current Aries moon that pulls me out of my current setting. Astrology is a profession where you are mostly alone, working on your own and managing your own business from wherever your service is situated at. For the most time, that is fine, but from time to time the social urges overcome me and I would so love to hang out with my astro-peeps. Luckily we have the net tho, and this has proven particularly fruitful for yours truly, the aquarian. I get to hang out with an international community of astrologers, online. And the presence of astrologers on the web has brought forth a lot of talent, a new sense of community and finally it is connecting the dots, fueling astrologers to create a group of mind, working together for bringing good astrology out to the people.

I remember when the web first appeared. There was the first astrology online and it was Susan Miller or other sun sign related astrology. Today you can find all kinds of astrology, from the most nerdy research into the astrology of the particular, to the more general and sun-sign oriented astrology.

Astrology is thought to be “entertainment” or “prediction” in the consensus frame of mind. I think that this poses a great challenge to most of the astrologers out in the web today, as many use the web to gain a clientele or marketing, which is okey, the challenge is to not loose integrity while doing it. And that seems to be a work in progress and not an easy task.

I think that some people are able to balance this perfectly, for instance maintaining a web-forum for education and actually participating themselves, like Maurice Fernandez‘s excellent forum for learning. He is providing service, education and do take seriously the need to take astrology to the next level. Kudos! Also a super favorable mention to Dawn Bodrogi who also provides the web with interesting articles, deep and substantial. There is a lot of work behind this sites, work that is not simply commercial, but true to the heart of astrology, wanting to share this beautiful language with the world in a way that can make people see what it is. There are off course many more, like Planetwaves (love this name) , Darkstar and Soulvision, plus a new surge of interesting new astrologers representing the Uranus in Scorpio/Sagittarius generation like Adam Sommer and Ari Moshe Wolf. And many, many more I still haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know. The blogosphere is dynamic, active and inclusive and there is a growing body of knowledge available for those who looks for it.

Many people think that astrology is difficult. I keep a little page on FB to inspire and promote astrology, and whenever I mention something of a more complex nature, people stop commenting. Whenever I go purely interpretational, people respond. This is obviously what people still want from astrology. Astrology can reflect the archetypal energies in work and this provides good reason for astrologers to go there. But should we go there and do we overdo it? Is it correct to go so deeply into the energies of the moment and project onto them whatever each astrologer is able to read out of them? These are the things that I think about for the moment.

I am an esoteric at heart, this is something that becomes more and more clear for me. As an esoteric I feel my work is to liberate people, along with myself. I am thus deeply confronted with the need to create space for the evolution of consciousness, making it possible for each and one of us to think for ourselves. Backside of astrology ,when it is purely predicative or grossly oversimplifying, is that it does the opposite. People get addicted to predictions and maybe yes, it is a substitute for a spiritual connection within, a longing to find some sort of God in their lives. Astrology is giving voice to the consciousness of the Universe, the inner being of all life, so it is understandable that it would take such a position.

I wonder what would happen to astrology if there was successful meta-analysis and double-blind-tests. If it really was consensus that astrologers do the work of psychologists and coachers, and go even deeper into the realms of the Soul.

And when the current idea that we are creators of our lives will mature and evolve to what it actually means, how will the art of prediction change? Most serious astrologers today promote astrology that inspires people to evolve, instead of just stating how it would turn out. The presence of the blogs are greatly contributing to this.

Uranus is in Aries and squaring Pluto, while Neptune is making a little pit-stop in Pisces and it is growing increasingly clear for me what this is about in relation to our place in time. The forces of the mind and the intuition are working together to develop a mind that is more sensitized to the subtle realities. Whereas Neptune in Pisces will most likely force humanity to surrender our hope of ever knowing for sure what life is about, Uranus in Aries will most definitely bring some interesting science. Pluto-Uranus are often present in huge shifts in our scientific methods, new inventions etc. I must say I am very exited!

