Jupiter into Pisces.

A Pisces friend of mine expressed relief :” Finally, my time has come”. And true enough, there will be many waves of opportunity in store for the Pisces of the world. I have it on my Mercury right now, and the healings that I gave today, certainly showed off a little bit of the potential for us to tap into during Jupiter’s rather quick stay in the sign of the fishes. The theme that was most pressing, was the need to understand what life actually is, and how we can trust it, despite the obvious chaos that erupts from time to time. Most of all, we have to accept that we are not in complete control over our lives, which is in itself demands an exercise of faith. Sometimes you just gotta lay your life in the hand of whoever and take the plunge. Not blindfolded though. 

There is a card in a deck called the Neo-Zen-Tarot, which isn’t a Tarotdeck per se, it is rather a collection of histories, and this card that I am talking about is called “judgment”. It goes like this: 

There was an old man in a village, a very poor, but even kings were jealous of him because he had a beautiful white horse. Kings offered fabolous prices for the horse, but the man wouldn’t sell. One morning, he found that the horse was not in the stable. The whole village gathered and they said ;” you foolish old man! We knew that someday the horse would be stolen. It would have been better to sell it. What a misfortune!!” The old man said; ” Don’t go so far as to say that. Simply say that the horse is not in the stable. This is the fact, everything else is a judgment. Whether it is a good thing or a misfortune, I don’t know, because this is just a fragment. Who knows what is going to follow it?” 

People laughed at the old man. They had always known that he was a little crazy. But after 15 days, suddenly one night the horse returned. He had not been stolen, he had gone into the wild. And not only that, he brought a dozen wild horses with him. Again the pople gathered and they said; “Old man, you were right,. This was not a misfortune, it has indeed proved to be a blessing.” The old man said; “Again you are going too far. Just say that the horse is back…who knows whether this is a blessing or not? It is only a fragment. You read a single word in a sentence-how can you jugde the whole book?”

This time, the people could not say so much, but inside they knew that he was wrong. Twelve beautiful horses had come. The old man only had one son who started to train the horses. Just a week later he fell from a horse and his legs were broken. The people gathered again and again they judged. They said : ” Again you proved right! It was a misfortune. Your only son has lost the use of his legs, and in your old age he was your only support. Now you are poorer that ever.” The old man said ; ” You are obsessed with judgment. Don’t go that far. Say only that my son has broken his legs. Nobody knows whether this is a misfortune or a blessing. Life comes in fragments and more is never given to you”

It happened that after a few weeks the country went  to war, and all the young men of the town were forcibly taken for the military. Only the old man’s son was left, because he was crippled. The whole town was crying and weeping, because it was a losing fight and they knew that most of the young people would never come back. They came to the old man and they said, “You were right old man, this has proven to be a blessing. Maybe your son is crippled, but he is with you. Our sons are gone forever.”

The old man said again : “You go on and on judging. Nobody knows! Only say this, that your sons have been forced to enter into the army and my son has not been forced. But only God, the total, knows whether it is a blessing or a misfortune.”

This is true understanding . And ability to see beyond mere illusion. Pisces relates to illusion, both that of glamour and that of fear, and maybe Jupiter, with his cunning ability to inflate and deflate, will put us all face to face with both the magic and the illusions of life. Jupiter ain’t always a benefactor, a lucky charm. He can inflate our wishes and fears into a real fata morgana and leave us feeling very disappointed with life. Luckily, beyond illusion is the truth. And with Saturn and Pluto hammering on, we seem to be heading straight into truth these days, whatever that means for each and one of us and whether we like it or not. 

This is a real chance for us to extend into the heavens and really try to find peace in the fact that we only get one piece of the puzzle at the time. What seems true today, might change tomorrow, but it was still true today. This is all we have when it comes to measuring life. Nothing is certain, and we all know this. Deep inside, this fact can yield a lot of fear, if we don’t develop some sort of mindset that can get us through it all. I guess this is why we are so prone to fall for hypocrisy and religious fanaticism. Interestingly, the first thing that happened when Jupiter entered into Pisces, were 20 Taliban suicide bombers trying destroy the fragile Afghan government. I guess they are not the only religious fanatics to reach the headlines in the year to come. 

Jupiter and Pisces both connects us to truth, through intuition and an awareness of life, mostly by stripping us of our illusions, no matter how dear they are to us. It is an excellent time for meditation and healing, so many windows of opportunity to tap into the innate ecstasy of our own brains. This again, takes us into a better perception of life and of ourselves. It may be a time to forgive, forget, heal old hurts and tap into visions of the future. In this the heart can truly open and suddenly, magic is no longer magic . It is life. 

I dare to say that this will be an inspiring time, even though there might be eruptions of chaos heading our way. Just like the tragedy in Haiti. It goes to show how difficult it is to live in these times, where the whole world is served for breakfast, and can easily drag you down into a pit of despair, and more serious, futility. However, there is also an opportunity in this to extent beyond our small families, and connect to a bigger world, helping the way you can. Acts of kindness will be plentiful. 

“Judge ye not, otherwise you will never become one with the total. With fragments you will be obsessed, with  small things you will jump to conclusions. Once you judge you have stopped growing. Judgment means a stale state of mind. And mind always wants judgment, because to be in process is always hazardous and uncomfortable.”


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