Ecliptic Magic!!

We are now just a day ahead of the eclipse, which happens to fall on the 00 degrees Scorpio. It is almost as if there is a plot destined to add a little fuel to the transformation that is drilling its way into the the very depth of the psyche, determined to bring out into conscious space all the parts of you that are either dying or wants die in order to get new life…

These are the parts of you that needs love and attention and reconnection into a bigger whole. It is the parts in you that drains your power and that needs to be given another role other than being the destroyer, the whiner, the sucker or the one who gives up.

Eclipses are a chance to rewire and clean out old software, dragged down by bugs.

The eclipses are also highlighted through synchrone movements in life. “As above, so below, as within, so without” and this is the time for eclipse magic! Whatever falls in your lap, approach it with a curious mind instead of judging it bad or good. It might be a blessing in disguise or a really good opportunity to expand into the world a little bit more conscious and fit. eclipse 2

It is a Scorpio new moon and whatever you need to let go of, let go of it. We’ve started the beginning of the end for a long process of Saturn in Scorpio and this eclipse fits the patterns of inner healing and new found strength. Saturn in Scorpio (from October the 5th 2012) has been plugging the holes of auric power leakage, making people ready for the world, no matter what is on their plates.
The lesson is: We can’t change the world simply by not liking it, we have to change the world by being the change. Not talk of love, but be love. Not dream of change, but be change. A tad bit more demanding than to just remain the dream.

As people feel disempowered, the game of blame is still played and we see this as an increase in brown politics allover Europe. Sadly, when the going get tough, the inner right wing politician arise. This is part of the relationship theme we have going for this eclipse. Whenever you play out one side of a polarity, someone else will answer with opposition. There is a point to this that is interesting. We are not able to live out our individuality without accepting that we are a part of a whole. No man is an island onto himself.

From a holistic point of view: weaknesses cannot be addressed without also taking responsibility oneself. Life is not easy on the complainer or the victim, it is not easy on the one who always find an excuse for not doing the work.

But there is a long stretch from this and into becoming so strong and so tough that there is no room for empathy and love.

The answer to all this lies in honesty. When do you need to listen deeply to yourself to see what’s a lie and what’s the truth?

If you feel more powerful and more adept, then you are doing something right. Something is working for you and the cognitive dissonance is not troubling you.

So this eclipse tunes straight into the subject of self-worth, investing in yourself and your growth and the ability to accept yourself as you are, and still remain true to the fact that there is always room for improvement.

Evolution will happen no matter what. There is no way of dodging truth forever. We just have to learn to trust the process and rise to the occasion..

Ecliptic Magic! Let it be!

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Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten

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Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten! 


Feeling wobbly, forgetful, and introverted during this Mercury retrograde cycle? This can be a great time for renewal and self-reflection. The Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten (TM) is designed specifically to contain and counteract the powerful negative mental and energetic effects of Mercury retrograde.

Each body mitten is hand-knitted by celibate Virgos using hypo-allergenic squirrel wool inter-woven with strands of unicorn hair that were marinated in lavender oil infused with emerald powder. This energetic matrix provides a comfortable and fashionable garment to create an aware and stable personal environment before, during, and after Mercury retrograde. 

Production of our body mittens follows a strict process of spiritual guidance, prayer, and attunement to the planet. After knitting, garments are dyed a limited range of peaceful colors (aquamarine, blue, green, mauve, teal) in a solution of Clematis, Narcissus, and White Chestnut flower essences to help ground thoughts and calm an over-stimulated…

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Grand Cross

Here is a video I made for Tom Lescher and Paradigm astrology where I delve into the Grand Cross that we are currently undergoing.

There are plenty of takes on this Grand Cross, but one thing is for sure, it takes us straight to the abyss of collective and personal unconscious and it sheds light on some of our deeply seated issues.

It is evident that the past needs to be cleared in order for us to move forward and this has been particularly evident in the situation that has occurred in Ukraine. Old stuff that hasn’t been dealt with in a conscious manner, will erupt again with full force and even though it is shaky, it is also enlightening.

This is the Grand Cross of creative willpower and uncertain flow. Hang in and stay sane.

The intensity of the moment

I am no expert on foreign affairs, but there are forces shaking their heads in Europe that gives me a good ol’ flashback from a genetic part of my memory, to the memory of my grandmother and the wars that we promised we wouldn’t forget. We never forgot them, we still have the facade of parades for those millions of young men who died in the first and the second world war. And for all those families ruined. But we never actually got the real message behind any war or any revolution. Poverty, suppression and abuse create anger, anger creates war. Just ask Hitler. And then when people are frustrated and angry and the enemy has been pointed to or created, people accept the most dictatorial ruler, as long as he is theirs.