It is such a paradox, Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces. Whereas Uranus in Aries is opposing anything that smells of external authorities i.e a God or something similar, like planets supposedly having control over our lives, Neptune in Pisces is opening the boundaries of our ego’s and necessitating a need to harmonize with truth, no matter how we feel about it. These two forces are clearly representing a certain dichotomy. One side of this is the materialist, the ateist (ateist normally have strong martian influence) and the other the new-ager, typically extremely Neptunian. These two transits spurred a fight between the two fractions and it is so clear that there is still no link between God and Science, between consciousness and science. Astrology tho, might provide this link. I find that super-exiting!

Enjoy life people 🙂

I borrowed a photo from the artist Bill Bell..Visit his website for more funny and beautiful art.

Aries and Sagittarius; a tad too much maybe?

I am increasingly amazed over the power of the transiting nodal axis and its rulers. It seems they take up a lot of space, being so important in a birth chart, they are equally strong in transit.

And those of you who have been around for a while, might have noticed the correlation of Gemini and Sagittarius to the left and the right part of the brain. One for rational, organized and detailed activity, the other for non-linear, abstract and intuitive mode. These two signs, along with the rest of the mutable cross, deals with knowledge. What we think we know, what we believe, what we are made to think, and that which is proven to be right. And then, what we can’t understand, nor mentally grasp, yet is a part of our creative mind, our perception and intuition. Today the maze of knowledge is even crazier than before. I read the other day about a spiritual teacher who listed “headucation” on his CV. I read that (my perception again) as being a negative phrase addressed to regular education, consensus science and traditional dogma. 

No doubt this is a interesting situation. Education is so important. But is is also a great responsibility to express yourself as an educator. Especially if what is expressed locks the door to reflecting freely on conflicting theories. I am very interested in rhetorics. How we say something is often more important that what we say. Astrology might be filled with sinners in that sense, as it states something without adding the “maybe”. A lot of spiritual knowledge is like that. It defines the truth. This is it! This is what you have searching for! etcetc. Same goes for a lot of pseudo-skeptics out there.

In Sagittarius we think we see the truth. We see something bigger than the scientific mind. We philosophize, we search for a bigger meaning, we get in touch with our intuition and then we think we know for sure. The Sagittarian is thus a good salesman. In order to sell something, you have to believe in it. Maybe this is why religious, alternative, political, scientific, any field of isolated knowledge is filled with bombastic statements. Incoherent often, as it lacks holistic approach, but bombastic non-the-less. People read inspiring literature, feel the love that it describes, but have no ability to turn the other cheek, hasn’t gone through the emotional maturity process a spiritual integrated person has to go through in order to walk the talk. That is the next sign, Capricorn. Prove it or as is said; “if you don’t live it, it wont come out of your horn!”.

I am not saying that people are not trying to live it. Maybe more than what is healthy. It can lead to massive suppression of emotions. And then, when the going gets though, the lid flies off  and the monster takes over, quickly followed by a guilt trip or self righteousness.

The things that we believe in are dear to us. They supply an emotional support system for us. Understanding reality is important, we are made with brains and eyes and live on this rock in a vast universe under constant threat; comets, epidemics, famine, pollution, death. So we need a system of thought that creates pillars. Makes it easier to live.  Those systems of thoughts we build together with our allies, those who agree, who seem to be able to say that what you experience as truth is similar to what they experience as truth. We hold on to these people as they empower who we are. It is the axis of Aries-Libra that has been so highlighted in the last couple of weeks. You are either with me or against me. Diplomacy has lost in favor of the fervent preacher or politician, poor Saturn retrograde alone there opposed by those warmonger buddies over in Aries, yeah, Eris just met up with her favorite pals, Mars and Jupiter. Provocation is an understatement. Debates turns into a reality show where offended emotions triggers the next sentence that comes out of the mouth.

