Ecliptic Magic!!

We are now just a day ahead of the eclipse, which happens to fall on the 00 degrees Scorpio. It is almost as if there is a plot destined to add a little fuel to the transformation that is drilling its way into the the very depth of the psyche, determined to bring out into conscious space all the parts of you that are either dying or wants die in order to get new life…

These are the parts of you that needs love and attention and reconnection into a bigger whole. It is the parts in you that drains your power and that needs to be given another role other than being the destroyer, the whiner, the sucker or the one who gives up.

Eclipses are a chance to rewire and clean out old software, dragged down by bugs.

The eclipses are also highlighted through synchrone movements in life. “As above, so below, as within, so without” and this is the time for eclipse magic! Whatever falls in your lap, approach it with a curious mind instead of judging it bad or good. It might be a blessing in disguise or a really good opportunity to expand into the world a little bit more conscious and fit. eclipse 2

It is a Scorpio new moon and whatever you need to let go of, let go of it. We’ve started the beginning of the end for a long process of Saturn in Scorpio and this eclipse fits the patterns of inner healing and new found strength. Saturn in Scorpio (from October the 5th 2012) has been plugging the holes of auric power leakage, making people ready for the world, no matter what is on their plates.
The lesson is: We can’t change the world simply by not liking it, we have to change the world by being the change. Not talk of love, but be love. Not dream of change, but be change. A tad bit more demanding than to just remain the dream.

As people feel disempowered, the game of blame is still played and we see this as an increase in brown politics allover Europe. Sadly, when the going get tough, the inner right wing politician arise. This is part of the relationship theme we have going for this eclipse. Whenever you play out one side of a polarity, someone else will answer with opposition. There is a point to this that is interesting. We are not able to live out our individuality without accepting that we are a part of a whole. No man is an island onto himself.

From a holistic point of view: weaknesses cannot be addressed without also taking responsibility oneself. Life is not easy on the complainer or the victim, it is not easy on the one who always find an excuse for not doing the work.

But there is a long stretch from this and into becoming so strong and so tough that there is no room for empathy and love.

The answer to all this lies in honesty. When do you need to listen deeply to yourself to see what’s a lie and what’s the truth?

If you feel more powerful and more adept, then you are doing something right. Something is working for you and the cognitive dissonance is not troubling you.

So this eclipse tunes straight into the subject of self-worth, investing in yourself and your growth and the ability to accept yourself as you are, and still remain true to the fact that there is always room for improvement.

Evolution will happen no matter what. There is no way of dodging truth forever. We just have to learn to trust the process and rise to the occasion..

Ecliptic Magic! Let it be!

(I am in the process of moving all blogging over to a space on my homesite. You are welcome to check it out, even tho it isn’t at all done yet


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