Somehow warlords understand the most basic of instincts. If you have an outer enemy, the inner alliance will be superstrong. Then the inner xenophobia will take over and anger run wild. Europe is today at a critical point. Putin’s eagerness to recreate a new super state is reflecting an increasing split in the European consciousness that is going in the opposite direction of unification and global awareness.

The small kingdoms and local enclaves of the past are still operative on a mental level. We are still defined by our local tribe. The root chakra is racism. My family needs to be protected; my values, my territory, my tribe. Family values and the bigger family, our country, are feeling the threat of years of immigration and the clashes that occurs when one root chakra meets another root chakra. Strange smells and different routines. Some people are enchanted by it, while others are appalled. And then there is the fight of the resources underneath it all. The suspicion of “they are probably here to feed from MY mother”. We won’t share. Not as along as our family can go under in the process. All this is reflected in the Grand Cross that we are taking a part in for the time being. The root chakra is Cancer-Capricorn, currently hosting a Pluto-Jupiter opposition with the hotspot at 13˚. The powerbattles over land, identity and ancestry is shown here. The resources and the fight for them is Saturn in Scorpio. Grand Cross visual


This conflict of land, ethnicity and resources is seen allover the place, from Israel to Russia. We are under the spell of the Grand Cross of 2014, which means that the curtains are drawn and we are getting a peek into the big collective subconscious. It is starting to seep up to the surface and the ugly head of nationalism-fascism-racism-isolationanism in all its variations sticks forth. It is the Hydra to the heroes, and we will all face this darkness as the shadow of the past is seeking in a strange way healing and release. We had a chance to heal all this in WWWII, but it wasn’t solved. And now, there is no healer to meet them, only antagonism and denial of the real issue. However, we do now have the advantage of the past experience and a higher consciousness.

Putin took Crimea with the excuse that 60% are native Russians and they don’t want to be ruled by Ukraine, which now is potentially in danger of being taken over by fascists according to some sources. Although the picture is really a lot more complicated and there are many more layers to this conflict, old patterns are clearly being brought out. Many of the rebels in Ukraine are seemingly anti-russian, anti-jew and anti-immigrant fascists. The fascists have taken this fight for Ukraine to be a fight for the land that they love, a classic nationalistic rhetoric. The real danger in the situation is that now the EU-NATO-US in an attempt to support freedom in Ukraine, are actually in danger of supporting the fascists, as well as the opposition. Strange? Very. Ukraine is on the brink of being severely split and the chaos is imminent. Although it seems like a small deal in a world full of conflict, this one has roots way back when and really affects the future of all of Europe and the cooperation of the East and the West. The cold war could very well be lurking around the corner.

The astrology brings in the energetic dimension to it all. Things aren’t as random as it first appears. If we check out Putin’s chart, we see that this coming month is interesting as the Grand Cross hits his Sun and Saturn is making a square to his Pluto in Leo . He’s got his eyes on east Ukraine and maybe even Belarus is on his radar. Putin vs GRAND CROSS  The chart for the dissolution of USSR is set for December 25th 1991, when Gorbachev left office as President of the USSR and Jeltsin took over as the first leader of the new Russia, placing Uranus at 13˚ Capricorn, conjunt Neptune and on the nodal axis.  Gorbachev’s Glasnost was indeed mirrored in the Uranus’ passage through Capricorn in the 80’s and 90’s, where the old (Capricorn) faced the new (Uranus). Right now Pluto is transiting exactly that Uranus and has already been in conjunction with that particular nodal axis last year. It is a chart that symbolizes a transformation for the whole region, although each individual state in former USSR has their own chart. They are all formed in the years 1990-1991 when the nodal axis was in Cancer-Capricorn and with Uranus around 13˚ where Pluto is for the time being and Pluto was around 20-21˚ Scorpio, where Saturn currently resides. Here is the signature for the old rulers and the old energies that resides in the subconscious of the area. The fascism and the dictatorial tendencies. The darkness and the futility, poverty and powerlessness. The frustration of the people with the rulers of the land. The corruption and the mistrust. All these things pertains to the two signs Capricorn and Scorpio. Russian Flag plus Grand Cross 2

The hotspot of the upcoming Grand Cross is 13˚ and the purification of old energies has begun. The region that is most affected, seems to be old Russia and the region that surrounds it, but the USA chart is at 13˚, Nato has got their Sun at 14˚ Aries, UN has got their Jupiter at 12´54˚ Libra and a lot of countries in Europe are touched by these mid-cardinal degrees. Even China, with it’s Libra stellium is being brought into the energy. Sooo much going on at once! A bit hard to fathom actually.

Today it is the 9th of April. Norway was invaded on this day 74 years ago with Sun-Jupiter and the south node of the moon on 19-20˚ Aries. The nodal axis was then still only a few months into Aries-Libra and still had 2/3rds of the journey to go. What happened while they were there, we all know. Today, the nodal axis has reached 28˚ Aries-Libra and Mars is retrograde in Libra, making us reflect before we act, or at least reflect after we’ve acted. Hopefully, that is what will happen on a world scale as well and that the energy of WWWII won’t be repeated without any hope of repair.

