Fullmoon in Virgo; Glamour and service.

This fullmoon is quite interesting, as it forms a grand square with the nodal axis and floods into the biosphere and the body with a much stronger impact. Fullmoons are always interesting as the moon is not in front of the earth towards the Sun (as it is for the new moon), but behind the Earth within it’s magnetic field. Which means that we are fully exposed to the powerful rays of the Sun, the Soul of our solar system. That is why everything is energized during fullmoons, the system is flooded with the power of the Soul, life force; and it will fire up every corner of one’s being, attempting to makes conscious what is left to linger in the dark on itself, often unprocessed. Thus emotions are felt more concretely, wounds, pain, joys, ecstasy; all is felt more vividly. What is even more interesting with this fullmoon, is the fact that the activity on the sun is reaching its maximum point within its 11th year cycle (in 2012), increasing sunspot activity, and currently there is a solar storm going on. Sounds hefty? 

The moon functions as a shield towards the cosmos; and if you look at the mundane understanding of the lunar properties; you see that it is related to personal interests, home-life, your body, nurturance; all things near and of personal worth. A lunar person is someone who might not care too much about the needs of others, because there is no personal connection to it. Once the personal connection has been established, nurturance will start to flow. Cancer; the sign of the Moon, cyclically needs to withdraw in order to process what has been received; the need for processing is of utmost importance for a Cancer. We all have Cancer in us, as we all have a Moon, but its pure expression might be disrupted and the ability to process is being challenged by either deeming it unimportant, rationalizing or simply not being aware of the need. Processing takes time, and we spend time according to what we value, our values sets our priorities. For instance; I have seen a lot of serious health issues in cases with Moon-Neptune contacts; especially cancer (a plutonic disease). With Moon-Neptune or Moon in Pisces, which is the sign of the Moon in this Virgo-fullmoon phase; the ability to neglect personal needs is pronounced. Skipping meals, not going to the doctors, escaping emotional confrontations, avoiding pain. And on top of that; Moon-Neptune is overly open due to Neptune’s tendency to break down boundaries; the emotions of the collective can totally flood the system of a Moon-Neptune person, feeling a personal connection to all of the world (Neptune sees the one-ness) . So combined with the ability to skip out on processing, this can lead to a congestion of unprocessed emotions and pain in the body. The energy of the cosmos floods the person and destroys functionality.

So for this fullmoon, maybe it is a good thing to reflect on how you nurture yourself and if you give due service to your own body.The glamour of Pisces; loving the world, being emphatic and spiritually open, can take you out of your own center and render your efforts to change the world futile. We all have to connect to the powerful rays of the Sun in order for us to create a change, but first we must makes sure that our routines and our basic needs are being met, otherwise we will exhaust our resources very quickly. Besides, the Solar energy is a powerhouse of strength and light and we have to be able to authentically beam out in every direction if we are to channel these energies right. If we block it due to lack of inner security , it creates imbalance in the system. If we block A LOT OF ENERGY; the strain on the body will be even stronger. A fullmoon can shed light as to where you block your own life force and creativity.  A consequence of blocking it can be that life is not going the direction that you want, that insecurity and distractions always blurs the sight so the path of ones life is unclear. The Moon placement itself can be overly protective, not wanting to spend energy and saving it for a rainy day. The Sun shares. It radiates in any direction, not thinking of how it is being perceived, it simply is. It is always willing to share, to sacrifice. But in order for us to get to that point, we need to have cleared the lower vehicles of the Soul, the personality; the astral, mental and physical realms of ourselves.

Virgo is related to the concept of seva, selfless service; this service is also needed to heal ourselves. It takes effort, discipline and ability to prioritize to get there. When this seva is achieved, the path is ready to be mounted, cos there is protection and understanding of how to stay grounded and safe while reaching for out for our own personal fate, our adventure.


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