Ecliptic Magic!!

We are now just a day ahead of the eclipse, which happens to fall on the 00 degrees Scorpio. It is almost as if there is a plot destined to add a little fuel to the transformation that is drilling its way into the the very depth of the psyche, determined to bring out into conscious space all the parts of you that are either dying or wants die in order to get new life…

These are the parts of you that needs love and attention and reconnection into a bigger whole. It is the parts in you that drains your power and that needs to be given another role other than being the destroyer, the whiner, the sucker or the one who gives up.

Eclipses are a chance to rewire and clean out old software, dragged down by bugs.

The eclipses are also highlighted through synchrone movements in life. “As above, so below, as within, so without” and this is the time for eclipse magic! Whatever falls in your lap, approach it with a curious mind instead of judging it bad or good. It might be a blessing in disguise or a really good opportunity to expand into the world a little bit more conscious and fit. eclipse 2

It is a Scorpio new moon and whatever you need to let go of, let go of it. We’ve started the beginning of the end for a long process of Saturn in Scorpio and this eclipse fits the patterns of inner healing and new found strength. Saturn in Scorpio (from October the 5th 2012) has been plugging the holes of auric power leakage, making people ready for the world, no matter what is on their plates.
The lesson is: We can’t change the world simply by not liking it, we have to change the world by being the change. Not talk of love, but be love. Not dream of change, but be change. A tad bit more demanding than to just remain the dream.

As people feel disempowered, the game of blame is still played and we see this as an increase in brown politics allover Europe. Sadly, when the going get tough, the inner right wing politician arise. This is part of the relationship theme we have going for this eclipse. Whenever you play out one side of a polarity, someone else will answer with opposition. There is a point to this that is interesting. We are not able to live out our individuality without accepting that we are a part of a whole. No man is an island onto himself.

From a holistic point of view: weaknesses cannot be addressed without also taking responsibility oneself. Life is not easy on the complainer or the victim, it is not easy on the one who always find an excuse for not doing the work.

But there is a long stretch from this and into becoming so strong and so tough that there is no room for empathy and love.

The answer to all this lies in honesty. When do you need to listen deeply to yourself to see what’s a lie and what’s the truth?

If you feel more powerful and more adept, then you are doing something right. Something is working for you and the cognitive dissonance is not troubling you.

So this eclipse tunes straight into the subject of self-worth, investing in yourself and your growth and the ability to accept yourself as you are, and still remain true to the fact that there is always room for improvement.

Evolution will happen no matter what. There is no way of dodging truth forever. We just have to learn to trust the process and rise to the occasion..

Ecliptic Magic! Let it be!

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Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten

Well, this one just had to be reblogged…too good to not read…


Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten! 


Feeling wobbly, forgetful, and introverted during this Mercury retrograde cycle? This can be a great time for renewal and self-reflection. The Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten (TM) is designed specifically to contain and counteract the powerful negative mental and energetic effects of Mercury retrograde.

Each body mitten is hand-knitted by celibate Virgos using hypo-allergenic squirrel wool inter-woven with strands of unicorn hair that were marinated in lavender oil infused with emerald powder. This energetic matrix provides a comfortable and fashionable garment to create an aware and stable personal environment before, during, and after Mercury retrograde. 

Production of our body mittens follows a strict process of spiritual guidance, prayer, and attunement to the planet. After knitting, garments are dyed a limited range of peaceful colors (aquamarine, blue, green, mauve, teal) in a solution of Clematis, Narcissus, and White Chestnut flower essences to help ground thoughts and calm an over-stimulated…

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Grand Cross

Here is a video I made for Tom Lescher and Paradigm astrology where I delve into the Grand Cross that we are currently undergoing.

There are plenty of takes on this Grand Cross, but one thing is for sure, it takes us straight to the abyss of collective and personal unconscious and it sheds light on some of our deeply seated issues.

It is evident that the past needs to be cleared in order for us to move forward and this has been particularly evident in the situation that has occurred in Ukraine. Old stuff that hasn’t been dealt with in a conscious manner, will erupt again with full force and even though it is shaky, it is also enlightening.

This is the Grand Cross of creative willpower and uncertain flow. Hang in and stay sane.

