Full moon with mercury neptune square.

It is quite amazing that I haven’t blogged these waters since spring! What happened to time? Well, I know. I’ve been swamped. I found courage in my heart and thought it wise to arrange an astrology conference here in Norway, and time flies when arranging stuff like this! But the result looks good; and even though I haven’t gotten around to make an english version of the page; here is the link. Dunno if it is the best I could do with transiting Neptune going back and forth on my Mercury, but come april, and I’ll know for sure. 

We will also go chasing for the northern lights even further north and have an awesome workshop with the eminent Maurice Fernandez as a little vorspiel. Included in this event is dog sleighing, reindeers, sami lecture and wild nature. Can’t get better, now can it? The details are soon ready, so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile all eyes are on the east coast of the US. Forgotten (well almost) is the election. And understandingly so. With a full moon on the Taurus-Scorpio axis and an exact square between Neptune in watery Pisces to the wild Sagittarius Mercury there is good astrological reason to be slightly worried. Neptune is unpredictable and it is the raw force of nature, untamed and sometimes so wild. 

News are ticking in and it will hit within the hour..

My thoughts goes to my friends on the east coast..stay warm, strong and safe.




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