Martians on the horizon

For the avid astrology student, the signs of the times are profoundly clear. Mars is all over the place as he is squaring the nodal axis and will continue to do so for quite a while. When any planet touch the nodal axis, especially through the squares and conjunctions, this planet takes the leading act in the show. When the main character in the drama of life is Mars, we can only brace ourselves, stay off coffee and try not to be overly reactive.

Last summer had an equally strong Mars vibe, when he was conjunct the nodal axis in Gemini. Part of the scenery was the Norwegian massacre the same day as the aspect was exact. This doesn’t mean that we’ll see equally horrendous violence; but there will be tension building up until 14th of april, when Mars will go direct again and a release after. So with the stacked up planets in Aries and Mars, the ruler, going direct, we will need our rational side to gracefully move through it. I can inform you that during this Mars-Nodal axis scenery, the court case of ABB of last summers massacre, is allover the news. During the days when Mars will go direct, the killer will explain himself to the court. 

Despite the imminent gloom of doom that martian times can inflict, last night the eager mind got other ideas to chew on as Mr. Steven Pinker, psychologist ( and born with Mars conjunct his north-node ) was invited to Skavlan, scandinavian talk show host with a huge audience. Mr Pinker has written a book about violence through the ages and said that even tho we are more aware of issues going on in the world today (and might think that everything is worse); the world is a much better place now than ever. Humans have evolved, and especially since WW2. This is in accordance with the views proposed in the Bailey material, which offers a lot of information about the destiny of humanity, and especially mentions the period from WW2 up until 2025 as important (which coincides with the final stages of Neptune and Pluto transits through Pisces-Cap) So good news in other words.

Mars himself have gone through his own transformation, as archetypes do. What comes from the raw instinct, mutates during cultures and times and we end up with archetypes that sometimes are distorted to the worse and sometimes to the better. Mars went from Ares in the greek mythology to Mars in Roman mythology. Ares was 700 ft tall and an angry fellow, mostly found on the battlefield. Mars was a more rational dude: associated with craft men, builders, farmers and strength.

So as we become more civilized through the evolution of consciousness, we also get better control over this raw, primitive, sometimes childish energy, wanting only justice for oneself and lacks a balanced view. We get more control over the need to dominate, our competitiveness, our defense mechanisms and the desires that dictates that we need to have this or that now in order to be in harmony. People often gets angry when they have it their way, like ABB (infamous terrorist mentioned above). The answer is NOT to kill people, as Mr. Pinker shared with us yesterday. Apropos; Mr.Breivik himself was born under a Sun-Mars influence.

So as we are three days away from the Sun entrance into Aries; its journey in the land of Uranus-Pluto (and with the added touch of Mercury rx) and then into Mars direct period, we have a loooot of Mars on our plate. Mars rules the adrenals and they are related to the hormone cortisol and adrenaline. If the body is constantly stressed and anger-defensemechanisms are on overdrive, this can break down the body. Do your yoga, practice harmlessness and mindfulness and if anger gets the better of you, readjust, forgive, release and move on.

On the other hand maybe the conflict is necessary. Maybe it is time to put down boundaries and let people know what you truly feel. Mars is authentic and honest. Being honest without being defensive is a little piece of art. And the synthesis happens within you.



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