The amazing chart of Ken Wilber and death and life, Aquarians and much more. And love, of course.

Just read a mind blowing article about life, death and reincarnation by the master of mind, Ken Wilber. It is a syntesis of spiritual sources on the theme of death and what actually happens when dying. Spirituality and science fused. I couldn’t help thinking that this article was made for a day like this, with Ceres, the goddess of cycles and Saturn, keeper of time, both in the sign of reincarnation, Scorpio and the Sun is now in scientific Aquarius, squaring Saturn. What better time than this to reflect on life, death, spirit and the chart of Ken Wilber?

According to Wilber and several others you are at one level of awareness spirit and, spirit is beyond the Soul and thus, it is not separate, it is one with all. The water triad explains this journey quite well. This triad begins with Cancer, the physical abode and the home of the mother. It is the root of the chart and the identity of your family. It is connected to the genetic lineage. The next water sign, Scorpio, is the land of death and the connection to the Soul and its power. Pisces, where the ruler, Neptune, now is, is the home of the Spirit, what is beyond and within and that which never moves. It is one in all, the same for everyone. “The monad never leaves the fathers house” (Bruce Lyon)

So at one point in our evolution, if we are trained well enough to endure the what the Tibetans call the final stage, the Dharmakaya or the True Self of the Buddha, we will not return into the cycle of life and death, but reincarnate voluntarily as Bodhisattvas if we wish.

Most of us bounce back and forth though and death is so terrifying for so many people that we tend to live life half in terror of dying. Although most of us die slowly and get used to the idea gradually, the most terrifying aspect of life is that there is no guarantee. Human history has faced genocide, wars, nuclear bombs, plagues and other epidemics, hunger and catastrophic natural disasters. Life and death are right next to each other, and we live here more or less on grace. This is Scorpio knowledge. Death is part of life. We all know this on an intuitive level and thus it is almost a heresy that science today is trying to render us soulless. Makes me irritated that evolution is in need of an atheist phase, but there you have it, humanity have this need.

But in the mean time, for those of us who are seeking to move beyond religion and science and to fuse the two, people like Wilber  could be just what the doctor ordered to elevate awareness. With his razor sharp Sun-Mercury in Aquarius opposing Uranus square Neptune-Moon in Scorpio, you get a man who is able to fuse Uranus-Neptun-Pluto through the use of his mind. His Mercury in Aquarius is square Neptune in Scorpio, which again is ruled by Pluto in Virgo leading us straight back to Mercury in Aquarius, as Mercury rules Virgo. ImageThere is a chain of energy that moves through this chart that allows him to access deeper dimensions of thought than what I would say would be normal. His life is a testimony to that. Mercury is a psychonaut, one who can travel in different dimensions. And come back with the needed information. A man once wrote about him “you literally feel yourself getting smarter as you read him”. A real intellectual guru with truly lucid mind. He once slowed down his brainwaves through meditation while being plugged into a monitor. How Aquarian is that?

However, he has been subject to a lot of criticism. His ego has been under scrutiny. As with all humans who are subjected to a lot of power, the challenge to remain in power in a humble way always applies. Caroline Myss writes in one of her books that she thinks humanity biggest challenge is to learn how to deal with power.

He has been criticized for being excessively categorizing and objectifying, masculinist and denigrating of emotion. Sounds like something an Aquarian would be criticized for. Yes, we can be brainiacs (ops, I am Aquarian) and mental freaks. BTW, Ayn Rand is also Aquarian. She has received some of the same criticism. Which is kind of interesting. (Understatement)

But, back to Wilber. As Jupiter entered Scorpio in 2005 and 2006, much of his creative power was put on a test. There is something going on with his Jupiter and the idea that Jupiter is a benevolent dream catcher, is again proved as a totally invalid astrological thought. In Wilber’s case, his empire was shook and he fell from grace. After this, he  was known as a New-Age guru and not an intellectual wizard and brilliant scientist who had a wide influence. The critics accusing him of elitism is a part of the Aquarian imbalance, having the intellectual snobbism readily available, and Wilberites (the Clan of Wilber) elevated themselves out of society instead of creating what the integral model wanted to inspire to. The talk wasn’t walked. Wilber has Saturn in Capricorn, so no way he gets a free pass!