There is no need to be afraid. But, we need to be aware of what is going on in the world. Today, we can only hope that we manage the conflicts before they escalate into war and yes, I have hope that they do. We all have an inner xenophobic that we need to confront. That will be part of the solution as the world is facing a lot of challenges trying to overcome old problems and suppressed energies. All these will erupt as we move through the grand cross of 2014. On the good side of it all, this configuration also shows a revolution in thought and understanding. Maybe now is the time to pierce the veil of illusion. We are all part of it.




The amazing chart of Ken Wilber and death and life, Aquarians and much more. And love, of course.

Just read a mind blowing article about life, death and reincarnation by the master of mind, Ken Wilber. It is a syntesis of spiritual sources on the theme of death and what actually happens when dying. Spirituality and science fused. I couldn’t help thinking that this article was made for a day like this, with Ceres, the goddess of cycles and Saturn, keeper of time, both in the sign of reincarnation, Scorpio and the Sun is now in scientific Aquarius, squaring Saturn. What better time than this to reflect on life, death, spirit and the chart of Ken Wilber?

According to Wilber and several others you are at one level of awareness spirit and, spirit is beyond the Soul and thus, it is not separate, it is one with all. The water triad explains this journey quite well. This triad begins with Cancer, the physical abode and the home of the mother. It is the root of the chart and the identity of your family. It is connected to the genetic lineage. The next water sign, Scorpio, is the land of death and the connection to the Soul and its power. Pisces, where the ruler, Neptune, now is, is the home of the Spirit, what is beyond and within and that which never moves. It is one in all, the same for everyone. “The monad never leaves the fathers house” (Bruce Lyon)

So at one point in our evolution, if we are trained well enough to endure the what the Tibetans call the final stage, the Dharmakaya or the True Self of the Buddha, we will not return into the cycle of life and death, but reincarnate voluntarily as Bodhisattvas if we wish.

Most of us bounce back and forth though and death is so terrifying for so many people that we tend to live life half in terror of dying. Although most of us die slowly and get used to the idea gradually, the most terrifying aspect of life is that there is no guarantee. Human history has faced genocide, wars, nuclear bombs, plagues and other epidemics, hunger and catastrophic natural disasters. Life and death are right next to each other, and we live here more or less on grace. This is Scorpio knowledge. Death is part of life. We all know this on an intuitive level and thus it is almost a heresy that science today is trying to render us soulless. Makes me irritated that evolution is in need of an atheist phase, but there you have it, humanity have this need.

But in the mean time, for those of us who are seeking to move beyond religion and science and to fuse the two, people like Wilber  could be just what the doctor ordered to elevate awareness. With his razor sharp Sun-Mercury in Aquarius opposing Uranus square Neptune-Moon in Scorpio, you get a man who is able to fuse Uranus-Neptun-Pluto through the use of his mind. His Mercury in Aquarius is square Neptune in Scorpio, which again is ruled by Pluto in Virgo leading us straight back to Mercury in Aquarius, as Mercury rules Virgo. ImageThere is a chain of energy that moves through this chart that allows him to access deeper dimensions of thought than what I would say would be normal. His life is a testimony to that. Mercury is a psychonaut, one who can travel in different dimensions. And come back with the needed information. A man once wrote about him “you literally feel yourself getting smarter as you read him”. A real intellectual guru with truly lucid mind. He once slowed down his brainwaves through meditation while being plugged into a monitor. How Aquarian is that?

However, he has been subject to a lot of criticism. His ego has been under scrutiny. As with all humans who are subjected to a lot of power, the challenge to remain in power in a humble way always applies. Caroline Myss writes in one of her books that she thinks humanity biggest challenge is to learn how to deal with power.

He has been criticized for being excessively categorizing and objectifying, masculinist and denigrating of emotion. Sounds like something an Aquarian would be criticized for. Yes, we can be brainiacs (ops, I am Aquarian) and mental freaks. BTW, Ayn Rand is also Aquarian. She has received some of the same criticism. Which is kind of interesting. (Understatement)

But, back to Wilber. As Jupiter entered Scorpio in 2005 and 2006, much of his creative power was put on a test. There is something going on with his Jupiter and the idea that Jupiter is a benevolent dream catcher, is again proved as a totally invalid astrological thought. In Wilber’s case, his empire was shook and he fell from grace. After this, he  was known as a New-Age guru and not an intellectual wizard and brilliant scientist who had a wide influence. The critics accusing him of elitism is a part of the Aquarian imbalance, having the intellectual snobbism readily available, and Wilberites (the Clan of Wilber) elevated themselves out of society instead of creating what the integral model wanted to inspire to. The talk wasn’t walked. Wilber has Saturn in Capricorn, so no way he gets a free pass!