It is a war of paradigms. Science meets what can’t be proven. Some people think it is ridiculous that all should be proven, but is that just a defensive attitude because one doesn’t really know whether it is actually true or not?  A scientist would say: if it is there, it should be possible to prove it. Or? What it all boils down to ; is there something beyond the brain, is there a Soul? Or is is all just the brain? If there is disagreement upon these vitals, there cannot be a discussion, there can only be statement vs statement and wounded emotions.

When I talk about reincarnation, I cannot know. I can theorize. There are those who claim that they know, but personally I am skeptic of people no matter what they say, because we all say so much to gain importance or to sell something. The commercial alternative business is filled with that. I am aquarian, and for those of you who knows an aquarian or two, knows that we can be annoyingly rational and skeptic and even arrogant when we meet more emotional people. I know how easy it is to delude oneself. But I also think that it is easy to delude oneself to think that there is only the brain. Brainiacs. They seem to have lost touch with something precious and mysterious and deeply empowering. And this is not the type of empowering that knowledge brings. Knowledge will always be replaced by something else sooner or later, so that is not true power, it is a power you have to defend when the knowledge is challenged or is about to change. Maybe certain principles will stand the test of time , most likely, but a lot of other stuff will appear as equally true. This is why knowledge is so confusing and words are so misused. The more you read, the less you often know. Gemini south-node is a testimony to that. Mental overload, system confused, insight lost, freedom lost.

Our belief system will come under a threat cyclically if we are not grounded in a more holistic (meaning both sides of the brain) approach. The thing is not to reject anything, but find the middle road. A scientific mind can be dry, lacking heart and soul and come off as arrogant and sarcastic.  A mind that hasn’t been trained to think can come off as naive, unaware and simplified, where there is a quote for everything, but not an explanation to anything.

None of those are willing to admit their own limitation. This is a great weakness and the trouble with the Sagittarian archetype, found equally in the charts of hard-core skeptics and over-the-top alternative pollyanna people (ah, the beauty of astrology)

We all have a responsibility to the rest of the world and when you truly serve the world, you take this responsibility seriously. You try to stay away from sensationalism, from glamour and from bombastic statements. You stop dabbling in conspiracy theories and you start to understand the power of a word. It has ripple-effects. What you say has importance and really, none of the thoughts that we have in our minds are truly ours. All the time it is a constant communication with the environment, nature and people that creates the inner mental environment.

Thus, words can create harm and pain. If you take time to listen, maybe a lot of invasion of mental concepts would stop to affect you. Find out for yourself. The thing that really could be releasing is that eventually you realize that you know nothing. Maybe that is a liberated mind..We come from innocence and go back to it, after having developed our minds in between. Richard Tarnas calls the modern man the individuated man. In evolutionary astrology we have a theory about life, from consensus to individualized to spiritual. In the spiritual we go back to surrendering. We understand the limitation of knowledge. But we are still aware.

These nodes will be so much about the mind-games, intelligence, dogma, ideologies, rationality, science (as in the paradigms in science, not actual scientific method) and communication. Due to the hard-core ideologies that Jupiter-Mars, now in conjunction in Aries represents, I am not at all surprised that Osama, a symbol of fundamentalism, the dark side of Sagittarius, was killed.This is the signature of the crusader and we will just see what comes out of this..I am listening, ear to ground, well aware of the hubris of my own perception.

Enjoy and have a learning experience..If you are stuck on a head trip, get a cold shower and release the emotional grip argumentative people are so good to throw out. You don’t owe anything to anyone, be free enough to see for yourself. The alliances often demand loyalty. That is cowardice. That is not being free. That is a subtle emotional grip on your mind that is often called brainwashing.

My yogateacher said today; “if you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at will change” (proverb from some yoga tradition probably)…That is a good way of checking for yourself if you harbor attachments to your belief system, no matter which direction it goes..

Note: About the gif-image I found it on Rickard Wisemans blog. Click on the image. And see for yourself..:)


Inspiring times indeed! And that despite all the crazy stuff that is going on in the world. I dunno if it is the seven billion people that we have become that creates such massive news or if it is the world spinning around its axis in a faster pace. Maybe it is both. I think so, since we are being nudged from time to time by life itself. Solar activity boosting, supermoons, earthquakes, speed, speed , speed. All is hyped. Aries in on the run.