The Integral society with Wilber as a headmaster, became a bubble. He fell from grace. Was it the inflation of Jupiter that came bubbling up? He is born with a Jupiter-Pluto square from powerful Scorpio to more humble Virgo and this suggest that lesson of humility is up his alley. Either that, or loose power. After 2006, he developed illness that kept him weaker and that obviously was a sign that he hadn’t been able to respond properly to the criticism. Rnlase-L is a genetic mutation (again something strangely Aquarian) that challenges the body’s ability to respond to viral attacks. His Sun in Aquarius opposing Uranus in Leo and squared by Neptune in Scorpio shows that his immunity is challenged. Neptune in Scorpio related to negativity and being subject to attacks. Neptune is the immune system and even though he is mr. Mind Control (Sun in Aquarius opposing Uranus) he still needs to accept that he is not always right. Not easy for Aquarians, believe me. I know.

This signature shows that his heart and his mind needs to be harmonized.

ImageBut for a man who has said that the meaning of spirituality is the transcendence of the Ego, he surely has some high ideals to achieve. No wonder he is up for failure, being like the rest of us, human,- despite his larger-than-life Aquarian superman-ism. He has shown us that no matter how evolved we are on a mental level, we can still have a lot of flaws and discrepancies in our personal make-up. And we often have.

That is why what’s even more interesting than his strong and sophisticated Mercury energy is his fundamental nature, Sun in Aquarius square Moon in Scorpio. One of his life changing moments was the marriage, illness and death of his wife, Treya Killiam. No wonder he spent a lot of time trying to figure death out. In 83-84 Pluto entered Scorpio and he met her. They married and shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wilber is born with Venus in romantic Pisces and gives up his writing to take care of Treya. In the book  “Grace and Grit” their story is told and one of the things that he needs to learn to surrender as Pluto pass through the area of his Neptune, is his isolationism, common for thinkers and leaders. In his chart this is his south-node in Aries, ruler Mars in autonomous Taurus. In this book he sees Treya as God to him and sees the relationship as a way to learn how to serve God. Clearly, Venus in Pisces has no boundaries when it comes to love. It is a great contrast to his tendency to isolate. Venus in Pisces wants to merge! In January 1989, Treya dies. Pluto has reached Wilber’s Moon in Scorpio and he is left with his loss of his true love. What a Moon in Scorpio-Venus in Pisces story. It is taken straight out of the astrology cook book.

Death is a part of this chart. Death of illusion, death of lovers and death of former attachments. The symbolic death of an ego. The loss of a woman (Ceres-Moon in Scorpio). He surely has a very mental chart, but with the most intense emotional life underneath. Scorpio is the sign of purification and it is not strange that his intellectual ego has been tested in this life. Some, including me, see the moon as residue from earlier incarnations, and in this case, one where death, loss, intensity and powerlessness vs. power have been active ingredients. Uranus squares his Moon showing a lot of emotional detachment and ability to suppress and the ascendant and his north-node is both in Libra, reflects the need to find balance between these extremes. Between the mind and emotions. Lucky for him, Pluto-Uranus will soon land on his nodal axis, bringing out another chapter of the evolution of Ken Wilber. And Pluto, the planet of regeneration, might simply restore some of his power. Maybe his time has come to create a revolution? A revolution is certainly due in his chart.

Personally I think his work will live long after he is gone and just like Darwin, another progressive Aquarian, his ideas might not reach consensus in yet another 100 years. Ah well. Evolution of humanity takes time. Taking time is not the Aquarian favorite past time. Quite the contrary. As a famous Aquarian folksinger said once “I don’t have time for the things I have done!”
I think Wilber would nod in recognition.

Here is the article

Full moon with mercury neptune square.

It is quite amazing that I haven’t blogged these waters since spring! What happened to time? Well, I know. I’ve been swamped. I found courage in my heart and thought it wise to arrange an astrology conference here in Norway, and time flies when arranging stuff like this! But the result looks good; and even though I haven’t gotten around to make an english version of the page; here is the link. Dunno if it is the best I could do with transiting Neptune going back and forth on my Mercury, but come april, and I’ll know for sure. 