The Integral society with Wilber as a headmaster, became a bubble. He fell from grace. Was it the inflation of Jupiter that came bubbling up? He is born with a Jupiter-Pluto square from powerful Scorpio to more humble Virgo and this suggest that lesson of humility is up his alley. Either that, or loose power. After 2006, he developed illness that kept him weaker and that obviously was a sign that he hadn’t been able to respond properly to the criticism. Rnlase-L is a genetic mutation (again something strangely Aquarian) that challenges the body’s ability to respond to viral attacks. His Sun in Aquarius opposing Uranus in Leo and squared by Neptune in Scorpio shows that his immunity is challenged. Neptune in Scorpio related to negativity and being subject to attacks. Neptune is the immune system and even though he is mr. Mind Control (Sun in Aquarius opposing Uranus) he still needs to accept that he is not always right. Not easy for Aquarians, believe me. I know.

This signature shows that his heart and his mind needs to be harmonized.

ImageBut for a man who has said that the meaning of spirituality is the transcendence of the Ego, he surely has some high ideals to achieve. No wonder he is up for failure, being like the rest of us, human,- despite his larger-than-life Aquarian superman-ism. He has shown us that no matter how evolved we are on a mental level, we can still have a lot of flaws and discrepancies in our personal make-up. And we often have.

That is why what’s even more interesting than his strong and sophisticated Mercury energy is his fundamental nature, Sun in Aquarius square Moon in Scorpio. One of his life changing moments was the marriage, illness and death of his wife, Treya Killiam. No wonder he spent a lot of time trying to figure death out. In 83-84 Pluto entered Scorpio and he met her. They married and shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wilber is born with Venus in romantic Pisces and gives up his writing to take care of Treya. In the book  “Grace and Grit” their story is told and one of the things that he needs to learn to surrender as Pluto pass through the area of his Neptune, is his isolationism, common for thinkers and leaders. In his chart this is his south-node in Aries, ruler Mars in autonomous Taurus. In this book he sees Treya as God to him and sees the relationship as a way to learn how to serve God. Clearly, Venus in Pisces has no boundaries when it comes to love. It is a great contrast to his tendency to isolate. Venus in Pisces wants to merge! In January 1989, Treya dies. Pluto has reached Wilber’s Moon in Scorpio and he is left with his loss of his true love. What a Moon in Scorpio-Venus in Pisces story. It is taken straight out of the astrology cook book.

Death is a part of this chart. Death of illusion, death of lovers and death of former attachments. The symbolic death of an ego. The loss of a woman (Ceres-Moon in Scorpio). He surely has a very mental chart, but with the most intense emotional life underneath. Scorpio is the sign of purification and it is not strange that his intellectual ego has been tested in this life. Some, including me, see the moon as residue from earlier incarnations, and in this case, one where death, loss, intensity and powerlessness vs. power have been active ingredients. Uranus squares his Moon showing a lot of emotional detachment and ability to suppress and the ascendant and his north-node is both in Libra, reflects the need to find balance between these extremes. Between the mind and emotions. Lucky for him, Pluto-Uranus will soon land on his nodal axis, bringing out another chapter of the evolution of Ken Wilber. And Pluto, the planet of regeneration, might simply restore some of his power. Maybe his time has come to create a revolution? A revolution is certainly due in his chart.

Personally I think his work will live long after he is gone and just like Darwin, another progressive Aquarian, his ideas might not reach consensus in yet another 100 years. Ah well. Evolution of humanity takes time. Taking time is not the Aquarian favorite past time. Quite the contrary. As a famous Aquarian folksinger said once “I don’t have time for the things I have done!”
I think Wilber would nod in recognition.

Here is the article

Russell Brand and Capricorn

I’ve been working Venus in Capricorn for a while now, for more than 39 years. Yes, that’s a lot of time, but that is the time that I’ve spent so far on this planet. I am even born with Venus retrograde, which only happens for 7-8% of people (yay, I am different!) and this year it is going retrograde only one degree from my natal placement. That is for me, quite something. Next time it stations and goes retrograde in Capricorn about 8 years from now, it will be on my Venus exactly. I will then pop my champagne and recon my work on Venus to have reached some sort of fulfilling maturity.

Capricorn is not for those who like to keep lies about themselves. It is a socially sensitive and in many ways, vain, sign. Vain in the sense that how people respect and see you matters a lot. If there is no credibility, then there is no peace in this sign. That does not mean that they cannot take themselves lightly, it just means that it takes training to do that. I Capricorn we are judged according to higher laws. This is a very important point, as people with a lot of Capricorn doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of “serious and super traditional people”. They can be extremely rebellious and anarchistic when they are opposing a system that doesn’t work.

