From when I read my first chart in 1996 up until now; I have stored a substantial deposit of experience; and my journey through the vast field of astrology is a journey of great passion and love; I actually tried to “get rid” of astrology several times, as I wanted to be something else and NOT an astrologer. But astrology kept bouncing back; so finally I gave in and concentrated most my energy to follow my eternal love.

Besides astrology, I had to align mind with body; and have been practicing healing; body therapies and other approaches to health since 1999. This is vital in developing a practical, experiential insight; and is in tune with my strong 6th house emphasis; putting a little extra focus on the psycho-somatic connections; I find this experience to prove very useful for many of my clients; who are already seeking health and working on aligning body-soul into a functioning whole. 

I work through the principles of evolutionary astrology, attempting to map the journey of the Soul through a life and aiming to understand why patterns appear and how to transform them. It is a deeply psychological approach, but one that sees it all from the perspective of the soul, in other words; a creative approach. From this point of view, nothing is redundant, not useful nor simply meaningless; There is a purpose to your life and a creative opportunity even in the darkest of hours.

If you have any questions or wish to be in touch with me for a reading; I am to be found at

All international readings are done over the phone (landline) or through the ingenious SKYPE (if you don’t have it; get it, it is free and you can potentially call everyone you know through your own internet connection. And; it is easy to operate)

My fee for a full reading, covering the basic and providing transits/progressions; 150 $: 140 AUD; 115 Euro.


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