We will also go chasing for the northern lights even further north and have an awesome workshop with the eminent Maurice Fernandez as a little vorspiel. Included in this event is dog sleighing, reindeers, sami lecture and wild nature. Can’t get better, now can it? The details are soon ready, so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile all eyes are on the east coast of the US. Forgotten (well almost) is the election. And understandingly so. With a full moon on the Taurus-Scorpio axis and an exact square between Neptune in watery Pisces to the wild Sagittarius Mercury there is good astrological reason to be slightly worried. Neptune is unpredictable and it is the raw force of nature, untamed and sometimes so wild. 

News are ticking in and it will hit within the hour..

My thoughts goes to my friends on the east coast..stay warm, strong and safe.



Astrology and fatalism

2012; a year of fatalism?

Astrologers sometimes meet clients who are so afraid of impending doom, that they kindly ask the astrologer to be gentle and to promise not to tell if there are bad signs up ahead. We can sit with a person for an entire reading and be full of promise, focus on the good sides of the chart and there is no response. However, if one mentions one negative aspect of the chart that could benefit of being worked with; this is like a magnet and it steals the entire chart reading. Why is it that we are so afraid of the future and think so badly of ourselves that this can occur? With predictions; it is feared and wanted at the same time.

Astrological research it is done with a clinical eye; no room for emotion, nor prejudice; the chart of a mass murderer is of equal importance as the chart of a saint. The astrologer knows, due to the multivalent nature of the archetypes, that a mass murderer and a saint can have the same chart. The astrologer also knows that predicting specific events with astrologer is not what we are after; (well, some are) . We can, as Rickard Tarnas says, understand that “that astrology is not concretely predictive, but archetypally predictive. That is, the birth chart and transits indicate which universal principles are emphasized, in what combination, and when. They do not give information such as “You will get an offer of a job as editor-in-chief for a large publishing firm on April 26, 2004,” or “You will meet your soul mate on the beach at Waikiki at sunset on New Year’s Day in 2005.” It may not be impossible for a gifted clairvoyant to do something like this, but astrology has a different character.”  

A student of astrology studies death, accidents, insanity, pedophilia, divorce, incest, eating disorders, cancer and other forms of tragedy. We study weather and natural disasters. Nuclear disasters. You’d might think that the astrologer has some weird kind of fetish for wanting to understand all the workings of nature. It should be said that we also study births, love forming between two people, marriage, new opportunity, work change, upgrades and fortunes of any kind, let’s say winning Idol. So it suffice to say, we study life, in all it’s magnitude.

Life can be surreal and absurd, and deeply unjust. And we feel that we are put here on the planet with a looming faith hanging over our heads. History is filled with gloomy stuff. Humanity is, in many ways, scarred, by aeons of wars, illness, deaths and loss. It is as the history of humanity lives in our veins, and indeed in our DNA. We live with life and the news everyday. And now more than ever.

The astrologer is often confronted with the issue of free will. It is absurd to think that we have a total free will. We would be God to have that (now I do think that we can realize this part of our nature, but that is an entirely different story)  If I had free will, I would simply create world peace right now. Justice for all. But I have a relative will. By this I mean that I have a willpower that could possibly move my life into a new direction. Astrologers talk about clearing karma; said in less new-agey way, this simply means taking responsibility where that is needed, learn from your mistakes and move on, not stay in the pattern. This is life-altering. The past changes under these circumstances.

In evolutionary astrology we speak about evolution in terms of either being something you volunteer to do, or a catharsis that you create subconsciously in order to evolve. Evolve we must anyway, evolution is the basic function of all life; it is life itself as nothing is still. Fatalism occurs when we are afraid of our own power. When we are weak and have little faith in ourselves; when we feel guilty cos we feel deep in our subconscious that we do or live something that is out of harmony with truth, when we are scarred by earlier mistakes and our own ignorance. Never blame yourself for what you couldn’t see. Life is too short. Simply learn. And move on. Heal, forgive and breath out again. This can take you out of fatalism. Of the fear that there is an evil God there somewhere who is ready to take away your happiness any day now.