Capricorn is about doing the right thing spiritually speaking. The judgement comes from within, from a voice saying “hey, you are not doing what you are supposed to do with you life” or “practice makes master, do not take shortcuts”. It is conscience. Astrologer Maurice Fernandez calls Capricorn for a spiritual chiropractor, which I think is an awesome image. It is realigning the spine and the base of the energy system to the crown. The horizontal energies align with the vertical. The chakras on the front and back of the body are relating to the world around us, as we see it, feel it and think about it. The chakras on top and bottom are connecting us to earth and to the sky. To the Mother earth and the Father sky. It is the IC and MC of a chart.

Capricorn opens the connection to a higher aspiration and responsibility on the earth. It is not enough to simply be a consuming human being, you have to be of some use and give back to earth what you take from it. You cannot be a parasite or wallow in immaturity. Excuses to not take responsibility will not work unless the individual develops the cunning ability for cognitive dissonance (which is a very well developed ability btw). But the sense of guilt, fear or lack of true self confidence that is its symptoms, aren’t easily dismissed. Sooner or later there is a powerful transit of Saturn that is bound to reawaken truth and an honest look on yourself and poof! the illusions that you acted in a way that was the only way to act, might be challenged by “but what if I chose the right thing instead”. This is where we have to ask ourselves why we weren’t able to reach for maturity and do the right thing and not be too hard on ourselves though. Waking up is not for the faint hearted!

Capricorn can thus be extremely honest with themselves, knowing exactly where they are immature. As this is written, Venus is in Capricorn and brings out the challenge of acting in the right way towards your fellow human being. How did you talk to you friend or how did you try to make your children obey? Did you project on life complaining that life is the cause of your pain, or did you bring it to a higher level of understanding and really saw that this is a pattern and it belongs to you? Taking responsibility for ones karma is a Capricorn thing to do. But it requires a high level of maturity and it is not mastered in a day. Step-by-step we are able to align our daily desires with the higher good. It takes discipline, humility and courage.



Why bring in Russell Brand into this? He is a Gemini and seemingly more buzy with working his Sun-Neptun opposition, out there in the media, being quite the motormouth, good ol’ Gemini style. But he is a man on a mission, a Capricorn mission.

Born with Capricorn ascendant the ruler of the chart ruler is thus Saturn. He has a very strong Saturn placement, being in a Gauqelin zone and making a square to his triple conjunction in Aries, which in turn opposes Pluto in Libra, making this in effect a t-square of Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Moon. On top of that, the planetary nodes (yes, the planets have nodes as well) of Saturn conjuncts his Saturn and his ascendant, and ascending Pluto-node conjuncts his Saturn. Phew, that is a lot of Saturn-Pluto in one chart! No wonder he is going against the establishment, also being represented by Capricorn and Saturn. Both Jupiter-Pluto and Saturn’s own nodal axis is in Capricorn and it tells us a little bit about the journey of Capricorn seen from a cultural perspective. Kronos/Saturn, ruled humanity in the Golden Age, before his brother, Zeus/Jupiter had him dethroned and captured in Tartaros.

The story is complicated, but bottom line is that under Kronos/Saturn’s rule, people were happy, but he feared his offspring, due to what he had himself done to his father, Ouranus. Image

Ouranus had forced Gaia to keep the Titans, their offspring, in her womb and when Kronos/Saturn used his sickle to fight his way free, he dethroned his father by cutting off his testicles. So, Kronos/Saturn himself devoured his children in fear of them doing the same to him. Which of course, didn’t work.

What goes around, comes around, especially for Kronos/Saturn, so eventually he himself was dethroned. Moral is, when rulers aren’t trusting their children, they become castrating and suppressing, and this is the case with a lot of the corporate world today. We have those who make it to the top and then enslave those who work for them by paying them just enough to survive and bind them up in mortgages that will take a life-time to pay off. And then they run off with the profit. But, sooner or later the the children will wake up and take back their power. This is what is going on today with the Uranus-Pluto square, famous for its love for revolution and Russell Brand has become the messenger for just that.

As a Hollywood-actor-guy, he simply just couldn’t sit and watch the world and be happy with himself making a lot of money and having personal success. He has both the activist (Aries planets) and the conscience (Capricorn) plus the extra talent of intelligence. Curiously, his Sun is exactly conjunct Uranus’ nodal axis. Speed talker indeed. Besides, with a Mercury retrograde, he is an independent and smart thinking man. And it doesn’t really hurt that he is born with Sun-Neptune opposition, born to be famous. Neptune rules the masses and this is a guy who really is a messenger for the little man. This is also his former drug-addiction, as it is a challenge for Sun-Neptune people to not be overwhelmed and go into Peter Pan-Land to survive in a harsh world. But he made it through and used his challenge to learn about mediation and yoga. He did the right thing, instead of doing the short-cut thing. Neptune people want to go to heaven on earth, where life is not overwhelming. Mediation and yoga is the way that will take you there and stay there, but drugs do the same for you in the short run.