What has reached a new level of understanding, is that we are living on a pulsating, living, growing, changing earth. Once the continents were one, and then they “drifted” apart. At least that was what they said when we went to school. I think “drifted” sounds pretty gentle and calm , as if it was a boat that just floated on a stream. The fact is probably that it was earthquaked and vulcanoed (yes, that should be a word) to split, just like what is happening in the Afar region in Ethiopia, the world’s hottest place, constantly brewing with active vulcanos and splitting the continent. Soon (ahem, relatively speaking) Africa will look slightly different. But this is not a place that is habitable, evidently. The Afar people call it hell.

This touches so deep in the human psyche, as our consciousness is one with the earth we live within. The apocalyptic thought pattern, being a constant reminder of the finite universe, is an inheritance of the instinctual mind. The reptilian brain is our connection, not just to our ancestors, but also to our origin. Creating an earth is an act of pure violence (not evil). Life is forging us, sometimes through massive impacts, due to the density of matter. The more dense, the harder the hit.

Creation as a metaphor is apt when it comes to understanding our own evolutionary path on an inner level. The sensitive, attuned , non-material mind is much more likely to sense the signs of creation, than a mind identified with the senses and the material matrix. D0 we need the whole bombardment or is it enough with a little nudge? 

We are living in a time where this is not just knowledge available for the spiritual seeker, but for those who listens. A part of humanity is free, due to knowledge that has been freed. Reflected through the mayan mirror, this is a time where unity consciousness has started. Unity , first and foremost, is non-dualism. Non-dualism is not really non-dualism, unless dualism is included. In practical living this means that you will continue to be who you are, change what doesn’t work, work on your emotions and still be unaware from time to time. But the attachment to the outcome will be gone. The attachment to the perfected human life-form in order impress the Gods, to liberate one from the human flesh. Those times are fading out. And the time of the group-mind is making itself heard more and more. And in the meantime, we purify and mature, which means choosing between the instinct and the mind, seeing that there is a choice. If we indulge in fear, we have in one sense, gone backwards in time. Choosing love is a privilege. Doing it when the shit hits the fan is true power.

Pisces and the zeitgeit

We are in a massive surge of Pisces these days, with both Mars-Chiron-Sun-Mercury and Uranus in the sign of the fish moving in opposite directions, being a perfect master in creating chaos. The Fish is related to natural resources, as oil. The situation in Libya and the bombing of a oil installation in Iraq the last couple of days is throwing the world marked , already quite flaky, into a new situation of insecurity.

Clearly this is just a little teaser for the upcoming transit of Neptune into Pisces starting april of this year, marking a transition that will last until 2025, when both Pluto and Neptune will cross into Aquarius and Aries. The collective issues we will face in these years between now and then will be about the natural resources of the world , while we are starting to really feel the pressure of the 7 billion people walking the surface. Pisces is Nature. Nature needs to be a part of our consciousness. We need to take better care of it, this we have known for years, however, with Neptune ingress into Pisces, nature will shout it’s message loud and clear. Solidarity will no longer be optinal. Many people will go into futility and feel that it is all hopeless , feeling disempowered and disillusioned.

Now, the good news is that Uranus will at the same time be in Aries, at least for the first seven years of this transit, stirring the independent minds around the globe. Difficult times creates heros. Necessity dictates creation. Maybe we will find a new solution to the energy problem of the world, something that would be unthinkable even today. The best thing would be that the economical system would go through a real revolution and with the upcoming squares of Pluto in Capricorn to Uranus in Aries in the period 2011-2015 stirring changes in corporate structure and innovation, necessity might just dictate those changes. More corruption will be exposed.