What we evolve to do in life, is live it by the moment. No guarantees for the future. No comfort for the pain the we create for ourselves, simply methods to let those emotions go. And what happens afterwards is that you are freed up to use your own energy in a more constructive way. The emotional side of you do not steer the ship. The clarity of your mind does. So when the astrologer studies Saturn in the sixth house and starts to shed light of the multitude of expressions this aspect can take, and you sit there with your sixth house Saturn; you wont feel gloomy. You wont hear only the bad stuff, you will hear the positive side as well. And you wont feel that misfortune will come to get you; you know that you are moving in the right direction. That is the power that we have, to be willing to move in the right direction. What you cannot do anything about, you have to release and surrender to. That is out of your hands.

The hype of 2012 is here, now. I baptize this year, the year of Fatalism coming to the Fore. So many of our projections, fears and pains will surface; I needn’t be a psychic to see this. It is human nature. Where the expectation has started filling up, an emotional process is imminent and unavoidable.

Thus, this is a year of great spiritual potential….Yay!

Yeah! Finally forward motion, Mars is direct!

Retrogrades are interesting enough, but the last couple of days or maybe a week before direct motion, it always feels like walking with glue underneath your shoes. The energy has been so slow.This is especially true with Mars, headcharger of anything. I remember looking at the ephemeris last fall and thinking about this retrograde period, wondering what my life would look like after it had passed. The previous one of fall 2007 going through Cancer-Gemini turned out to be nothing less than lifechanging, crossing my descendant. This time around, it would cross my eight house and with a Saturn-Pluto square in the background. And itself making (with still one more to come) a few quincunxes to Pluto. Frustrated and angry anyone? I know I have been. And what a relief! When you put a name on the Devil, it evaporates. And so many Devils have been examined. And expelled. Angerissues have been met and dealt with, with variable results. Collectively, many have chosen the wrong path, ending up killing their own spouses and children and eventually themselves. It is so sad.

It is safe to say that Mars retro challenges the will and vitality, and going down mid-winter (at least here in the northern hemisphere).There should be a law against that. People have been hibernating bigtime. Reconnecting. Questioning their drives, ambitions and instincts. Today we can start to act again. Nice. Play. Be even more free in our minds and emotions. That is the good side of the retrograde motion. It can be a very healing time, where we move the buildingblocks of our personality around. Take away that which has no place anymore. Toss out the garbage. As I mentioned, name the devils. Place it all.

It felt very good to have made through the birthcanal of frustrated martian energies though. Spring is in the air. And the weather changed too. From cold and crisp to rain. Although it looks rather gloomy outside, I can smell spring. A new chapter is about to begin.

Hopefully the shift hasn’t been to dramatic. Often when Mars turns direction, there is an outbreak of violence. Surely the last couple of days have been full of sad news, Nigeria for one. Iraq another. Mars in Leo affects children more than anything, and we still have this influence for a little over two months. Hopefully it will run smoothly, but I don’t think the statistic for violence, rape and killings of children will diminish in this period. And custodyfights.People still make the wrong choices for themselves.

Mars often produce  the most tragic news and maybe with frustration brewing, it will erupt in politics here and there too. The climate in Israel is not getting better for sure. Hopefully Saturn in Libra will calm things down continually during the next couple of years.

Obama is another one being strongly influenced by this Mars transit. His Sun in Leo @ 12 degrees and Jupiter in Aquarius @00 degrees are both in the trail of Mars. Besides it will cross his angles. This is his time to really break through. And get it done. Despite the fact that Neptune transits his first house and Mars will square for the last time his natal Neptune in the ninth, which can, and have, diminish his actual power . I am, of course, thinking of the healthreform. Who better than a President with Pluto in Virgo to change the health system ? To be honest, I can’t wait till the whole pack of worldleaders with Pluto in Leo are done, and the more practical (and hopefully humble) Pluto in Virgo generation will take over. No pun intended you Pluto-Leo ppl who are reading this. You know where you are..

I just think that in politics the best solutions should win and not the best gamers.

