Don’t shoot the messenger, even though he comes from Saturn and Pluto.

So, here I go again, doing the english version. With an exact Jupiter-return and a Mars soon going retro in Leo squaring my own natal Mars in Taurus in the third house, I think the timing was right. I have been blogging for ages about astrology, and lately I have felt that the time has come to shed some skin and start anew. As a little factoid, I could mention that Saturn-Pluto square lands on my ascendant, but I try not to think about it. 

How this new blog will manifest, is still not clear,  but I know for sure,  it will be fun. It has to be with Mars in Leo in the event chart. And Uranus in Pisces on the Ascendant. This wasn’t planned, I just looked it up, and this again states the incredible beauty of astrology. So reflective of the state of life. Which wave we are on. Which cycle we are in. What creative impulse drives us. 

So the question always remains the same, are we the puppets of this Universe, just pretending to be in control. Or do we have a say. ? And the boring answer is as usual: Both. 

So what control do I have over the natural unfolding ? Well, I can refuse it. Deny it. Choose differently. It seems that with Saturn in Libra affecting all our Venus-es, choice is way up there on the list of things to learn. Making good choices. Changing bad choices. Choosing another path. Choosing another response. And of course, lend a voice to your choice. Not always easy, but very necessary with Saturn. Always he leaves us with the feeling that , yes, it is necessary. Ha! Too bad for the flaky, unreliable ones. Those who seem to change every other day. Those who adapts, gaining security this way. Saturn tolerates some flakes from time to time, but if they reappear again and again, he turns sour. And now with his buddy, Pluto, well, aren’t they a happy couple? They surely know how to pull the crap out of the shit and expose it! Poor Tiger eh? He made a few bad choices it seems. Maybe he fell in the “confirm my something something” Venus trap.

And what about the climate change conference?  The need to make some choices and actually stick with them could be an idea. Saturn calls for this kind of integrity and with Pluto so set on digging out all the corruption, well maybe there is a chance for a change here. The astrology certainly thinks so! We don’t want to wait till Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 and the fullblown revolution/anarchy is inevitable. It has happened before, Pluto in Aquarius is fond of a revolution or two, attempting to break the genealogy of the past, the superiority of a few over many. 

It is now we make these choices. What happens in Copenhagen, will have an impact, even though if it is just a symbolic gesture. People are listening, more and more are growing increasingly worried about the climate, yet still buying all kinds of useless crap. Choices are more than we think. It is choosing to recycle or choosing not to buy make-up that is harmful for us and the planet. And knowing when indulging is just bad, when it is just a short-term release from the pain, anxiety and boredom of being alive. That is simply bulemic, searching for release. Release-disease. 

Venus is all about how you feel about yourself. Do you feel better when you wear a piece of clothing that has a fancy brand on it? Most people actually do. We like to feel exclusive. And rich. When you are poor (and single), how do you feel?  Worthless? Invisible? Ugly? Unwanted?  These are the instincts that the over-the-top cynical banking-industry feeds on. No wonder we feel like idiots. Cos we are. Suckers. Me too. If you just get a real sense of what making love is, you would be ok with a less material lifestyle. I go for “tantra-orgasmic-revolution-paradigm!” Nothing makes you feel more beautiful. It beats phony titties anytime. 

People would rather spend money getting really high or drunk, than to go to yoga and do it the natural way. Seems like Saturn is forcing us to change our priorities is someway or another. 

Yes, I know, boring , eh? We need to shop less or shop differently. And make real love, not just lie there or mastrubating, pretending to have sex (which isn’t boring, but we are still attached to this release-thingy.) Don’t blame me, I am just a humble messenger bringing the news from the Master of Universal Law himself. I am having a bit of trouble digesting what the Master says anyway, I am not sure I can live according to his strict command. But I will try. Tomorrow.


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