Today, the world is more connected than ever before, with internet and media. We are globalizing, and even more so with Neptune into Pisces, connecting all to all. Or as Neale Donald Walsh has put it (Sun Neptune dude btw); “As the new spirituality begins to become the pervasive spirituality of the planet, we’ll find that we have abandoned our philosophy of contradictions in which we say we’re all one but continue to try to win.”

Yes, I guess it will be more pressing to share than to hoard while pretending to be spiritual. Living according to spiritual principles, connecting with earth and sky, opens up the mind and heals the instinct, making us realize that abundant living is not a mental concept but a real possibility, if we only understand what real abundance is.

Photograph by Sara Bernhard

Came and went, moments to cherish

Well, after a hectic winter things are settling down a bit and I start to look ahead to the next season, next week, next moment. And what better moment to delve into the yet unmanifested than a waxing Moon coming into opposition with Sun-Neptune? Besides, the Sun is still in Aquarius and I got the urge for change! Upgrade! Which is what Aquarius is about anyways. AND I got Uranus squaring my natal nodal axis, so the message is clear; new is on the menu, whatever new is.

These days when the Sun is approaching Neptune and the Moon is growing full are extremely potent for meditation and manifestation. Yes, I know, normally we tend to look to Mars or Saturn for hard-core manifestation, but sometimes it is good to go to work with the master of the unforeseen as well, make grace and fate work its magic. In other words what meditation can bring is the evident, what is already there, in tune with truth and ready to come forth. It is easy to work with the elements under this type of configuration. The intuition is clear and concise, however the emotional body might not always agree. Don’t give it too much energy, let the intuition guide you instead. It is important to stay steady and not stray from the path, even though a storm is teasing.

I came home from a rather over-the-top inspirational trip to Hawaii, after having presented a lecture and attended the fantastic River of Stars conference hosted by Maurice Fernandez & Co  (Natasha Alter and Tom Lescher) . It was incredible. So much have been digested and integrated and it dawns on me how important it is to create good astrology and to spread it accordingly. In the background the debate of the 13th sign has been roaming like a wildfire on internet, trying to undermine the validity of astrology. What happened was that a lot of astrologers came to life in this period. I like what I am seeing. It is important for our collective and individual self-esteem as astrologers. We are growing stronger through joint effort. Marvelous and totally Aquarian! 

We all have a dream, if it is not being an astrologer or a student of astrology, it might be something else. I judge no ones dream. If it is your dream, it can turn into a goal and from a goal, a life. The difference between a goal and a dream is that you put effort into achieving the goal, whereas the dream stays a dream. Goals are future oriented and demands work, faith and grace. Goal demands that we prioritize.

The coming fullmoon this friday sits on 29 degrees Aquarius-Leo with the Sun conjunct both Neptune and Chiron. This is a powerful symbol related both to healing, vision and self-expression. So whatever illusion that blocks your vision, it might be time to take the struggle out of it and let it flow again. Manifestation happens where there is an open heart and an open mind.


Retro astro update

My vacation came and went while Mars was in Virgo. It was hard work being away from work. It is really clockwork how these Virgo transits put a fire on all things related to work, they just speed up the tempo and make us eager to get started. So combined with a summer vacation, it was hard to sit still. Let’s just say it was a productive vacation. So in this sense, despite the numerous items lost, I am very glad that the current retrograde phase of Mercury goes through its own sign. I can indulge myself in all kinds of work tasks. Work is a great way to utilize the vital forces. Not working can be extremely draining and gently, slowly eats away your self-respect. Work is not at all about doing as we tend to think when a whole pile of work lies ahead of us. Once one starts to think about “doing”, many people, yours truly included, finds themselves in a tempting situation to but work. Facebook, googling stuff you never actually had any real meaning in googling, watching television, talking on the phone, whatever, but work. If someone employs you, then I guess the initiative to actually work is easier to come to, however if one is self employed or have some sort of ambition to be, one of the most vital capacities one will depend on is the art of self motivation. It takes maturity and structure and ability to go beyond procrastination. And maybe more important, the ability to move beyond one’s bad habits, which very well could be a result of your brain and its neurotransmitters being lazy, dulled or overstimulated. A certain loss of concentration and loss of all previous good ideas might be what challenges you when you finally sit down and become the artist ready to fill the canvas.