Well, hopefully, with today’s Venus in Aries square Pluto in Cap-energy on top of it, you have found new faith in yourself and are ready to bash in the sunlight. I welcome you into my house, stripped of pretentious people , powergames and mistrust.  I will not indulge in criticism, but simply live by the open heart. Much more fun. And a helluva lot more giving.

Enough is enough..coughcough..

Finally a new moon

I must admit, I am not a fan of the black moon phase. There is something gloomy about it, like it has a taste of death to it. I am pretty good at doing nothing on dead moons though. Last night I ended up playing a game. It could have been Tetris, except it wasn’t. Not awfully fun to play, but it did it’s job. It took me out of the gloom. 

I can’t blame all the gloom on the poor moon, by all means, it is a dead body after all. Maybe I should put my focus on Saturn-Pluto again, and tell them to not be so confronting and messing up my bliss all the time, pulling out all the dead weight from my closet, pretending to do what? Clean? I know what they are doing, they are conspiring against me. 

So I wont give them more energy, and focus on the rather cosmic choir that we have going in Sagittarius instead. This newmoon landed on the Galactic Center. Or really, really close by. The Sag in me takes one step back and ponders where we are going and where we have come to. Where are we standing, spiritually? In Norway we have a princess, a real one, who one day stepped out of the masquerade of royalty and told the world that she wanted to work with healing, angles, channeling and auras. Everybody laughed. Us, the alternative people of the world, again were “we” reduced to a laughingstock. And I say “we”, cos “we” are one mass according to the media; if we believe in angles, guides, UFOs, OBEs,  Pleiadians, acupuncture, homeopathy, healing crystals, tarotcards, obscure Gurus and not so obscure Gurus, healing and last, but not least, astrology.

Better not mention that you are into astrology to someone in your office. They might think you are stupid. That is the legal consensus concerning all types of alternative thinking. Hence, we are all reduced to naive, unaware, uneducated and simply stupid people. And mocking us publicly, is just as legal as looking down upon the guy who writes parking tickets. Sadly, but surely, the alternative business is the new freakshow. 

And I know why. Let’s bring it back to astrology and Sagittarius and add in this tale, the not always so accepting Capricorn. It is because of Sagittarius that we are being mocked so sincerely. Who on earth can take that highflying, self righteous horceman, dancing with feathers and native americans, seriously? The Sag enters his dreamtime and comes back with a lot of interesting theories. He probably bounced into the great Galactic Center or the Great Attractor ( both points in Sagittarius) whilst dancing with wolfes, and took in a great deal of abstract and intuitive knowledge. Too bad it was filtered through his personal mind, conditioned by what is now the growing consensus alternatively speaking. A consensus where there is no ground for making a consensus, yet.  Cos we don’t know, do we? How can anything abstract be conceptualized by the concrete mind. Maybe it can be done in music. Or in a painting. But somehow words will always do this type of truth very wrong, as we see so clearly in the history of the Norvegian princess, bless her heart. 

I can’t see her aired on television anymore. It hurts too much. You know, you can see that she faces the last deflation of the Sagittarian mind. She reaches its final frontier. There is nothing to explain, thus she should refrain from it. And the sneaky, creepy journalists, they know this. So they lure her into the matrix of ridiculous questions and know that they have trapped her. Because they know that when everything is said, there is still the big “I dont’t know how it works, it just does” left. And the mockers loves that. 

Then they can strike down on her, and on everybody like her, and call us names that they themselves are the sole owners of . Charlatans. That is what they call us, the intellectual elite. Those who are so smart, that they wont be fooled by anyone. Or seek help from anyone. Should we care? 

Yes. I think we should. And I think it is about time to take back actually. Go to the polaritypoint of the rather exclusive Sagittarius, Gemini, and learn how to create bridges where there exists a gap. But what does that mean?

Well, mostly it is about language and how we use it. How can the princess for sure know that it is angles that she sees? No wonder people thinks she is a religious looney, when she is using such a language. Is she trying to sell? Are we using our alternative lingo, because we are aiming our services to those who hopes and believes in the same things?