The Capricorns know that the short cuts can’t last and wont bring results, so sooner or later they brush off their tendency to stay a child and become a true adult and walk the talk. My Capricorn friend used to quote me a Charlie Parker quote “if you don’t live it, it wont come out of you horn!” . Charlie Parker was a Virgo with the Sun conjunct Saturn, so he should know about the integrity that is needed to really live mastery.

Russell Brand had his first Pluto-Pluto square in December 2011 and broke off with Katy Perry at that time. But this was also the beginning of him becoming attuned to his Soul and his true mission on this earth. Since then we know him more and more as the political critic and less as the goof ball that he portrays in movies. Pluto takes away whatever stands in the way and prevents us to realize our true Soul self. It took Russell Brand to a surprising new level of maturity and purpose. He was tossed into his true mission on earth and thus he can find the bliss of being aligned with higher truth. It isn’t easy and demands a lot from a person, but it beats the wandering child who goes from sugar high to sugar high and never develops character. My best friend and partner wrote today on my Facebook page when I posted something on happiness : “long-term happiness (as opposed to short-term desires being met) is when you are aligned with your unselfish life purpose”

Needless to say he has a strong Saturn 🙂

Full moon with mercury neptune square.

It is quite amazing that I haven’t blogged these waters since spring! What happened to time? Well, I know. I’ve been swamped. I found courage in my heart and thought it wise to arrange an astrology conference here in Norway, and time flies when arranging stuff like this! But the result looks good; and even though I haven’t gotten around to make an english version of the page; here is the link. Dunno if it is the best I could do with transiting Neptune going back and forth on my Mercury, but come april, and I’ll know for sure. 

We will also go chasing for the northern lights even further north and have an awesome workshop with the eminent Maurice Fernandez as a little vorspiel. Included in this event is dog sleighing, reindeers, sami lecture and wild nature. Can’t get better, now can it? The details are soon ready, so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile all eyes are on the east coast of the US. Forgotten (well almost) is the election. And understandingly so. With a full moon on the Taurus-Scorpio axis and an exact square between Neptune in watery Pisces to the wild Sagittarius Mercury there is good astrological reason to be slightly worried. Neptune is unpredictable and it is the raw force of nature, untamed and sometimes so wild. 

News are ticking in and it will hit within the hour..

My thoughts goes to my friends on the east coast..stay warm, strong and safe.



Martians on the horizon

For the avid astrology student, the signs of the times are profoundly clear. Mars is all over the place as he is squaring the nodal axis and will continue to do so for quite a while. When any planet touch the nodal axis, especially through the squares and conjunctions, this planet takes the leading act in the show. When the main character in the drama of life is Mars, we can only brace ourselves, stay off coffee and try not to be overly reactive.

Last summer had an equally strong Mars vibe, when he was conjunct the nodal axis in Gemini. Part of the scenery was the Norwegian massacre the same day as the aspect was exact. This doesn’t mean that we’ll see equally horrendous violence; but there will be tension building up until 14th of april, when Mars will go direct again and a release after. So with the stacked up planets in Aries and Mars, the ruler, going direct, we will need our rational side to gracefully move through it. I can inform you that during this Mars-Nodal axis scenery, the court case of ABB of last summers massacre, is allover the news. During the days when Mars will go direct, the killer will explain himself to the court. 

Despite the imminent gloom of doom that martian times can inflict, last night the eager mind got other ideas to chew on as Mr. Steven Pinker, psychologist ( and born with Mars conjunct his north-node ) was invited to Skavlan, scandinavian talk show host with a huge audience. Mr Pinker has written a book about violence through the ages and said that even tho we are more aware of issues going on in the world today (and might think that everything is worse); the world is a much better place now than ever. Humans have evolved, and especially since WW2. This is in accordance with the views proposed in the Bailey material, which offers a lot of information about the destiny of humanity, and especially mentions the period from WW2 up until 2025 as important (which coincides with the final stages of Neptune and Pluto transits through Pisces-Cap) So good news in other words.

Mars himself have gone through his own transformation, as archetypes do. What comes from the raw instinct, mutates during cultures and times and we end up with archetypes that sometimes are distorted to the worse and sometimes to the better. Mars went from Ares in the greek mythology to Mars in Roman mythology. Ares was 700 ft tall and an angry fellow, mostly found on the battlefield. Mars was a more rational dude: associated with craft men, builders, farmers and strength.