We are exposed to so much distractions, now more so than ever, with internet and cellular phone or piles of stuff that has been postponed or even worse, emotional dramas that seem to have no beginning nor end.  We are actually, on an energy level, bombarded 24/7 from all over the place. The planets race over the skies, making conjunctions and squares to your Moon and your Mars, Mercury retrogrades on top of your Uranus and Neptune transits your ascendant. There is always an excuse and to move beyond these vacillations we can be glad that Saturn is in Libra, a cardinal sign. Erin Sullivan calls the cardinal signs “the Willing Heros” (from Saturn in Transit) and goes on to say that Libra was “once the sign of the generals”  because the generals dealt with strategy, organization and fast decisions. Indeed, Saturn in Libra will challenge our ability to be the leader in our own lives and maneuver relationships of all kinds with decision and choice. That would in my world, also apply to the inner dynamic of making choices regarding ones own pattern and habits.

The cycle of Saturn and the Moon are closely related, as the full cycle of Saturn to its own natal position takes 28 years and the progressed Moon cycle takes 28 years. They follow each other , leading to a maturation of ones habits (the Moon) and matures the inner child to , both in form and content, enter the world. Saturn is in this sense an initiator, and with its presence in a cardinal sign, we all feel the need to take ourselves to the next level and leave behind some patterns that seem to be blocking our creative impulse. This could take the form of consolidating a relationship, getting married, breaking up, moving, changing jobs, embarking on a new journey altogether. The famous cardinal cross has been covered so closely by astrologers the last few months, that I wont spend your time going through it once again, although it will continue to influence us for quite a while yet. The good new though, if you found it a tad bit intense, is that it will never go back to it’s former august intensity..yay!

What is more interesting, yet also beyond its peak, is the Mars-Venus cycle that will repeat itself with three conjunctions, one, as mentioned, already passed with a few days. The next will be in october in, with Venus going retrograde just after the conjunction and the last one in Taurus in May. With Saturn in Libra, ruled by Venus, lying underneath these three transits, we are going to feel these influences more strongly than ever. It will thoroughly develop our ability to be in relationships and work on our values related to them. For those eager to learn more about Mars-Venus cycles I leave you the link to Robert Blaschke’s excellent research on them. After reading this article I couldn’t help thinking about the Pluto in Libra generation and their efforts to make relationships meaningful and transformative. They will indeed feel this powerfully, as Saturn crosses their Pluto once or thrice during its stay in Libra. It is bound to redefine a lot of them, making it more clear now than ever what relationships are meant to be and how to live in them.

Pluto in Libra or not, we are all living in crazy, transformative and challenging times. Yet with such incredible potential. Hopefully we will all make the best of this time and be the best we can be. With the retrograde Mercury period that we are in the midst of right now, and has led to the loss of your phone or the total crash of computer or worse, you taking a wrong turn and ending up crashing with a moose, will make you think, rethink and talk it over with some old friends in the meantime. Do not break a leg..Enjoy the ride.

Uranus into Aries

Well, finally it was here…And it is bound to be one of the most notorious ingresses in history, having been anticipated and reflected on well before it actually occured. A combination of a highly potent square between Uranus and Pluto, plus the whole 2012-hype AND a little reflection on the current worldsituation probably explains the buzz.