Part of the critics here in Norway has been about her aiming and targeting herself to the lowest caste of our society. Those easily fooled ones. You know who. And my question is thus, who are the critics aiming at pleasing? A little digression, but hopefully it gets clearer and clearer that the so-called intellectuals of our planets are mostly trying to outsmart each other. So smart, so cynical vs so stupid, so compassionate. 

To get back to my original thought concerning the right use of language. What Sagittarius needs to learn, and maybe especially in these times, is when to speak, how to speak and generally learn the noble art of knowing who you are talking to. Our princess, with Jupiter-and-Neptune both in Sagittarius, is still an apprentice. Maybe will she have trouble gaining the respect of her Saturn in Gemini, that so conveniently opposes her Jupiter, because when all is said, we are still left with the mystery. And when the journalists are answered with an answer. Well, you know the story, the hounds are let loose. 

Recently, the current superstar of healers, mr. God-I-Forgot-His-Name was in Norway (don’t worry. It will dawn on me eventually and hopefully before I am done writing this article) and gave a lecture for the students at the faculty for psychological studies in Oslo, a highly controversial undertaking that took a lot of heat. They themselves (the psychologists), have been ridiculed for ages, and with this history fresh in mind, they allowed him to speak about healing, but not to demonstrate it. Ah, Eric Pearl, it came through,that is his name. So mr.Pearl gave a lecture, and managed to persuade them to just a tiny little, teeny weeny demonstration. The girl that he aimed his powers on, said that is tingled. “yes” was Eric’s reply. “but we don’ t know why”. 

So the question is: really, do we know why two plus two is four? I mean really, really. Everybody knows that it is four. We can see it,we count it. But we don’t know why,so no worries, Eric, nothing seems to be certain anyway. Seemingly on a more metaphysical level, everything is upside down. Two and two can be four , but not necessarily. It can be the same two that are in another spot at the same time, appearing to be four, but actually are just two. Crazy, yes. But actually it can happen. 

Do not mention this to the hard-core old fart physician though. The traditionalists. They will spew their castrating fire on you before you get to say whatever comes after “astrologer”. That is what they do. Castrate. Take your nuts so that theirs can grown bigger. What does a man do without his nuts? He is nothing. Reduced , and unable to impregnate the world with his ideas. Saturn did the same with his father Uranus, the sky god. And to many, many more.

Tender is not the Capricorn who sees a chance to catch a Sagittarian out flying on his abstract flying carpet. The collective demands a consensus. An idea needs to be founded on something that works and that has stood the test of time, just like psychology once needed maturation. And the alternative movement, if can call it something, is so far from a consensus idea about what is what. The esoteric understanding hasn’t matured enough to be a part of bigger world. Most people are either religious (counting the new-age-religious people) or nihilists. 

We still have no brigde between “God” and “Science”. Astrology too suffers from lack of really understanding why it works. All we know, those of us who have been fascinated for years, is that it takes us out of our comfortzones and makes us question reality, seeking that very link. Because it seems to work like a clock measuring real life events.  

I think the next Jesus will be a Gemini. Or many. And they will all aim at a understanding of how to behave towards eachother, even when we disagree or are deeply triggered. If we personally have no idea of what people are suggesting, is it to threatening to listen? We can’t own truth, this goes for both parties.

Just after the princess launched her glossy, new book about angles and auras, she managed to piss off so many intellectuals that it was hilarious. One person had a very good point though, and a point that gives a clue to where Sagittarius often goes wrong. She said; “what freaks me out is that I am being forced into accepting a paradigm that has some good points, but so many idiotic ones, at least from my point of view. If I go for it, I have to go for the whole package, accepting all kinds of fluffy theories about past lives and angles appearing at my bed at night, smelling like roses” (apparently the princess recognized an angle by the smell of roses filling up a room)

Obviously both sides of the debate needs to learn how to communicate better, mocking simply wont do no good. When I say I am an astrologer, people ask; “do you believe in it?” Funny question for me, but I do understand where they come from. 

Maybe this understanding can create a new arena where we can stop the constant creation of gaps and start to grow. Sagittarius can be both separatists and racists. Like we all can, struggling to have our consensus be the only consensus. 

This is a new moon. And I wish for a bigger mind for all of us, one that can create a more non-dual perspective. 

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