So as we become more civilized through the evolution of consciousness, we also get better control over this raw, primitive, sometimes childish energy, wanting only justice for oneself and lacks a balanced view. We get more control over the need to dominate, our competitiveness, our defense mechanisms and the desires that dictates that we need to have this or that now in order to be in harmony. People often gets angry when they have it their way, like ABB (infamous terrorist mentioned above). The answer is NOT to kill people, as Mr. Pinker shared with us yesterday. Apropos; Mr.Breivik himself was born under a Sun-Mars influence.

So as we are three days away from the Sun entrance into Aries; its journey in the land of Uranus-Pluto (and with the added touch of Mercury rx) and then into Mars direct period, we have a loooot of Mars on our plate. Mars rules the adrenals and they are related to the hormone cortisol and adrenaline. If the body is constantly stressed and anger-defensemechanisms are on overdrive, this can break down the body. Do your yoga, practice harmlessness and mindfulness and if anger gets the better of you, readjust, forgive, release and move on.

On the other hand maybe the conflict is necessary. Maybe it is time to put down boundaries and let people know what you truly feel. Mars is authentic and honest. Being honest without being defensive is a little piece of art. And the synthesis happens within you.


Astrology and fatalism

2012; a year of fatalism?

Astrologers sometimes meet clients who are so afraid of impending doom, that they kindly ask the astrologer to be gentle and to promise not to tell if there are bad signs up ahead. We can sit with a person for an entire reading and be full of promise, focus on the good sides of the chart and there is no response. However, if one mentions one negative aspect of the chart that could benefit of being worked with; this is like a magnet and it steals the entire chart reading. Why is it that we are so afraid of the future and think so badly of ourselves that this can occur? With predictions; it is feared and wanted at the same time.

Astrological research it is done with a clinical eye; no room for emotion, nor prejudice; the chart of a mass murderer is of equal importance as the chart of a saint. The astrologer knows, due to the multivalent nature of the archetypes, that a mass murderer and a saint can have the same chart. The astrologer also knows that predicting specific events with astrologer is not what we are after; (well, some are) . We can, as Rickard Tarnas says, understand that “that astrology is not concretely predictive, but archetypally predictive. That is, the birth chart and transits indicate which universal principles are emphasized, in what combination, and when. They do not give information such as “You will get an offer of a job as editor-in-chief for a large publishing firm on April 26, 2004,” or “You will meet your soul mate on the beach at Waikiki at sunset on New Year’s Day in 2005.” It may not be impossible for a gifted clairvoyant to do something like this, but astrology has a different character.”  

A student of astrology studies death, accidents, insanity, pedophilia, divorce, incest, eating disorders, cancer and other forms of tragedy. We study weather and natural disasters. Nuclear disasters. You’d might think that the astrologer has some weird kind of fetish for wanting to understand all the workings of nature. It should be said that we also study births, love forming between two people, marriage, new opportunity, work change, upgrades and fortunes of any kind, let’s say winning Idol. So it suffice to say, we study life, in all it’s magnitude.

Life can be surreal and absurd, and deeply unjust. And we feel that we are put here on the planet with a looming faith hanging over our heads. History is filled with gloomy stuff. Humanity is, in many ways, scarred, by aeons of wars, illness, deaths and loss. It is as the history of humanity lives in our veins, and indeed in our DNA. We live with life and the news everyday. And now more than ever.

The astrologer is often confronted with the issue of free will. It is absurd to think that we have a total free will. We would be God to have that (now I do think that we can realize this part of our nature, but that is an entirely different story)  If I had free will, I would simply create world peace right now. Justice for all. But I have a relative will. By this I mean that I have a willpower that could possibly move my life into a new direction. Astrologers talk about clearing karma; said in less new-agey way, this simply means taking responsibility where that is needed, learn from your mistakes and move on, not stay in the pattern. This is life-altering. The past changes under these circumstances.

In evolutionary astrology we speak about evolution in terms of either being something you volunteer to do, or a catharsis that you create subconsciously in order to evolve. Evolve we must anyway, evolution is the basic function of all life; it is life itself as nothing is still. Fatalism occurs when we are afraid of our own power. When we are weak and have little faith in ourselves; when we feel guilty cos we feel deep in our subconscious that we do or live something that is out of harmony with truth, when we are scarred by earlier mistakes and our own ignorance. Never blame yourself for what you couldn’t see. Life is too short. Simply learn. And move on. Heal, forgive and breath out again. This can take you out of fatalism. Of the fear that there is an evil God there somewhere who is ready to take away your happiness any day now.

What we evolve to do in life, is live it by the moment. No guarantees for the future. No comfort for the pain the we create for ourselves, simply methods to let those emotions go. And what happens afterwards is that you are freed up to use your own energy in a more constructive way. The emotional side of you do not steer the ship. The clarity of your mind does. So when the astrologer studies Saturn in the sixth house and starts to shed light of the multitude of expressions this aspect can take, and you sit there with your sixth house Saturn; you wont feel gloomy. You wont hear only the bad stuff, you will hear the positive side as well. And you wont feel that misfortune will come to get you; you know that you are moving in the right direction. That is the power that we have, to be willing to move in the right direction. What you cannot do anything about, you have to release and surrender to. That is out of your hands.