And it seems like the world at large is eager to see the next step unfold, it is quite an intense energy engulfing the earth in the year of 2010.The intensity has been following us like a hungry dog ever since Pluto ingressed into Capricorn in 2008 and the square of Uranus to Pluto will not exactly calm down the energy. The foundation is shaking, our societies and systems are put under a test. The european union shows its frailty being only in its infancy and yet meeting pressure fit an adult. The US is in crises, yet also shows signs of positive change, still it seems like Obama will be remembered as the president who got it all in his lap. Several countries and states are feeling the pressure of bankruptcy. The ocean is loosing potency through overfishing and pollution, weather across the globe is going bananas. The very womb we came from is changing. Dysfunctions are exposed and the awareness available for the collective are turning us into humans that have to take a stand, to take responsibility. Only the ignorant can stay undifferentiated. This is thus the time for the genius of humans to prove itself, facing a unique moment in history, improving upon standards that are not sustainable in the long run.

Exposure seems to be a keyword for Uranus-Pluto. The infections are moving up towards the surface..The conflict in the middleeast was just turned up a notch with this mornings interception of an aid convoy going to Gaza, killing so far 19 people. The rage is bubbling everywhere. Maybe Uranus into Aries will truly pierce the denial and lack of engagement and bring forth the activism latent in us all, with the potential of aggression bursting forth everywhere having been withheld too long. The feeling of injustice can fire up a lot of tension and worldhistory seems to be in a constant loop of suppression/revolution. Uranus/Pluto combo is associated with revolution. And with Neptune into Pisces next year, hopefully we will take this transition without anarchy, disruption and chaos.

There is just a feeling that enough is enough. And even though this is a place of frustration coz nothing really changed, it is still a place of great potential IF you are willing to head to the future. Nothing is more oriented towards the future than Uranus, being one step ahead all the time, grasping the potential for improvement. It is impatient. It is therefore quite strong in Aries, a sign that is ready to embrace the new, being in itself the first impulse, the new cycle. It is ready to individualize.

I am certain beyond doubt that this is a transit that I will come back to again and again, it is pregnant with potential and disruption, and especially interesting will it be when we face the turn of the year and both Saturn and Uranus are settled in cardinal signs. It will enhance the dualism ; humans vs nature, poor vs rich, West vs East, Christians vs Muslims, the future vs the past , me vs you, individual vs society, corruption vs law.

So when the time of the weighing comes, hopefully both you and I have understood the law of Balance.


Mercury rx..heard it before???

Gosh, I am afraid I’ll have to bore you with another retrograde mercury feeding..Seems like this little burnt rock is of vital importance for us earthlings and thus we have to go through this annoying motion several times each year. Hell yes! Seems like we have an evolutionary need to question our own mental superiority/inferiority complexes at least thrice a year…

There’s  a lot of mental distortion going on and nothing is more arrogant than the mind.When we think we have the ultimate answer, the best answer, the brightest and smartest answer, we flaunt it. We argue with others, we look down on them, we gloat with self-righteousness.

Suddenly we say stuff that takes the lid off the veil and we reveal to ourselves just exactly how annoyed, righteous, defensive or abusive we are,- or can be. The shadow squirts through the mouth. My friend says; what the heart is full of, the mouth runneth over with” . Painful, but, oh, how cleansing and possibly maturing it can be.

Taurus, the sign of the current retrogradiation, is THE sign for fixity. All the earthsigns deals with manifested patterns. That which is solid. And sometimes solid and unyielding as a rock. As our mental conceptions more than often are. We hold on to our selected truths longer than they serve us. Thats’s when it suddenly becomes a necessity to have Mercury go retro from time to time. So that we can doubt ourselves. And maybe challenge and change the mental substance that doesn’t serve our growth. Change choices, everyday choices that in itself can create big, lifechanging events. Sometimes just changing the way one looks at the world helps.

Yesterday, while switching through a massive amount of channels on telly, I ended up with a talkshow where one of the guys had written a book on annoyance. All the stuff you can get annoyed with. There are, you don’t even have to focus hard, a zillion annoying things within a small radius of where you are. Disturbing your vision, causing inflammation in the mind, leading to restlessness, anger and discomfort. But that is only if you focus on it. If not, it is not there. And thus, you are happy.