The hype of 2012 is here, now. I baptize this year, the year of Fatalism coming to the Fore. So many of our projections, fears and pains will surface; I needn’t be a psychic to see this. It is human nature. Where the expectation has started filling up, an emotional process is imminent and unavoidable.

Thus, this is a year of great spiritual potential….Yay!

Christmas around the corner

I am in a reflective mood; it is probably a consequence of us getting closer and closer to 2012. Not that I am too concerned about that year, thinking of the huge amount of projection it has been a victim of; but this is, as all years, the culminating phase of a year; and for me that is a natural time to reflect. Besides, Norway is darker than dark. December without snow is like walking in a cave. I kind of like the introversion, it really is a time for deep thinking and meditation.

This past year; still not over tho, has been quite a ride. The nodal axis in Sagittarius and Gemini has been wild; probably a little extra wild for me,  since this is my natal nodal axis and spun an intense learning phase in my life. I’ve learnt so much and encountered so many people, all inspiring in their own way. However; dark side of this aspect is the fundamentalism, both relating to the über-rational Gemini, being intelligent just for the sake of , well, being intelligent; and the no-debate-at-all fundamentalism of Sagittarius. I’ve met those as well, charging at me for being who I am.

The web has been spammed with people voicing their opinions before ever taking a pause to listen. We post so quickly that we don’t stop check, reflect and try to listen. It is a war of opinions and fundamentalism is being exposed everywhere.

I think we all have a fundamentalist within us that we tend to hide, as it is not politically correct to be a fundamentalist or said in other words, to see things as either-or. Maybe you would disagree that seeing things in black and white is fundamentalist; as we tend to associate the word with people who go very far in promoting their vision or opinion. But I think the war of the minds is one we all need to look a little closer on if we actually want unity, of which we speak so warm of in more alternative circles.

If unity is really to exist, then no duality could be entertained, and as long as we really don’t know what the real truth about life is; duality will be entertained. And it is necessary as life is flowing through many people and they all have their own opinion about life. Their opinion is important even if you or I might disagree. In a democracy the end result is consensus; a sort of unity; where we all have to compromise some of our personal needs or beliefs. The multitude becomes unison through actually a weakening of the personal will and a strengthening of the collective power. The will to do and create something of benefit for all; makes it important for us to sacrifice some of our most precious beliefs. This we can only do if there is mutual trust, not exactly a commodity in our society, which is not so hard to understand, thinking of human history. 

However, what this year exposed was not exactly a genuine interest in meeting at the middle. Racisms, fundamentalism, new-age-ism, scientism, humanism, atheism, absurdism (the extreme side of conspiracy theory) and other -isms. The trouble is that one -ism cannot control another -ism. In this world, even holism, is an -ism. It is not holism or atheism or any other -ism in itself that is the problem, it is the way that believers believe that their truth is the best truth that is the problem. When they meet people who are not holists or atheists, they can actually turn into fundamentalists.

What perhaps describes a fundamentalist is the obvious lack of ability to listen to another point of view combined with a lack of willingness to try to understand where the opposing party comes from. The protective self-righteousness is like the shell of a crab, protecting itself from the annihilating threat of truth. Without it, we might loose definition and be without the security our beliefs hold. Are you willing to risk that you might be wrong, that your truth is not actually true and that you have deceived yourself?

As an astrologer, representing something that most rational people (if they exist) consider to be “an enemy of reason”; I ask myself the same questions. Is there validity in astrology or do I believe in it without understanding both its critics and its deeper mechanism. If I was afraid; I wouldn’t ask myself these questions. I would hold on to my resistance with all my mental powers, being defensive when challenged. Sounds like a struggle.Or I could surrender. And let truth appear for me. That is Pisces; squaring the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Just let go of my precious astrology and see what bounces back.

And who’s in Pisces in 2012? Yay, Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces. Pisces, surrendering to seek a deeper truth, seeking unity. I can only wonder what that will do to the battle of -isms that the nodal axis through Gemini-Sagittarius brought to the fore. Maybe the “me” becomes more “we”? With the current Pluto-Uranus square, this will be an interesting contrast, almost like a living paradox. I am eager to see what this does to the current debates going on related to spirit vs science.

I simply direct you to Maurice Fernandez’s excellent article on Neptune in Pisces if you want to read more about this.

Also; Michael Lutin wrote this excellent article on Saturn in Libra, which we have to live with until beginning of october 2012, and he puts the spotlight on some of problems with constant projections and sheds light on the need for cooperation. It is worth the read 🙂

An early marry x-mas to you all! Next year will be a year with a lot of new stuff, new website, new blog etc etc..So stay tuned.