I mean, one thing is to get annoyed with oneself. I do that. I can be very sloppy. One sock here, one there. A piece of paper that has no home. A set of keys that often gets lost. I get annoyed. Another thing is to get annoyed with other people. Yes, I know, sometimes you meet people who have no sense about boundaries and cross them uninvited. That is annoying. People that talk and talk while you are bizzi working with something. They are annoying.Televisioncommercials. Annoying. The weather..Very annoying if you live in Norway, as I do. No summers up here. Taxes, politicians, capitalists, stupid people, smart people, people who say they will do stuff and never do it, people who never listens or worse, who cut you off in the middle of a sentence, all this is annoying, no doubt about it. This guy yesterday wrote a whole book about it. How liberating wouldn’t that be. Maybe that’s an exercise for a Mercury retrograde! Very enlightening. Just notice how you feel when you write down what your likes and dislikes. And how many silly things in there that easily could have been different. If you were happy with your own life.

I think people who are not happy with themselves, find more annoying things in their life than people who feel at least to a certain degree, at peace with their own life, no matter what it looks like. I know at least that when I have a shitty day, things are much more annoying then when I have a great day.

And what constitutes a bad day? Are we just hormones and neurotransmitters? Yes, that too. But what stimulates the production of these? Is life manifested from the subtle levels down to the more solid matter of the earth? Does my focus on an emotional and mental level matter on a biological level?  This is a hot potato debate in the public space for the time being, thanks to a comedian who once was a sociologist, but seems at least on the surface to have emerged as an evolutionary biologist. I would take it a little bit further though then to reduce it to sociology and biology. Public debates are so boring, they totally lack spiritual dimensions. Annoying right? They should include the spiritual dimension. Where it is all about will-to-be, will-to-love, will-to-see. Are you willing? To all this. There is no compromise with truth, even though truth is sometimes an abstract confusion, a vague feeling, a hunch. At least you have the confusion to hold on to, when time allows no clear conception. Sometimes just experiencing the nakedness, the vulnerability of the undefined can be an exercise in both patience, faith and an ability to live merged with the pulse of the only moment there is and that you can ever be. No attachments for a little moment. See how that feels. And if it soothes your allergies.

These times that we live in, are not the easiest times. The change is in the air. And change can be stressful. Maybe you are close to that point where you break through and decide on what to do next, but you are still not sure. No doubt a challenging situation. You have no idea when and how change will come, but change is in the air. Currently Saturn is retrograde and will soon oppose Uranus and then Jupiter thereafter, decisions seems to be inevitable, no matter what confusion might be messing up your current definition for the time being. The Uranus-Saturn opposition has followed us for quite a while, and it seems to be very much about changes in consciousness, awareness and breaking old mental conceptions. It can indeed be revolutionary.

The fun (or not) date to look out for is april 25. Mercury will be squaring Mars. Yay! I am almost guaranteed to get annoyed by something that day. Most likely… It doesn’t matter, I come prepared, astrology in my pocket and courage in my heart, fingers crossed. Courage to let go of the desire to judge anything, even though it might be another rumble from mother Nature, never letting us ever feel completely welcome, making us anticipate Armageddon constantly. We’ve seen this lately with the Iceland volcano, paralyzing travelers. Who were forced to improvise, forced to navigate despite chaos and emotional stress. One bus of tourists returning from Egypt, had to go by bus from Athens to Oslo, where many of the passengers had diarrhea. That is Mercury rx for ya! 37 hours on a bus with frequent brakes to puke. Intense.

Life is a constant movement. It has no guarantee. Nature destroys just as easily as it nurtures. All human evolution can be lost in one gammaray. We all know this. Death is life, life is death. Take it…Or not.

I can’t decide for you. I have to do my share of the work, making this attitude my yogamat, stretching towards the heaven instead of begging it to come to me. Maybe when the Sun catches up with Mercury, one more layer of my concrete mind has lived out its purpose. Slowly, slowly, peeling the layers. We are getting there. And if not, be sure Mercury will go retro again before you are prepared, and you will have another chance.